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As A Trash CollectorI Collected A Imperial Jade Seal Chapter 14

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F*ck! What a Massive Cordyceps! Its Worth 300,000 Yuan

“This one is only 3,000 yuan”

Luo Feng heard the system notification.

He was a little speechless.

Thinking about it, the bigger this was, the more valuable it was. For example, ordinary cordyceps weighed less than 1 gram.

“Hahaha! Everyone, look at my cordyceps. It should be about 5 grams! Its considered big for cordyceps! Each gram can cost up to 1,200 yuan!”

“What a pity. The two kids just burned one, and it was bigger than this!”

“But thats good, were finally getting one today!”

Luo Feng chuckled, took out a bag, and put the “3,000 yuan” into it.

“F*ck! What did he mean by “not good” Is a few thousand yuan considered little”

“1,200 yuan per gram Is it more expensive than gold again”

“Yesterdays bezoar cost 6,000 yuan a gram, and the cordyceps today is 1,200 yuan per gram”

“I dont remember cordyceps being that expensive. A 0.5-gram stick is only 100 yuan, right”

“F*ck! Thats 200 yuan per gram, and its not even expensive. Do you agree”

“The streamers one is bigger, so its normal to sell it for 6,000 yuan! And now that its hyped up, its more than twice as expensive as before!”

“Im impressed. With the streamers luck, did he just make a trip to the mountains and get another 6,000 yuan”

“Streamer! Ill pay 8,000 yuan for this cordyceps. How about we contact each other privately and you mail it to me”

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In fact, some of the netizens even started to bid. The price was raised to 10,000 in an instant.

“Hahaha, I wont sell it then. Ill go home and make chicken stew!”

Luo Feng looked at the bullet screen. He was not surprised by the price of 10,000. This herb was still relatively rare in the wild. Moreover, it could not be cultivated by humans. It would be a wonder if it wasnt expensive.

“A blue dot Theres something over there”

Luo Fengs eyes lit up and he immediately ran over to dig a hole.

What a huge cordyceps!

[Ding! Discovered 10 grams of king cordyceps! 30,000 yuan per gram! Its worth 300,000!]

10 grams, this cordyceps weighed a whopping 10 grams!

“Dude, Im rich! This is definitely the king of cordyceps!”



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