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I Struck Gold Again! Reishi the Size of an Umbrella!

“The host will probably earn 300,000 this round!”

Luo Feng was a little excited because he had never seen such a large cordyceps before.

Honestly, it was already very impressive for cordyceps to exceed 1 gram. This 10-gram one was a massive king of cordyceps! The bigger the cordyceps, the more expensive it was.

“F*ck! The f*ck!”

“10 grams of cordyceps Streamer, are you sure its not made of plastic This is part of the script, right”

“Thats right! How can cordyceps be so big”

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

“What script Plastic Are you blind”

“Yup! How is this plastic”

“Let me put it this way, the blue whale is also constantly breaking the world record for being the heaviest creature, and it has never stopped! The world is so big, so its normal to find a bigger cordyceps, okay”

“Thats reasonable!”

“But isnt 10 grams a little too ridiculous”

“With this weight, I dare say that someone will definitely buy it for 300,000!”

“This is way too ridiculous! The host is so lucky! Im numb!”

“F*ck! 300,000 again This is even faster than robbing a bank, right”

“Those two little boys didnt burn a few hundred thousand, did they”

Luo Feng ignored the comments as he continued to search.

He pulled and pulled.

Half an hour passed, and he had collected more than 20 cordyceps.

“I guess Im fine today! Given how many there are, at least I still get a million.”

Luo Feng pursed his lips in dissatisfaction.

No wonder there were so many blue and purple dots. It turned out that he had found the cordyceps nest.

“Lets just kill the streamer! Does anyone else agree”

“A million or so Thats just normal, right”

“Streamer, are you not happy”

“Streamer, you were lucky yesterday and got a bezoar. Are you really that overconfident”

“Look at the sky, its going to rain. Find a place to hide! Lightning strikes people like you!”

“Youll be struck by lightning if you are so ungrateful! Kill the streamer!”

The people in the live broadcast room were speechless. This was already worth a million, and he was still complaining

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Of course, why wouldnt Luo Feng complain This was only a f*cking million.

A big red dot was worth more than a million yuan. He had not found the big red dot yet.

“Wait...What was that Why is it so big”

Suddenly, Luo Feng saw a big mushroom that was more than a meter wide in the distance. Something was wrong. It looked like ...

It looks hard

It should be reishi, right




“Host! Reishi! This is reishi!”

“What a big one!”

“Hold the grass! Its that big”

“This is fake, right How can there be such a huge reishi”

“I also think its fake.”

“Whats so fake about it I remember there was a king reishi that was 1.1 meters tall!”

“But this one Its like an umbrella, and its shockingly big!”

It wasnt just the audience in the live-streaming room who was dumbfounded.

Luo Feng was also dumbfounded.

This place was practically a bunch of Chinese medicine shops.

Was there cordyceps here

Reishi again


He struck gold!

[Ding! Streamer has found a 235-year-old purple reishi worth 6 million yuan!]




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