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Chapter 107 (Extra 9)

What…..What’s going onAll the Combat Department personnel had shocked looks on their faces as they looked in a certain direction.Just five seconds ago, a monster who was on the verge of death let out a crazed cackle before charging towards their leader but it had suddenly disintegrated into dust before it could reach him----The young man blinked a few times in surprise.

He was still in the middle of getting ready to attack back, the blade on his scythe shining a cold light, but the enemy had already scattered into the air.But before they could breathe a sigh of relief, something strange happened.Jacket, shirt, pants…..they fell onto the ground as if they no longer had any support.It was completely silent.Suddenly, from among the clothes, something moved.Everyone was startled.Soon afterwards, a fluffy head appeared from the collar.A wet and pink nose, amber-coloured eyes, brown fur that shone golden under the sun.W-wait a minute….this….Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.Ye Jia struggled out from under his clothes, blinking in confusion.What’s going on Why did everything around him look….so big“This….” Just as he spoke, Ye Jia was startled by his own voice.It was a tender and young voice.And for some reason…..he seemed to have also heard a….meowIt was completely silent, enough for one to hear a pin drop.Ye Jia looked down at himself with difficulty.It was a tiny paw belonging to a cat with soft pads and silky smooth fur.Ye Jia’s mind was completely blank.

He spread open his hand and closed it in disbelief.In his line of sight, that paw opened and closed, the claws appearing and retracting.After many seconds, Ye Jia finally understood what happened.----For some reason, h-he had actually turned into….A cat*“Oh-oh my god”Wei Yuechu looked over in shock.On the table sat a light brown coloured cat.

It looked very dispirited with its two ears hanging low.

It had its tail that had a white tip wrapped around its body, covering its paws.It looked up at Wei Yuechu, the amber-coloured eyes looking very familiar.Calm, rational, indifferent, with some depression and irritation as well.It raised its paws and tapped the screen before it with difficulty:“I know this is very strange, but….”Wei Yuechu’s eyes slowly lit up.Ye Jia, “…..”His animal instincts which had strengthened told him something bad was about to happen.And thus----He heard the young woman before him let out an excited scream:“Ahhhhhhh So cute!!!!!!”Ye Jia, “……..”I shouldn’t have been worried about you being unable to accept this reality.Wei Yuechu cupped her face, “Oh my god, oh my god….This is too cute!! It doesn’t make sense! How could Brother Ye turn into such a cute cattttttt!!”

She walked over and carefully poked the cat's ear.The cat’s ear twitched, the soft fur brushing past her finger.-------Amen.Wei Yuechu screamed wildly in her mind.Ye Jia took in the young woman with flushed cheeks before him and fell silent, “…….”Has this person turned stupidChen Qingye was the first to return to his senses.

He walked over, pushed up his glasses and carefully examined the Ye Jia before him through his lenses.

He tried to remain calm, “Brother Ye, I went and looked into the monster you fought with earlier.

Although something like this doesn’t happen often, it’s not something that hasn’t happened…..”In the game, anything could happen.Right now they should be figuring out how to solve this issue.Ye Jia was very appreciative.As expected of Chen Qingye.

He was very reliable.At this moment, A’Chang secretly stuck its head out from Chen Qingye’s sleeve.

It's dark eyes took in the human who clearly still smelt the same but had suddenly turned a lot smaller and it slowly moved closer.Wei Yuechu worriedly tugged at Chen Qingye’s sleeve, “Hey, put your pet away.”“Don’t worry.” Chen Qingye brought A’Chang closer, “Gu insects rely on smell to differentiate between humans.”The cat leaned slightly closer, the amber-coloured eyes taking in the scary centipede before it, its pink nose twitching a little.A’Chang stuck out an arm and waved in a friendly manner.Looks like it recognised him.Wei Yuechu breathed a sigh of relief and let go of Chen Qingye.She looked over at the other party and couldn’t help but notice the other party’s avoidant eyes as well as the faint blush on his cheeks.Wei Yuechu, “”Ye Jia, “”Chen Qingye cleared his throat and looked at Wei Yuechu.

He said seriously, “Sorry, I guess Brother Ye is indeed pretty cute like this.”Ye Jia, “…….”Dammit.Blast only now arrived.Very clearly, he had already heard about the situation from the others so when he saw Ye Jia, he let out a deafening laugh, “HAHAHAHAHA To think that something like this would happen to you Ace HAHAHAHAHA!!!”“Now you won’t be able to defeat me!” Blast wore an arrogant expression as a small flame appeared at the tip of his finger.Chen Qingye and Wei Yuechu both looked over at Blast, their cold glares very oppressive.Blast’s body stiffened.

The flame on his finger flickered a few times before disappearing.Chen Qingye and Wei Yuechu continued to look at him coldly.Blast felt very uncomfortable.He cleared his throat and slowly put his hands behind his back, “Cough….I-I was just joking.”Under the two people’s oppressive stare, Blast turned to look at Ye Jia and said dryly, “Haha, speaking of which, Brother Ye, you’re pretty cute…”Chen Qingye and Wei Yuechu both revealed looks of approval.Ye Jia slowly narrowed his eyes as sharp claws appeared from his paws.The next time he hears the word ‘cute’, he will scratch their face.With everyone gathered, they began to discuss what to do.Firstly, this matter should be kept a secret.

After all, a lot of the fierce ghosts were refraining from causing trouble because they were wary of Ye Jia’s presence.

As soon as they find out, it would surely lead to a chain reaction.

Since there were a lot of eyes in the Bureau, he shouldn’t stay there, so the three of them will be investigating the monster's background and figuring out how to fix Ye Jia’s problem.

And as for who should take care of the current Ye Jia….Everyone looked over at Ye Jia.Ye Jia suddenly had a bad feeling.

He opened his mouth but could only let out a meow, “Meow….”Wei Yuechu nodded with certainty, “Looks like Brother Ye thinks so too.”Chen Qingye, “Then it’s decided.”Three minutes later.

Ye Jia looked expressionlessly at Ji Xuan who had hurried over.One cat and one ghost stared at each other in silence.The other three could tell that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

They quickly made excuses to leave, “Well then, we’ll look into it now!! Wait for news from our end!”As soon as they finished saying that, they were gone.All that was left in the office was Ji Xuan and Ye Jia.Ji Xuan continued to stand in place, his scarlet eyes slightly lowered containing unknown emotions.

He looked deeply at the cat before him.Ye Jia felt a little uncomfortable being looked at like that.Several days ago, he and Ji Xuan had a few arguments because of this kind of situation.

The other party was worried that he would be hurt during his missions and wanted to go with him but Ye Jia refused ----- Compared to an employee of the Bureau, the Ghost King Ji Xuan’s identity was a lot more well-known.

Moreover, Ye Jia was confident in his abilities.

Nothing would happen.But now….Something happened.Ye Jia had to admit that he felt a little guilty.He instinctively scratched his ear.

The moment he realised what he was doing, his body stiffened.At this moment, Ji Xuan moved.With his long legs, he strode over to Ye Jia with just a few steps.

His shadow shrouded the cat sitting on the chair.Ye Jia looked up in surprise.The man reflected in his eyes was a lot taller than he remembered.

His gaze moved from the other person's waist and moved upwards.

Just as his gaze reached the other party’s neck, he felt Ji Xuan’s hand press down onto his head and stroke him from head to tail.Ye Jia, “”The other person's familiar smell was reassuring.

Like he was caught in a net, his instincts took over his reason.He instinctively straightened out his tail.The cat's fur was soft and silky and very thick, allowing the fingers to sink in.

It felt almost like cotton candy that would melt with one touch.Ji Xuan scratched the base of Ye Jia’s tail.A soft purr sounded from the depths of the cat's throat.

The cat fell onto the table and wrapped its tail that had a white tip around the man’s arm.Ji Xuan gasped.Ye Jia, “…..”Fuck.He returned to his senses and realised what he had done.He was extremely embarrassed.Even through the thick layer of fur, he could feel his face turning hot.Ahhhhhhh what’s going on!The next second, a feeling of weightlessness overwhelmed him.Ye Jia was startled, “Meow meow meow!”He struggled frantically, his feet kicking the air, but he was unable to break free and could only be lifted up by the other party.The other party held him up in the air.With Ji Xuan’s face before him, Ye Jia could see his own reflection in the other person’s scarlet eyes----A cat face.Ye Jia, “….”Ji Xuan carefully took in the cat before him and then proceeded to bury his face into the cat's soft stomach.His voice was muffled, “…..So cute.”Ye Jia, “Dammit!”His claws appeared and he fiercely left three scratches on the other person’s face.Damn you and your cute!*While Wei Yuechu and co tried to find a solution, Ji Xuan’s subordinates were doubting their lives.K-king….seemed to have….started to raise a pet

A cat.A catAnd warmth could be felt from that cat.

It was clearly a living cat.Why would a cat be willing to be near a fierce ghostAnd...why was their King treating the cat so well!!!!They would often see that cat walking across King’s desk, messing up the documents on it or pushing them to the ground, but King wouldn’t be annoyed and would just pick them up and place them elsewhere.They also saw King silently reach over wanting to pet the cat's soft fur but it would always agilely avoid his touch, making Ji Xuan unable to touch it.Moreover….They weren’t sure if it was just their imagination….On King’s face and hands, there seemed to be quite a few scratches.It didn’t make sense.

Fierce ghosts shouldn’t be able to be hurt by animals like cats.And that cat wasn’t big but it definitely wasn’t a kitten.

It would gracefully saunter around the room, looking like it was the master of this place.The moment the shadow ghost received this news, it immediately hurried over.It looked tearfully at the cat lying on the desk and could even feel its soul being healed.Wuwuwu, King has finally discovered how good cats are!The shadow ghost secretly reached over.The cat who was sleeping twitched its ears.

It raised its head and looked over with its amber-coloured eyes.A’Mi was about to ascend to heaven.A cat! A cat! And it’s a living one!More importantly, King’s cat wasn’t afraid of fierce ghosts! It was completely different from the other cats that would run away the moment it saw it.Wuwuwu, so jealous!SO JEALOUS!A’Mi once again tried to reach over.The cat narrowed its eyes.“What are you doing”A cold voice sounded from behind the shadow ghost.The shadow ghost stiffened and looked over.King had at some point in time appeared behind it, the expression on his face unreadable.

His scarlet eyes carried oppressiveness, sending a chill down the shadow ghost’s back.

It immediately straightened up and stammered, “N-nothing! I’m not doing anything!”Behind the shadow ghost, the cat yawned, revealing its pink tongue and sharp teeth.Ye Jia lazily stood up, jumped off the table, and laid down in a sunny place.Ji Xuan’s eyes followed the cat.The cat looked over and lazily meowed at him.---- Ye Jia’s attitude was clear.Ji Xuan could only dismiss the shadow ghost, “Scram.”A’Mi looked back reluctantly as it left.As it watched the cat getting further away from it, it was very upset.Wuwuwu, dammit, I wasn’t able to pet it.Ji Xuan retracted his gaze.----You’re dead if you did.Ji Xuan walked over, bent down in front of Ye Jia and reached out to scratch his chin.The cat was sunbathing comfortably and was too lazy to put up a struggle.

It instead raised its head, its tail swaying in the air.“Gege, want to go home”Ye Jia glanced at him.He thought for a moment and nodded.Ji Xuan reached over, wanting to pick the other party up, but the cat agilely avoided his hands and jumped onto his shoulder.He let out a soft laugh.

Ye Jia patted his face with his paw: What are you laughing atJi Xuan quickly stored away his smile and cleared his throat:“Let’s go.”*“So….what’s going on”Blast scratched his head in confusion.

He didn’t seem to understand the information he had received just now.Wei Yuechu shook off the blood from her chainsaw, “It’s probably due to the malice left behind before that monster disappeared.

If it was still alive, it would be a big problem, but since it’s dead, there wouldn’t be much malice to manifest it.

The effect would soon fade with time.”“So….We don’t need to do anything”Wei Yuechu nodded, “That’s right.”As she said this, she took out her phone, “But we should let Brother Ye know.

Who knows what kind of aftereffects this may have.”The phone fell onto the ground as it rang.The living room was a mess.Something heavy pressed Ji Xuan down onto the ground.

His hand felt something smooth and firm.Ye Jia’s eyes were wide with shock.He….he changed back.He raised his hands in disbelief.

He clenched and opened his hands.

It was a hand that belonged to a human.Finally….!At this moment, Ye Jia felt something dangerous.His movements stopped and he looked down at the man underneath him.There were no expressions on his face but his scarlet eyes shone a dark light.

His hot gaze travelled down from Ye Jia’s face.Ye Jia felt a chill run through him.He backed away but was held in place by the other party’s cold hands.“Gege….” Ji Xuan’s voice was hoarse and low, “Where are you going”His palms moved down the young man’s slender back.

He could feel the other party stiffen.

The tip of his fingers sank into the dip in his back, gently massaging the muscle there.There still seemed to be some after-effects from turning into a cat.Ye Jia instantly weakened and fell into the other person’s arms.

A low purr sounded from the depths of his throat.

His ears turned red in an instant.The jut in Ji Xuan’s throat bobbed.

His eyes turned even darker.…...So cute.Next to them, the phone rang nonstop.An invisible force attacked it.Crack.The phone broke.It was now silent.Wei Yuechu looked at her phone in confusion.“How was it Did you manage to get through” Chen Qingye asked.Wei Yuechu shook her head with knitted brows.“Why don’t you give it a try” Wei Yuechu suggested.Chen Qingye took out his phone.“Haa, who cares.” Blast shrugged unconcernedly, “Brother Ye is with Ji Xuan that guy anyway.

What could possibly happen”The other two felt that his words were right.Chen Qingye put his phone back into his pocket.That’s right, What could possibly happen-

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