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The Son Bought So Many Maotai Is He Rich

“6000 yuan Alright, Im very satisfied with this price!”

Luo Feng immediately nodded in agreement.

Lao Liu and Wang Longshan from Tongren Hall looked at the prescription of the common people. Obviously, they didnt want to buy it at this price.

“Good! Little brother, give me your card number! Come to our hospital and get the exact grams of bezoar. Ill transfer the money to you immediately!”

The hospital director was also very happy.

This thing was needed by an influential person.

She greeted him and said that she had to find him.

He didnt expect to meet her here today.



brothers, Im dumbfounded. 6000 yuan ”

“A mud bun costs 6000 yuan One gram”

its 20 times the price of gold!

“6000 yuan per gram Two catties Thats a total of 6 million yuan, right”

“Xiu is numb! Im going to the countryside to find sick cows tomorrow! Maybe well find bezoar!”

“Im envious, Im envious! This streamer is so lucky!”

The netizens were completely dumbfounded at this moment.

Shock value.

Reputation points.

It rose up with a cracking sound.

After that, they went to the hospital.

The transaction was completed immediately.

Bezoar, 1125 grams.

The unit price was 6,000 yuan per gram.

It was 6 million!

Furthermore, such a large sum of money had actually arrived within seconds. Talk about being a public hospital. How awesome!

“Everyone, todays live-stream will end here!”

“After earning so much money, we should let the host digest it, right Tomorrow, well continue to collect trash in the countryside! Remember, Im really a rag-and-bone collector. Im just a lucky one! Goodbye!”

Luo Feng addressed everyone with a smile and turned off the live stream.

“F*ck, youre a rag-and-bone collector I dont believe you!”

“Youre just pretending to be a treasure hunter who collects junk!”

“Awesome To digest the 6 million How do I digest it”

“Do you still need to say that The host is single. Hell definitely get the latest model in the market!”

“If it were me, Id order nine at once for 10,000 yuan each. Thats only 90,000 yuan!”

“F*ck! Brother, Im afraid that three kidneys arent enough for you.”


Although they had gone offline, there were still many people discussing it in the live-stream room. After all, it was a bezoar worth six million. It really made the people in the live-stream room a little dumbfounded.

Luo Feng didnt rush home after logging off. He found a fine dining restaurant to indulge in and obediently went to pay his bill.

After shopping around the supermarket, Hua Zi brought a few Flying Maotai. He also bought the high-quality glutinous rice wine, Wuliangye.

Yup, he did.

He also got a Huawei 8,888-yuan phone. He placed them in the Hummers trunk and drove back home.

“Madam Wang, I bought a box of Wahaha for your child and some childrens clothes!

“Youre welcome. After I went bankrupt, didnt everyone raise money to buy me a pickup truck to collect junk

“Ah How am I collecting junk Cough, cough, cough, Im really just a rag-and-bone collector. I was just lucky!

“Uncle Li, I bought a pair of shoes for your child. See if they fit!

“Thank you Whats there to thank I should!”

When Luo Feng drove the Hummer back to his hometown in Qingshan village, he must have bought everything along the muddy road and given it to the blind date who had helped him.

After the bankruptcy, it turned out that none of his brothers in the city had helped him.

On the other hand, although the villagers did not have much money, they still raised money to buy a pickup truck to collect junk.

He couldnt forget such kindness.

“Son, why are you so happy Whose bronze sword from the Warring States period did you take back” It was his father, Luo Fugao.

When he heard the sound of the Hummer, he immediately left the house. He also admired this son of his.

To collect trash

He was specifically looking for treasures


He was indeed a man of great deeds. He could earn millions a month by collecting junk.

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Of course, his sons explanation was that in the years he had opened the hot pot restaurant, he had dealt with many big bosses for a period of time with cultural relics, so he was familiar with these things.

Moreover, the large area in his hometown was a place where ancient tombs were very dense.

It was not surprising to be able to get treasures from the countryside.

Although his father was surprised, he could still accept it.



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