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Level 5 Power! Matte Gold Worth 25 Million!

[Treasure Prompter System: Level 5]

[Shock value: 15,801/100,000]

[Reputation Value: 120,000 (Level 5 scan requires 50,000 Reputation Value)]

[Scanning range: 3,000 meters! 5 meters deep!]

[Red Dot Treasure: 10 million – 100 million]

“Whats that Deep”

When Luo Feng heard this profound term, he was also stunned.

Then, he came to a realization. Could it be that it was not flat Instead, could it be five meters underground

Good God.

Even the surface of Earth could not restrain the system.

“Alright, activate the scan!”

As soon as Luo Feng finished speaking, he could see his reputation points dropping.

At Level 5, each scan required 50,000 reputation points. It was indeed a huge consumption, but it did not matter. There were a total of 150,000 fans in the live-stream.

Under the circumstances of using battle to support another battle, reputation points would not be lacking.

[Ding! Scan successful!]

[Red Dot 1: Value above 10 million!]

[Red Dot 2: Value above 10 million!]

[Blue Point 1: Value above 1 million!]

[Blue Point 2: Value above 1 million!]

[Blue Point 3: Value above 1 million!]

[Purple Point 1: Value above 100,000!]

[Purple Point 2: Value above 100,000!]

[Purple Point 3: Value above 100,000!]

[Purple Point 4: Value above 100,000!]

[Purple Point 5: Value above 100,000!]

“Good lord, the weakest purple points now are treasures worth 100,000 to 1,000,000”

Luo Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It was great that the system had leveled up.

That meant…

Currently, he could loot up to 99,990,000 treasures. However, it only exceeded 100 million.

Of course, the Immortal Reishi which cost 9 million yuan last time was priced at 10 million yuan because others paid more.

“Streamer, if the motherlode doesnt come today, Im really going to shut down!”

“I saw the trending topic. Why havent I seen the streamers million-dollar treasure after waiting for a few days”

“I told you that its all fake. My friend didnt believe me!”

“If you have the ability, why dont you find a sizable treasure Ill take a look at it live.”

Luo Feng saw their comments and was secretly disdainful.

Was he just looking forward to a million-dollar treasure

Today, Ill show you what it means to break through 10 million.

He looked at the map. The pile of markers should be in a large area of 2,000 square meters. They were scattered like stars. Judging from the terrain on the map, they looked like some low hills.

“Is it over at Dragon Head Peak”

After all, Luo Feng had been visiting families in the countryside for more than a month, thus he knew the terrain of this area like the back of his hand.

“Alright, bros, according to my market research, Dragon Head Peak used to be a mining area! Lets see if we can have some leftover soup from the miners today!”

Luo Feng didnt waste any time and immediately changed directions. After driving for half an hour, they finally arrived at Dragon Head Peaks abandoned mine.

Since the system had a better understanding of the situation, Luo Feng definitely had to prepare shovels and other things because the treasure this time seemed to be underground.

“The streamer came to this place to pick up scraps Are you sure you can pick them up What market investigation”

“These are all places that those vampire mine owners have explored. How can you dig them up”

“Streamer, lets go somewhere else. Itll be strange if theres still a mine in this kind of place!”

What did the people in the live-stream say

Luo Feng ignored them. He just held the pickaxe and kept digging under his feet.

Soon, there was a pit that was a few meters deep.

[The streamers stamina is really good.]

[With this stamina, I can totally sit on a mountain and attract women!]

[Hahaha, thats right! Even if he had eight wives, they will be satisfied!]

[But no matter how strong you are, you have to dig the right place! Theres no future in the abandoned mine!]



Just as everyone was persuading Luo Feng to change places, his pickaxe seemed to have dug up something hard.

The audience was immediately excited.

“(⊙o⊙)… The streamer dug up a huge rock!”

“This stone is yellow on the outside and black on the inside. Could it be an ore”

“(O_o) I cant tell what it is at all.”

“Its just an ordinary rock! Dont make a fuss!”

[Ding! Congratulations, Streamer, you have dug up olive rock! There are 500 grams of platinum inside worth 100,000 yuan!]

“(#`O′) Holy **! Brothers! The streamer is rich again!”

When Luo Feng heard this, he naturally shouted.

While it didnt matter if he shouted or not, with this yell, the number of viewers in the live-stream immediately soared by the thousands.

[The streamer is rich.]


[The streamer has made a killing.]

[The streamer is going to mention a Ferrari.]

[Hes gonna be gunning for the latest thing in town tonight]

Every time anyone heard such a shout, they knew that he had struck some treasure. The streamer might really be rich.

“Quickly come and watch.”

“Damn, it cant be, right Isnt it just a rock Are you sure youre rich”

“Could it be that the shape of this rock is very beautiful”

“It looks like a square. It doesnt have any aesthetic value, right”

“This must be pure olive rock, right”

“Looks like the streamer is bluffing again.”

“Its a scam! Dont fall for it!”

The viewers in the live-stream channel were interested, so many people came over to take a look.

However, it turned out to be a rock. He was immediately disappointed.

Nevertheless, in the next second…


Luo Fengs small hammer made a crack and the sledgehammer went down.


The pure olive rock immediately shattered.

“(⊙o⊙)… Whats that silver-white thing that fell out of it What is it”

“Its really out”

“Is this wild silver”

“Idiot, you have to refine silver! How is that possible”

“So what is it”

After the pure olive rock shattered, a scale-like block fell out. It was the size of a palm. It looked like a piece of a soldiers armor had fallen off.

“Brothers, this is platinum.”

“F*ck, platinum”

“This thing seems to be more expensive than gold”

“Its not as expensive as gold. It depends on the quality, but it costs more than 200 yuan per gram.”

“Is the Streamer lucky again”

Seeing that no one understood, Luo Feng naturally transformed into a science expert and explained.

“It isnt just platinum; its natural platinum. The purity is about 80%. This lump is worth 100,000 yuan at most. Its not very interesting! Even the best monster trucks arent enough for the downpayment!”

“Throw it aside!”

“Wait to tip the tycoons. Its just an appetizer.”

Luo Feng smiled disdainfully. He raised his hand and threw it into the backpack beside him.

“A mere 100,000”

“Not worth anything”

“At most 100,000”

“Not much fun”

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“Im begging you, streamer. Are you really not afraid of being struck by lightning or rain one day

“It hurts. Every word hurts!”

“Sigh, I really miss the streamer from a month ago! He looked so happy even with a few thousand yuan!”

Luo Fengs words about 100,000 yuan were not very meaningful.

The live-stream room was immediately filled with wails.

“A monthly salary of 10,000 yuan That would take at least a year, right”

“Youve only been digging for half an hour And you got a years pay”

“It didnt mean much”

Of course, they had to know that Luo Feng was only digging for the cheapest Purple treasure to keep them in suspense. Otherwise, he would not have dug.

After all, he went to dig for red dots as soon as he arrived

Wouldnt the content of todays live broadcast be meaningless

As an experienced streamer, he definitely knew how to progress step by step.

It was just like a woman. Firstly, she could not be too fierce. She had to make her partner feel a little better before she could feel comfortable.

Clang, clang, clang.

It was the sound of a pickaxe.

It kept spreading in the live-stream. It was as if everyones hearts were pounding with every strike.

Luo Feng had been digging for about an hour, but he still did not stop.

There were also three pieces of natural platinum unearthed.

[Ding! Congratulations to the Streamer for digging up 400 grams of natural platinum. Its worth 80,000 yuan!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Streamer for digging up 600 grams of natural platinum. Its worth 120,000 yuan!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Streamer for digging up 1,000 grams of natural platinum. Its worth 200,000 yuan!]

Of course, there were three pieces in a row.

There were definitely people shouting about the script in the live-stream. There were also people who said that the Streamers luck was heaven-defying.

Anyway, there were all kinds of things. They even said that Luo Feng was lucky to be single.

Clang, clang, clang…

Luo Feng continued to dig…

To be honest,

Many people were already dozing off after having expressed their opinions.

Even if the streamer wanted a script, shouldnt you give him a million yuan

A hundred thousand yuan was really boring. The audience was like a childs appetite. Once they were spoiled, it would be difficult to serve them.

He had experienced the power of the black thread

Could he still be interested in innocent girls

After eating KFC, he definitely didnt want to eat Wallace.

Ten minutes passed.

Twenty minutes.

After digging for half a day, there was no movement at all.

Many people had come out to watch the beautiful streamer dance. He would come back to take a look when there was some movement.

“Oh my God! Im so tired!”

No matter how strong Luo Feng was, he could not withstand more than an hour of digging.

At this moment, he was a little exhausted and planned to rest. Alas, in the next second, a blue Coke can crawled out of the ground!

What the hell


Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

How did he dig up this thing

A can of Coke

But… the appearance of the can was quite new It was as new as if it had just been taken out of the fridge from a supermarket

What the f*ck was going on

It was impossible for anyone to be buried in the soil without touching it, right

Whats more, it was so hard.

Who would bury something here

[Ding! Congratulations, Streamer. You have dug up 2 bottles of energy drinks and placed them in your backpack.]

[After the Streamer reaches Level 5, he will sometimes need to dig for treasures, so he will randomly dig up energy drinks and items!]

[Once the Streamers stamina is exhausted, drink a bottle and you can instantly recover half of your stamina!]

[Level 6 opens Super Ability Drink! It can instantly restore all your stamina!]

[A special item that only the Streamer can see!]

“Uh… this system is so considerate.”

“Theres such a thing” Luo Feng was stunned.

Soon, he opened a bottle and drank it. After all, his stamina was really running out. However, it was obvious that no one in the live-stream could tell that Luo Feng was drinking water.

Because he drank it in the sea of his mind. Otherwise, how could it be called a special tool

“Streamer, if youre tired from digging, rest! Youve earned hundreds of thousands today, right Dont be greedy!”

“Thats right! Dont live to earn money but dont spend it!”

“I said youre fat, but youre panting”

Everyone persuaded Luo Feng to stop.

However, the more he dug, the stronger he became. This was because there was a red dot under his nest. No matter what, he had to dig it out.

There was a clang.

Luo Fengs hoe struck with a resounding noise as if it had touched something hard. The hoe immediately ricocheted and shook. His hands were hurting from the vibration.

[What the f*ck Did you dig up something Look at the Streamers hands. Theyre numb from the shock.]

[There is movement. Could it be a big deal]

[Thats right, thats right! Its only exciting when its big!]

When the fans saw this situation, they were definitely excited…

It was something worth more than a hundred thousand yuan just now.

They had just been about to fall asleep.

“I found it! I found it! This definitely sounds loud!”

Luo Feng wiped his sweat. He immediately reached out and dug the soil on the surface of the unknown item.

Soon, the unknown brown hard object revealed a sharp point.

He raised his pickaxe. A large portion of the brown thing immediately appeared. The more he dug, the more was revealed.

Just now, it was only because of the light that they thought it was brown. Now, everyone could see clearly that the stone was not brown but dark golden.

After removing the soil on the surface, the shape of this item was completely revealed.


“What the hell”

“Why does it look like grass made of stone”

“F*ck! Its indeed strange!”

“Rock grass This should be man-made, right”

“Such a peculiar stone should be worth tens of thousands of yuan to those who collect strange stones!”

“Grass carved from stone If thats the case, those are some mad skills, right”

[Ding! Congratulations, Streamer! You have dug up 9.8 kilograms of matte gold! It is worth 25 million!]

Luo Feng was about to take a look at the grass carved from stone.

However, the system notification appeared, and they were stunned on the spot.



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