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A Sick Cow Is Worth 6 Million Yuan

“This big red dot Its 900 meters away, isnt it”

Luo Fenglooked at the radar on the system panel.

After confirming the direction, he immediately turned the car around and drove in the direction of the town. The location seemed to be the slaughterhouse outside the city!

Could the butcher be holding a bronze knife from the Warring States period

Luo Feng didnt know. He could only find out when he got there.

“F*ck! Host, arent you going to the countryside today”

“Are you going back home”

“No way Just a few words and youre already disheartened”

“You cant take the blow, can you”

“Hurry up. I think there are more treasures in the village. Two of them worth 500,000 have been sold. Lets go shopping.”

“Is the host looking for a place to poop”

“Brother! You dont say! It really looks like it!”

“Hahaha! Youll be fined 200 yuan for urinating and defecating indiscriminately!”

Luo Fengnaturally ignored the people in the live-stream room.

The system had been upgraded. Since he was on Level 3, the red dot represented nothing less than 100,000 and was worth more than a million.

He had to hurry over. If anything were to happen, it would be a loss of millions.

After a while, Luo Fengarrived at an outdoor slaughterhouse outside the town from Village Road.

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An elderly farmer was pointing at the dead cow at his feet while talking to a fierce man dressed as a butcher.


Luo Fengslammed on the brakes. He immediately walked towards the two of them.

“What the f*ck The red dot is actually this bull”

Luo Fengwas dumbfounded. Could this cow be worth more than a million

“Are you kidding me”

However, after verification, the system had not lied at all. Every time the items were collected, they did hold a certain value.

“Hey, uncle, is the bull yours How much is it” Luo Fengwalked over and asked about its price.

Luo Fengs total assets were 1.88 million with 750,000 cash flow, so buying this bull was a piece of cake. The system wouldnt lie anyway, so what was there to be afraid of

“F*ck! Host, what are you doing”

“This bull is sick!”

“You cant even enter the slaughterhouse to see it! Theyre afraid that the corpse will infect the other cows!”

“It is! Although beef is expensive, you dont have to buy a sick cow to eat it, right”

“Did the host change his profession Are you going to sell beef”

The fans in the live-stream room were shocked by Luo Fengs actions. They definitely didnt understand him and said all sorts of things.

Some people even scolded him for being stupid. He wanted to eat beef, but he couldnt even tell that it was a sick cow

“Little brother, since youre dressed so well, Im not afraid to tell you that this is a sick cow. If you want to buy good beef, you have to go to the slaughterhouse. And even if you want to eat tainted beef, you wont have the chance anymore. Ive already discussed the price with the owner of the cow.” The ferocious butcher sneered.

If he took this bull to the city and sold it to those city folks who didnt know anything, he would make tens of thousands of profits.

It was rare to see sick cows in such good condition. This was because the bull didnt seem to have eaten anything and had starved to death. It did not look like a plague or infectious disease at all.



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