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The Streamer Is Rich! Cordyceps!

Luo Feng also read the comments.

He looked in the direction described by the audience and pried away some grass. He was shocked to see…

It was actually a modern glass bottle containing iced black tea. It was still warm.

“F*ck! Those two little boys peed just now! What thin blue and white porcelain!”

Luo Feng was speechless. He immediately threw it away. Fortunately, this was a virgins urine, so it didnt smell bad.

If it had been the deed of an elderly person, it would have stunk to the high heavens.

“Hahaha! Awesome!”

“I cant laugh anymore. Is that f*cking iced black tea in a beer bottle”

“Who said blue and white porcelain Come out quickly! I promise Ill beat you to death!”

“Streamer, to think that you would have such a day!”

“Streamer, dont keep us in suspense. What treasure are you looking for”

Luo Feng looked at the comments, feeling helpless. Actually, he did not know either.

The system usually only indicated the price after finding something.

“This grass looks very strange, right”

Luo Feng saw a long blade of grass that looked very familiar. He didnt know where he had seen it before, and there seemed to be quite a lot of them in this grassland.

Then…Luo Feng took a closer look and sniffed. There was a slight smell of fungi.

And this thing looked like a worm

Thats not right.

Was it grass growing out of the insects corpse



Could this be cordyceps

Luo Feng was immediately excited.

“F*ck! Isnt this what those two kids just now burned” he immediately exploded.

A few hundred thousand yuan.

He would have been burned to death by those two prodigal children if he didnt come.

Would they have probably pulled out more and burned it

What a waste!

“Everyone, Im rich again. Let me tell you, this is cordyceps! Just now, I saw two little boys burning grass from afar. I realized what it was, so I shouted! Ive investigated the market. The climate here is very suitable for the growth of cordyceps!”

As soon as Luo Feng said this, the live-stream exploded again.

“Whats that Cordyceps”

“Is the host holding cordyceps”

“Awesome, did he get lucky again”

“No way. Shouldnt this thing be rare”

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“May I ask what cordyceps is”

It was actually very simple. It was a combination of an insect and a plant. It was a bug in winter and grass in summer. It was considered a fungal plant.

In the summer, these bugs would hatch in the soil. Then, in the autumn and winter season, these larvae were infected by the fungus in the soil. After being infected, the fungus gradually began to wriggle toward the ground. When the larvae were about three centimeters away from the surface, the larvae would die, and the fungus would fill up the bugs and completely occupy them.

When the weather became warmer, sprouts would grow from the larvaes head or mouth. The sprouts would then start to break through the soil above their heads and grow, which is what we called summer grass.

“Streamer! Streamer! I know! The grass in your hand is really cordyceps!”

“F*ck! How did we meet”

“What kind of luck does this streamer have Why is he so lucky”

“Then two little boys How many have you burned”

“F*ck! Ill catch him and spank his butt! What a waste!”

“Im so envious that Im turning purple! Streamer, are you f*cking cheating”

The netizens were also excited at this moment. Those who knew about Chinese medicine were not unfamiliar with this herb. It was very expensive.

“Go! Go!”

When Luo Feng saw that there was another one underground, he immediately picked up the small hoe and started digging.

After all, this thing was too small. He could only pick it up with a small hoe or his hand, and there were no leaves. It was like a blade of grass with small fangs growing.

[Ding! One cordyceps! Weight: 5 grams! Its worth 1,200 yuan per gram, so thats 6,000 yuan!]



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