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Immortal Flesh Reishi 9.8 million!

“Were rich! Brothers, this reishi is massive. Its as big as an umbrella and has a diameter of 1.5 meters! Its estimated to weigh 12 kilograms. There are many new reishi mushrooms growing on the side which is also a small fortune!

“According to the growth patterns, its at least 200 years old. Such a huge wild reishi thats more than a hundred years old is very rare. Its not an exaggeration to call it a treasure,” Luo Feng said loudly, sounding a little haughty.

“Im throwing up! Streamer, can you stop looking!”

“Im so envious! What kind of luck is this!”

“Look at your money-making face. Why do I want to hit someone!”

“The price of wild purple reishi It should be 1,200 yuan a gram, right”

“Hes earned another six million this time!”

Just now, everyone in the live-stream was still saying that Luo Feng looked down on a million.

In a blink, they just offered 6 million yuan

It was a slap in the face!

He really had the right to look down on a million yuan!

Of course, at this moment, as soon as the king reishi that cost six million yuan appeared, the shock factor affected him again.

As the trending topic on Weibo, he was ranked fifth immediately.

A man searching for treasure deep in the mountains while live-streaming came across a 200-year-old king reishi.

“F*ck! I saw the trending topic! Are you still looking”

“Wheres the 10-gram cordyceps Let me take a look.”

“This guy has already found a pile of cordyceps And a pile of reishi”

“F*ck, this script, right How can it produce piles of them!”

“What script Theyve got to investigate it!”

“What kind of luck is this! Hes too invincible!”

For a moment, the newcomers said that it was a script and did not believe it at all. However, anyone with a brain could tell at a glance that it was not a script because there were no signs of loose earth in the ground.

“F*ck! What happened Did I gain 100,000 fans”

Luo Feng was shocked. He was just looking for reishi for a while.


Looking at the comments again, they were like snowflakes floating over.

“Streamer, are you finally willing to rest for a while!”

“Stop looking. Leave the coordinates. Ill look for it tomorrow!”

“Although it feels like a script, it still feels good to watch!”

“I dont know how to put it. It looks like a script, but it doesnt look like a script!”

“It just gets better and better.”

“Hey, hey, hey, streamer, whats that white thing diagonally above you”

“(⊙o⊙)… I saw it too. Is it a white fox”

“So white! So white! It looks like a lotus flower.”

“A Heavenly Snow Lotus No way!”

“Are you kidding me What kind of place is this How can there be a Heavenly Snow Lotus Are you an idiot”

“Whats that Why is it so white And it looks like a big flower!”

“Streamer, hurry up and go over. It might be a big treasure!”

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The people in the live-stream were immediately attracted by the white thing. They all called Luo Feng over to take a look!

He was extremely curious.

“D*mn, its so white Could it really be a white fox”

Seeing that everyone was urging him, Luo Feng did not plan to rest. He walked towards that place.

In Luo Fengs field of vision, there were a few small bushes blocking it.

However, one could still see the white thing through the gap. He pried open the bushes and took a look.

In the next second, Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

“F*ck! White reishi Brothers! Im rich! White reishi! Its actually pure white!” Luo Feng immediately shouted happily.

White reishi could be said to be the most special and rare type of reishi. Of course, it had another name: flesh reishi.

Moreover, it grew very slowly. It was usually the size of a palm which was already considered a very big white reishi.

However, the flesh reishi in front of him was at least 500 years old. In ancient times, reishi that was more than 500 years old was also called Immortal Flesh Reishi.

He flipped through the ancient books.

Pure white reishi was already rare, and there were only a few that were more than 500 years old.

[Ding! Streamer has found a 500-year-old Immortal Flesh Reishi! Worth 9.8 million!]



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