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The Streamer Is Rich! Hell Get a Young Girl at the Club Today!

“Hahaha! Thats right! Thats right! Theres no color in the middle! Brothers! Im rich! This reishi is too rare! I think I can buy a house in Shanghai!” Luo Feng laughed.

How fancy.

[Tongji Pharmacy: Little brother, do you still remember me Im Chen Yueru. We want to offer 10 million for your Immortal Flesh Reishi!]

Last time, because he had started a price war with Luo Feng, he had wasted a lot of time.

No deal was successful.

In the end, someone from the First Peoples Hospital had raised the price to 6 million yuan and bought the cow bezoar.

As a result, Chen Yueru was scolded badly by the general manager. This time, he did not dare to bargain with Luo Feng.

“Oh my god, it is Chen Yueru. Isnt he the one who offered 500 yuan a gram for the cow bezoar”

“Hahaha, he has the cheek to come”

“But look at the bid this time. Youve learned your lesson! Ten million upfront”

Luo Feng looked at the screen and opened this persons private space to take a look. He did seem to be from Tongji Pharmacy.

He immediately nodded in agreement. “10 million for you!”

Luo Feng felt that this was higher than the systems estimate.

Although this thing was priceless, it could definitely be sold.

If Luo Feng took it to an auction, the price might be even higher. However, Luo Feng did not have the time to tinker with it. He couldnt wait to hunt for treasure every day.

He looked at the red dots on the radar and found both of them.

The other dots were almost gone.

Lets go home!

“Brothers, lets continue with the chicks at the club tonight! Weve made a lot of money again!”

“No, Im going to pick up the Ferrari.”

“Theres still 98% battery on my phone. Lets not talk anymore!”

Luo Feng went offline just like that. He closed the live-stream.

It was fine if they didnt talk about the girls at the club, but once they did, the guys became extremely excited.

However, they were just teasing them. Luo Feng had to go to the city and find a good market for these things.

However, he also calculated in his heart.

Cordyceps: 10 grams, 5 grams, 2 grams, 3 grams, 4 grams, 1 gram, 12 grams (value around 1.2 million yuan)

Reishi: 500-year-old Immortal Flesh Reishi (worth 9.8 million yuan), 10 catties of 200-year-old purple reishi! Worth 2 million yuan! (total about 12 million yuan)

It added up to 13 million.

If he had known earlier, he would have looked for the red dot directly. He didnt want those blue dots anymore.

It was a waste of time to only be getting 1.2 million yuan.

About an hour later, Luo Fengs Hummer had just arrived in the city when he received a call.

It was Chen Yueru from Tongji Pharmacy.

He said that other than the price of 10 million yuan for the Immortal Flesh Reishi, their pharmacy wanted the rest of the cordyceps and reishi.

They wanted to intercept it in advance to prevent others from snatching it away.

Luo Feng saw that his offer was much more respectful than last time. It must be sold to them since he was too lazy to run around.

He had obtained about 15 million yuan, which was an additional 2 million yuan according to his calculations.

“Where to next” Luo Feng thought about it and immediately remembered.

Didnt he say that he wanted to celebrate his fathers birthday

I might as well go and take a look now.

“Welcome to our Mercedes-Benz 4S! What model would you like to see”

Luo Feng had just walked in when a beautiful young lady in a high-heels and a black silk dress came up to him with a coquettish and seductive look.

Luo Feng was so turned on by her feminine charms that he would be willing to be beaten up by her. His entire body would be covered in bruises, thanks to her!

Of course, Luo Feng also knew that he drove a Hummer worth more than 800,000 yuan here, and he was very young. These people must think that he was a rich second-generation heir.

As for the 4S shop…

If a man came, they would arrange for a female salesperson in provocative clothing to attend to him.

If it was a woman, it would definitely be a handsome male salesperson.

That was how it worked.

“Im here alone. Im just looking around!”

Luo Feng only took a glance at her figure and did not look at her anymore. Instead, he looked around. It was obvious that he was looking for someone.

“Hello, Luo Feng Why are you here”

Finally, the person Luo Feng wanted to meet arrived.

He was called An Peng, and he was Luo Fengs friend.

He had paid the most for the pickup truck. It seemed to have cost him more than 10,000 yuan.


If Luo Feng wanted to buy a big sports car, he naturally had to look for An Peng and give him a commission, right

“What a coincidence. An Peng, do you work here too” Luo Feng came on purpose but still pretended to meet him by chance.

“Been here for months. Um, hows your business been doing recently”

An Peng obviously didnt say anything about Luo Feng collecting trash. Using “business” as a replacement term would definitely give Luo Feng some face.

“Cough, cough, cough. Are you talking about collecting junk” Luo Feng was generous and said in front of the lady clad in black silk beside him.



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