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Directly Paying 4 Million For A Grand Car

“What Collecting junk”

The black silk lady was stunned. She had a million questions in her heart.

This man doesnt look like a rag-and-bone man, does he Oh right, maybe he runs a recycling station

“The business is doing fine too. 18 million a month is just so-so!” Luo Feng said very casually.

The black silk lady beside him immediately smiled in her heart. She had guessed correctly. It was a large recycling station, and it was not small.

“18 million a month What do you mean” An Peng didnt understand.

How could collecting junk make so much money

“Well, lets talk about it later. Since Ive met an acquaintance, Im sorry, miss. You can go ahead with your work. My friend can show me the car.” Luo Feng looked at her apologetically.

“Its fine, An Peng, you can show your friend around!” The lady was very cultured. She waved her hand to indicate that it didnt matter and left.

“I know youre puzzled, but let me put it this way. When I was collecting junk, I happened to encounter some treasures and earned some money. Now that the debt has been paid off, otherwise, I wouldnt have come to your place to look after cars, right”

Luo Feng looked at the back of the black silk lady.

Seeing that she had gone far away, An Peng said, “You got some treasures Whats going on Can you be more specific”

When An Peng heard about his circumstances, he was surprised. Was there such a thing

“Lets find a place to drink later and Ill tell you more. Show me the car model first!”

Luo Feng did not explain much. This was not the place to talk.

“Alright then, come with me. As long as you pay off your debt.”

An Peng pursed his lips. Although he was curious, he didnt ask further.

The two of them immediately went to Hall L of the 4S store.

“That one The place you brought me to”

“It doesnt seem very high-class, does it”

Luo Feng glanced at the L exhibition hall. Most of the prices here were the lowest in the 4S shop.

But even if it was the lowest price, it was also at least 400,000 yuan.

“Ah” An Peng was once again dumbfounded. “From your tone, Old Luo, did you really earn a lot of money from the treasures you received Is this considered a low price”

“Thats right. I wont tell you anymore. Do you have anything that costs 18 million a month” Luo Feng pursed his lips and smiled. He pointed at Hall H in front of him and said, “Lets go over there and take a look!”

“Damn! Do you want to buy a Maybach How much money did you earn Can you give me a specific number”

An Peng was about to faint.

What kind of treasure did he get from collecting trash

He actually wanted to bring up the Maybach

Who didnt know that a Mercedes-Benz Maybach cost at least a million yuan

“Its only 20 million in total! Speaking of buying a car, I need a car thats in stock. I dont want a reserved model!” Luo Feng said as he walked towards the exhibition hall.

“If its an existing stock, I do have a Mercedes-Benz S-Class 680!” An Peng said, “Theres only one color, and its black. The other models also need to be reserved, or theyre not for sale at the booth. Someone returned this one, but dont worry, the car is fine”

“Alright, S680 it is. Lets go take a look. Its just nice. I like black too.”

Luo Feng thought for a moment and made his decision.

This car had a lot of space, and his father would probably like it. It was also very comfortable to drive.

After all, he had bought his father an Audi Q5 that cost 500,000 yuan when he opened the hot pot restaurant.

However, after his bankruptcy, the car was sold.

[Dealers quotation: 1,468,000 to 5,241,000]

[Vendor Guidance Price: 1,468,000 to 5,241,000]

[Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz Maybach]

[Level: large vehicle]

[Fuel consumption: 8.6-13.5L]

[Displacement: 3.0T / 4.0T / 6.0T]

He looked at the car and was generally very satisfied.

Less than three minutes had passed before he decided on this one.

“An Peng, calculate for me, how much is this car including all the paperwork”

Because Luo Feng decided to buy it after a few minutes, it was obvious that the other party was caught off guard.

However, Luo Feng didnt need to think about spending money.

At the systems current level, a simple scan would reveal a treasure worth millions.

Rich people would never have difficulty choosing. If he didnt like it in the future, he could just change it.

Why should he let himself fall into a dilemma

“Um... If its the full amount, let me calculate ...”

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An Peng almost couldnt breathe. It was the first time in his life that he had sold such an expensive car.

And it was done in under three minutes

“All the expenses and ex-value taxes add up to a little more than 4 million!”


“Hmm, okay. Go to the back and help me fill out the form. Ill just sign it after youre done!” Luo Feng nodded without thinking.

“Are you sure you want to buy it”

An Pengs lips trembled a little. Luo Feng didnt look like he had 20 million at all. Those who didnt know better would think that he was the f*cking richest man on earth.

“Im very sure. Go on, I still have to buy something back later!” Luo Feng urged, and the other party also went backstage.

Of course, after An Peng went to the back.

Not to mention those ladies in black silk, but even the manager was excited.

Wasnt it only five f*cking minutes

A Mercedes-Benz S680 that cost four million yuan was sold just like that

While An Peng was filling out the form, the manager of this 4S shop came out to welcome Luo Feng warmly.

What discount card

What gas card


A warranty card.

A free car wash card.

It was a huge pile of cards.

Of course, Luo Feng accepted them. They were all useful to him.

“Alright, Old Luo, Ive filled out the form for you. As for the car insurance, Ill do as you say and fill in the highest number.”

About ten minutes later, An Peng came out and handed Luo Feng a few forms.

Pssh, pssh, pssh.

Luo Feng did not hesitate at all. He took the forms and signed them.

Then, the lady at the front desk brought over a POS machine.

With a swipe, 4.05 million was paid out.

Simple and straightforward! He didnt drag things out at all!

“Thats really f*cking fast!”

“Hes the fastest person Ive ever seen, from the time he decided on the car to the time he paid!”

“Thats right, An Peng is so lucky to have a friend like this!”

“This time, hell get at least 80,000 yuan in commission!”

“Would you believe me if I told you that hes just a junk collector”

“No way A junk collector Could it be a large-scale recycling station How large must it for him to be so generous”

“Hahaha! Yes, it looks like a recycling company!”

“No, no, hes... Hes really a rag-and-bone collector!”

Suddenly, a young lady held her phone and shouted excitedly.



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