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Live Broadcast Again! Start Scanning! 2 Red Dots

“The host is here! The host is here! Im sincerely here to learn from you! I beg you to teach me how to collectjunk!”

“Hahaha! The streamers unique secret book of Fengshui will never be leaked!”

“Its a secret manual of ghosts. Look for the dragon and split the gold among the mountains. One layer of entanglement is a layer of obstacles. There are eight layers of danger when closing the door. Who doesnt know that its in the form of Yin Yang Eight Trigrams”

“Hahaha, congratulations then, bro. You can go to the cemetery now!”

“I just joined the treasure-hunting team today! It has been half a year and they havent found a single grave. Host, teach me two moves!”

“Alright, you guys can stop mocking me. Where does the host plan to collect junk today”

“Im a newbie. May I ask if this streamer is serious about driving a Hummer to collect junk”

“Brother, its definitely a junk collection! Dont you see the pile of useless bottles in the Hummer”

“Hahaha! Youre bullying a newbie! Let me tell you, this streamer specializes in collecting junk! Its worth millions of yuan!”

“Ive compiled a table! The streamers battle record yesterday was the most impressive! 600 times the profit! Im simply envious!”

Luo Feng looked at the live broadcast room. There were obviously more comments than a few days ago, so he was in a good mood. “I dont know where to go today, so Ill just walk around the countryside and take a look! As you know, even though finding treasures requires my market research, most of it still depends on luck! Who knows if well be able to find any treasures today”

Luo Feng had scanned it yesterday. He spent 5,000 reputation points. And today, his reputation points had immediately reached 12,000.

It was enough for Luo Feng to scan twice.

Activate the scan! Luo Feng roared in his heart.

Of course, he didnt need to go to the area that he had scanned yesterday.

He had to choose a new location.

Soon, the scan started.

Another invisible sound wave spread out.

Then, a bunch of colorful dots appeared on the system interface in Luo Fengs mind.

[Red Dot 1: More than a million, less than 10 million]

[Red Dot 2: Worth more than a million, below 10 million!]

[Blue Dots 1-10: Value above 100,000, below 1 million!]

[Green Dots 1-5: Value above 10,000, below 100,000!]

“F*ck! There are two red dots”

“There are ten blue dots”

“There are five green dots”

“Heavens! More importantly, theyre all in a pile”

Luo Feng was shocked.

He could go and collect all of these things at once.

They seemed to be scattered, so Luo Feng chose the most expensive one. Sometimes, he didnt want the cheap ones.

He was going to be rich again!

Of course, the radar didnt necessarily show that they were together because the radar was about the size of the map.

However, if they were to be scaled down, these markers would definitely be within a 500-meter radius.

“Brothers! Lets go up the mountain and take a look! Follow this path! Lets try our luck!” Luo Feng chuckled.

He immediately changed direction and drove in the direction indicated by the radar.

The further they went up the mountain, the colder it seemed.

Luo Feng couldnt help but shiver.

However, at that moment, Luo Feng stepped on the brakes, so he stopped by the side of the road.

He looked over.

In a small forest more than ten meters away from the road, two children were warming themselves by the fire.

Of course, the pile of markers that Luo Feng had picked up on was definitely among the two little boys.

“F*ck! Whats going on”

“How many purple dots have disappeared”

“Another blue dot disappeared”

“What the f*ck”

Luo Feng was speechless.

Could these children have destroyed the treasures

“Hey, you two!” Luo Feng immediately shouted at the two little boys.

At this moment, one of the boys was holding a strange blade of grass and throwing it into the fire. It looked easy to ignite.

He even pulled out a few more and threw them into the fire.

“Huh Why is this big brother calling us”

Luo Fengs shout obviously made them stop.

Luo Feng immediately ran up the mountain like a small engine. When he arrived, he scanned the little boys body, but there was no treasure.

“Big brother, do you need something” the children asked carefully.


“F*ck! Is the streamer watching the two little boys Do you have any treasures on you”

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“Guys, look! Could the two childrens choppers be the Tang Dynastys zhanmadao”

“I think that pair of straw sandals must be made of ancient hemp rope. Theyre worth 20,000 yuan a pair!”

“The bell on my neck is probably worth some money! Its 88,000!”

“Hahaha, stop playing around! Lets see how the streamer reacts!”

In the live broadcast room, there were many jokers.

Once Luo Feng got close to a farmer, he would definitely analyze what valuables the other party had for him to target.

“Cough, cough, cough, nothing much. Its just a little cold, so I wanted to use the fire to warm myself up!”

Luo Feng looked at them again. He still couldnt tell what kind of treasure these two little kids had.

“You can warm yourself up then. Were going home! Oh right, big brother, the grass over there is very combustible. You can pull it out and burn it. Its very fun!”

The little boy threw the blade of grass in his hand into the fire again.


Only then did he leave with his companion.

“Dont they have treasures on them”

He watched the two little boys take a few steps, but the red and blue dots in his mind didnt move.

Then, Luo Feng was sure that the markers must be the forest and the grass.

“People! Let me tell you, the treasure today might be in this forest!”

With that, he went to the Hummer to look for his tools.

After a while, Luo Feng, who had all the tools, hung his backpack on his shoulder. He also had a grass-plucking stick in his hand to pave the way. He looked down at the grass, like he was searching for snakes.

“Host, did you come to the grass to look for treasure”

“Are we looking for wild fungi”

“Its possible!”

“Isnt that thing only a few hundred yuan at most Is that considered treasure”

“Unless its ginseng!”

“Hahaha, ginseng seems to only be found in Changbai Mountain, right”

“Host! Theres a bottle on your left foot. Is it an antique”

“Yes, I think I saw a reflection!”

“What Theres a bottle”

“Did you really find an antique”

“Is it an ancient blue and white porcelain Otherwise, ordinary clay pots wouldnt reflect so much light, right”



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