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Meet the Billionaire Boss Selling Matte Gold! (1)

“Holy **”

“Surely not”

“This thing is gold”

“Gold under natural circumstances Will it look like this”

Luo Feng looked at the thing in front of him and could not think of any gold.

But when he reached for it, it felt heavy

[Host, stop pretending. Its probably as heavy as an egg. Do you have to be deliberately mystifying]

[Exactly, what kind of ore can be so heavy]

[Its only 10 centimeters long. Its not solid either. It wont exceed 1 catty.]

“Big guy, Im really not lying. Its quite heavy!”

Although Luo Feng could carry it,

Then why was he holding such a palm-sized thing

Luo Feng, on the other hand, seemed to be carrying a huge rock

It always made everyone think that Luo Feng was acting.

“Since the system didnt say it was an antique”

“Does that mean that this is gold produced by nature”

“How can there be such a look”

“Like a wheat ear”


At this point, Luo Feng suddenly remembered that he had read an article.

It was written as a type of natural gold.

It was probably gold that was naturally formed by the scouring of gold.

Typical gold mines were a few tons of gold.

This was natural gold formed from the accumulation of gold mines, and its purity was very high.

It can reach up to 96%.

It belongs to the isoaxial crystal system.

Well-developed crystals commonly have monomorphs such as cubes, octahedrons, and rhombic dodecahedrons.

Most crystals are irregularly granular, with branch-like, scaly, and fibrous forms visible.

The natural gold excavated from various places had different shapes.

Among the rocks, the big one was called matte gold, the middle one was called olive gold, and the small one was called melon seed gold.

From the water sand, the big one is called Kobolds gold, the small one is bran makin, sugar gold.

“The one who digs a well on the ground, the small one is Sand Gold, and the big one is called Bean Gold.”

The one in Luo Fengs hand was obviously matte gold. As for matte gold, it was definitely grass. It looked like straw, but it wasnt completely.

Therefore, when everyone saw this thing at the beginning,

That was why they said that it was grass carved from stone.

Or some kind of vegetation that was hardened by a layer of mortar.

After all, some of the soil was outside and one could not see the golden color inside.

Of course, natural gold was very rare in the natural world, not to mention that it was in the shape of a horse connective grass that was very difficult to form.

It could be said that

Among the natural gold, the most precious one belonged to matte gold because it was really a natural artwork.

“Host! Isnt it just a strange rock”

“What are you staring at”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Luo Feng.

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They also sent bullet comments to ask.

The streamer had been through a lot. She had found Niu Huang and Taisui Flesh Lingzhi.

Was such a strange stone scared silly


Luo Feng came back to his senses.

He kicked his legs and jumped out of the 1-meter pit.

“Brothers! Were rich! Lets not talk about Ferraris today! This time, well directly use the entire Shanghai Great Floor! Were rich! Were rich! Hahaha!”

As soon as Luo Feng shouted, almost 10,000 people entered the live-stream.

After all, a full flat

How extravagant was that

Shanghais Great Floor


No 20 million Fuck off!

Could this thing be worth tens of millions

“F*ck, whats wrong with him This is it He wants to buy the Shanghai Stratum in full”

“Erm, poor boy who has never been to Shanghai, I forgive your ignorance!”

“Ill pay 3,000 for this stone, no more!”

When Luo Feng saw that someone offered 3,000, he almost died of anger on the spot. He pouted and said, “I wonder if everyone has heard of the king of natural gold, matte gold!”

As soon as he said this, the live-stream instantly became much quieter.

Then, snowflake-like comments immediately scattered everywhere.

“Whats this The host has it Is this gold”

“Host, touch your head. Its so hot. Do you have a fever”

“F*ck How can a gold mine look like this”


“Are you bullying us for not being educated”

“Jinkuang looks like a pile of **, right Hahaha!”

“A natural gold mine It can even grow grass”

“If this is gold, Ill grind it into powder and soak it in water!”

Some of the netizens were very excited, but a portion of them did not believe it.

But what was matte gold Many people did not understand.

However, if someone went to check the information, it would definitely be sent to the live-stream immediately.

“Hehe! Its indeed matte gold. This thing is super rare in nature!”

“You dont believe me, do you Ill get water to wash it out for you!”

Luo Feng smiled faintly as he opened a bottle of mineral water. Then, he splashed it with all his might.

At this moment, the soil on the surface was washed clean, so the dazzling golden light was instantly projected.


In an instant, the comments exploded.

“What the f*ck Its really gold”

“F*ck! F*ck! A naturally formed grain-shaped gold”

“No, it doesnt look like wheat ears! This is a kind of f*cking grass in the wild! Its mostly like wheat ears!”

“Oh my God! Is this the work of nature”

“Can gold naturally take the form of plants”

“This thing is definitely worth more than gold!”

“Of course. Even a weapon forged with 1,000 grams of gold would be worth a little more, let alone a natural matte grass in the shape of a “D”.”

“I drank a mouthful of Erguotou. I dont understand what kind of luck the streamer has. A rare treasure like matte gold Can you find it”

“The script, right Tell the streamer to burn it with a lighter. I suspect its plastic!”



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