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Meet the Billionaire Boss Selling Matte Gold! (2)

“Erm, this is no fun. Why expose the streamer”

“You two idiots! Are you blind He dug it up with a shovel, and its completely fine. How can it be plastic”

“Can your plastic stand up to the streamers hoe Introduce it. Ill buy some.”

[Zhu Dafu Jewelry: Streamer! ] Ill give you a rocket. Look at me! Look at me! Look at the comments! Our jewelry price is fair. Well definitely give you more than ten million! Your look is not bad! [ its much more beautiful than the matte gold Ive seen. ]


“(O_o) What”

“Ten million”

“No way Is this the streamers skill”

“Trust me. Look at this big bosss level. Hes almost an Emperor. How can he be trusted”

“I checked his background. He seems to be the General Manager of Zhu Dafu Jewelrys Jiangnan branch!”

“Ive seen this guy in other live-streaming rooms. He really likes to send gifts to Director Wang!”

“It seems that old Luo found this thing, Is it really worth ten million”

“O(╯_╰)o Sob! Sob! Sob! Ill cry for you, streamer. How did you get rich again!”

“(#O′) more than 10 million in matte gold”

“One afternoon! In two hours, a millionaire was born again!”

Someone offered 10 million.

Moreover, he was a well-known nouveau riche.

At this moment, the fans in the live-stream room finally knew that this matte gold was extremely precious.

He said that it was ten times more expensive than ordinary gold which was not an exaggeration at all.

“Hahaha! Im going back home today!”

“Everyone! Everyone!”

“The streamer wont need to go to the club to check out young models this time! Directly call the young models to my Shanghai flat!”

“Goodbye! Ill see you tomorrow!”

“Oh right, when you bring the young model to the flat, you can also check out the Ferrari!”

Luo Feng smiled.

He quickly put away the many tools.

Back-to-back, he held onto the matte gold. Then, he walked towards the Hummer and started the car immediately.

“F*ck! The streamers life is getting more and more comfortable every day!”

“You just mentioned the Ferrari yesterday, and today its going to be a full-edition Shanghai flat”

“Did the young model just call home directly to avoid being caught by her jungler dad”

“Im a newbie. Is this the live broadcast room where people show off Why does he buy a Ferrari so frequently Is he returning to his big Shanghai flat What happened”

“Bro, this isnt a live broadcast room where people show off their wealth. This is a live broadcast that simply collects junk!”

“Yes, look at his Hummer! Theres a pile of broken mineral water bottles!”

“Excuse me, this junk collector Is he a decent chap”

As for Luo Feng, he naturally couldnt see everyones chat. He was already driving the Hummer towards the city.

Of course, the biggest gain today was definitely the matte gold although there was already a person in the live broadcast room who claimed to be Zhu Dafu Jewelry.

The bid was 10 million.

However, the system price was 25 million, so Luo Feng naturally wouldnt sell it.

[Ding dong! ] [Someone has given you a silver brick to knock on your door!]

“A silver brick to knock on the door”

Luo Feng was stunned. This was a short video platform. Someone sent him a silver brick!

Most streamers could set up door knockers.

[Copper brick: Once-off, 10 messages, only 100 yuan for this gift. ]

[Silver brick: Once-off, 10 messages, only 1,000 yuan for this gift.]

[Gold brick: Once-off, 10 messages, only 10,000 yuan for this gift. ]

Of course, the private message function could be turned off, so no matter what brick it was, the message would not get to the streamer.

However, you could also set up three levels.

As long as they privately sent gifts, they could directly send messages.

Obviously, Luo Fengs level was not high enough, so he could only set the minimum gift as a silver brick.

Only when he became a big streamer could have gold bricks knocking on his door.

For example, some beautiful female streamers would receive dozens of gold bricks every day.

After all, who wouldnt want to PM a beauty

The Zhu Dafu Jiangnan Branch Manager, Tong Tianlong, said, “Streamer, Im the representative of Zhu Dafu jewelry who just offered you 10 million. If you dont want to sell the 10 million gold you have, lets meet up. Can we discuss this again By the way, Mr. Zheng, the boss of Zhu Dafu, happens to be in Jiangnan this time. He said he can meet you and have a talk.”

When he saw this long message, Luo Feng was shocked.


Nothing else was important.

The main thing was that it was the boss of Zhu Dafu. He actually wanted to talk to him personally

Luo Feng knew about Zhu Dafu Jewelry store. There were more than 5,500 branches, and Zhu Dafu was very powerful. He had a net worth of about 80 billion yuan and was also a super big deal.

It was definitely worth it to have a chat with such a person.

Moreover, such a magnate would definitely be able to afford it.

Of course, Luo Feng knew that the richer a person was, the stingier he would be. However, if the other party really liked your things, the rich would not care about money.

Despite Mr. Zheng already having this identity, he even agreed to meet Luo Feng, a streamer.

This was enough to prove that Mr. Zheng really liked the thing in his hand.

“Okay, lets set a place. Ill talk about the price with your boss!” Luo Feng immediately replied.

To be honest, it was his first time meeting such a big shot, and he was a little excited.

“Streamer, our boss is inspecting the jewelry shop next to Happy Park in Jiangnan. You can come over directly!”


He saw the address that the other party had sent.

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Luo Feng naturally agreed.



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