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System Upgraded! Scanning a Treasure Worth a Hundred Million Yuan!

“D*mn, we know he collects junk! Didnt he keep saying yes just now”

“No, I mean, he doesnt have a company. He just collects junk.”

“You didnt open a company What about a factory”

“Its not a factory. Hes just a junk collector!”


The few black silk ladies were dumbfounded.

What was going on

Was he just a ragpicker

Then, how did he have 4 million yuan for the car

“Look at this short video streamer! Its the little brother who was looking at the car just now! He really is a rag-and-bone man!”

The lady did not recognize him at first, but the more she looked at Luo Feng, the more familiar he looked. However, she couldnt be sure.

Finally, she saw the Hummer at the door. Only then did she affirm who he was.

“Oh, my god! Is he really a junk collector”

“Pretending to be a treasure hunter”

“The bezoar yesterday was sold for 6 million yuan”

“The Immortal Flesh Reishi again today Tongji Pharmacy The price is already 10 million”

“Are you kidding me It must be a script, right”

“Script or not Others might not know, but how can we not know Theyve already mentioned the Maybach Script”

“Thats right. If its a script, where would he get the money to buy a Benz”

“This lousy streamer What kind of luck is this”

“Hes invincible! Why dont we also change to traveling around the countryside 18 million a month… Hes really not bragging.”

These young ladies were extremely excited. This was the first time he had heard of such a profitable industry.

Soon, they wanted to ask Luo Feng about the treasure hunt.

However, they saw that An Peng had already left with Luo Feng.

It would take three days before they could get the license plate. After all, they needed An Pengs help.

Naturally, Luo Feng drove his Hummer home.

“What Son, did you really buy your father a big Benz”

Luo Fugao leaned against the dining table and watched his son eat pig trotters. When he heard this, he was shocked.

“Isnt that so Let me tell you, I got rich again today. I saw two little boys burning cordyceps for fun, so I went to look for them. Oh my God, theres a huge area of them!

“I havent even finished picking them yet! Father, if youre interested, Ill tell you the location. You can go by yourself. Each one is worth about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.”

Luo Feng nibbled on the drumstick. Stewing chicken soup with cordyceps was really not bad.

“What 20 to 30,000 Dont you want it anymore”

When Luo Fugao heard this, he almost died on the spot!

What kind of prodigal son was this

“Are there really still a lot that you havent plucked All 20 to 30,000 yuan” Luo Fugao wanted to be more certain, so he asked.

“Really!” Luo Feng nodded firmly.

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, he saw his father go to the drawer and take out a flashlight.

“Hey, Dad, are you going now”

“Of course. Im afraid that someone will beat me to it. 20 to 30,000 yuan per cordyceps is enough for me to buy a van!”

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With that, his father walked out of the room.

Luo Feng shook his head helplessly and followed him. He tried his best to persuade him.

Only then did he pull her excited father home from the village entrance.

How much was it Compared to the Immortal Flesh Reishi, it was nothing.

Was his father that excited

At night, Luo Feng must have slept soundly.

As for his father, he was probably still awake in the middle of the night. He must be thinking about the cordyceps that Luo Feng had not finished picking.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed.

Luo Feng did not turn on the scan again. Instead, he went to collect all the previous gadgets. It was worth tens of thousands, and there were thousands of them.

After all, a few million every day was too magical. He had to hide them.

“Host, have you not found anything big for a few days”

“Its tens of thousands. It doesnt look good!”

“Dont tell me youve used up all your luck”

Take a look. Thats right.


The fans in the live-stream started to be dissatisfied.

“Hehe…” Luo Feng saw that the audience was complaining again, so he planned to do a scan today.

However, he looked at the system interface.

The system had actually upgraded!

He had reached Level 5



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