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He Gave His Dad A Huge Ride!

“Hahaha! Its nothing, I found bezoar in a cow and earned about a million!”

Luo Feng didnt say 6 million as he didnt want to scare his father. Instead, he just casually mentioned it as though he was brushing it off.

“My God, a million-yuan bezoar! Thats a rare item!” Luo Fugaos face immediately brightened, and he took the Wuliangye and Maotai wine.

Luo Feng smiled. After entering the house, he said, “Dad, give the pickup truck that I used to Uncle Lis house to transport vegetables. Dont sell it in the future!”

His father longed to ask, “Ah Not selling vegetables But what are you going to do”

2 million plus the current 1 million

Was he just going to laze around and do nothing

“Dont worry, with this amount of money, itll be enough for you to retire! Ill go to the city in a few days and get you a huge Benz!”

Luo Feng was rich now, and his wealth must be spent on relatives and fellow villagers.

Now, he had 8 million in cash flow.

Didnt he want to put it in the bank and earn interest

Earn interest

Well, excuse me!

With the treasure prompter device, Luo Feng really didnt care about the interest.

“Are you going to buy a Benz just like that”

The old man pouted his lips and wanted to refuse, but seeing his sons determined look, he didnt say anything more.

The cheapest Benz seemed to only cost about 300,000 yuan. He knew that his son was filial and could not refute him.

“Haha, thats right. If you earn money, you have to spend it. Im going to go talk to Mom! Dad, go and cook!”

“Alright, Ill go cook for you now!” his father said as he happily rolled up his sleeves and went into the chicken coop.

Cluck, cluck, cluck.

They could only hear the roosters miserable shrieks.

An hour later, a pot of chicken soup was served on the table.

Visiting other villages was physically demanding, so Luo Fengs appetite had increased greatly in the past month.

He devoured a chicken for every meal.

His parents also watched him eat happily.

It seemed like he was much happier than when he had opened a hot pot restaurant in the city.

Of course, Luo Feng had sold the cow bezoar for 6.75 million yuan today.

Since it was broadcast live, it was impossible for it not to be exposed on the news. This news immediately made it to the tenth most searched item.

[Outdoor trash collector host! He got a sick bull with bezoar worth six million found in its body! Ranked 10th]

[Trash collector host! Will this cause a new trend of collecting junk on TikTok 22nd]

[Host buys a bloody cows heart for 10 yuan that turns out to be bezoar worth 6 million! Ranked 56th]

Of course, all the keyboard warriors on the internet were very good at adding fuel to the fire.

Luo Feng had clearly spent 1,0000 yuan on the whole cow, but they said he spent 10 yuan on the cows heart.

He was speechless.

No matter what, the comments below these topics immediately exploded.

“F*ck! Bezoar Its bezoar”

“Isnt this streamers luck a little too good”

“I say, are you sure this is a junk collector This is a f*cking treasure hunter, right”

“Thats right. When I was young, I saw many treasure hunters disguised as junk collectors! They walked around the countryside looking for treasures!”

“What the f*ck A bezoar worth six million I dont remember bezoar being that expensive, right”

“It depends on the quality! Gold-colored ones are usually 3,000 to 5,000 yuan per gram! Its more than ten times more expensive than gold!”

“What kind of host is this Can you give me a link to the live-stream room Ill go and pay my respects.”

“Damn it, I am so jealous. Im a butcher. When I kill cows in the future, Ill see if there are gallstones!”

“Butcher up there, dont joke around. Youll probably only be able to kill a few hundred cows in your life! Even hundreds of thousands of them might not be enough!”

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“Hahaha! What if theyre lucky and manage to kill one”

“Not everyone has the streamers heaven-defying luck, right”

At this moment, Luo Feng had just eaten a chicken drumstick and was taking a nap on the rocking chair.

He found that he was a hot topic on the internet, making him rather speechless.

However, it was expected. After all, six million was not a small amount.

“If its on the trending searches, so be it. As the system upgrades, the value of the treasures I can search for will increase. This is inevitable!”

Luo Feng didnt care about life and death anyway, so he just did it.

If my system wants shock points, I need someone to watch me search for treasure….

After thinking for a while, Luo Feng entered the system interface. He wanted to see how shocking he was.

[Treasure prompt system: Level 4]


[Shock value: 9,800/1,0000 (upgrade bar)]

[Reputation points: 12,000 (Level 4, use 5,000 Reputation Value to activate the radar notification once!)]

[Scanning range: 1,000 meters]

[Highest treasure value: 10 million]

“F*ck! The upgrade bar is about to level up”

“Not bad, not bad!”

“Good luck tomorrow!”

Luo Feng smiled happily. He did not expect to earn so many shock points from the six million bezoar stones today.

But on second thought, it was normal.

In the past, it was a treasure worth less than 1 million.

Something worth a few hundred thousand and 6 million


That was a huge difference.

At around 9:30 p.m., Luo Feng went to bed on time. His biological clock was very healthy now. After all, he had to travel around during the day, which was physically exhausting, and he needed to rest well.


The next day, Luo Feng got up at dawn.

After eating the noodles his mother cooked, he strolled around the village, looking for children to distribute candy and snacks to.

Of course, he was digging into the leftover chicken soup noodles from yesterday. The taste was very authentic.

After walking around the village for a while, the dew and fog had probably dispersed. Luo Feng then got into the Hummer and set off!

Todays trash collection day had begun again.

“Ill go! Hes quite popular!”

“He already has 50,000 fans”

Luo Feng remembered that he only had 30,000 fans yesterday.

He got an additional 20,000 fans in a day

Not bad!

With more people, the shock points would come quickly.

“F*ck! Host, youre finally live streaming!”



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