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Dragon-Shaped Natural Gold The Billionaire Was Shocked (1)

Dragon-shaped natural gold The billionaire was shocked!

“Well …”

Zheng Bailin narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to avoid reflecting light into his eyes. Then, his expression turned serious.

“Brother Zheng, this…seems to really be matte gold.”

“Brother Zheng, thats right. Its real matte gold. It doesnt look like its man-made!”

“You cant make such a crude template by hand!”

“Yes, natural gold needs to be rough, not refined!”

“Those scouring marks dont lie.”

Soon, a few rich people dressed like bosses beside Zheng Bailin spoke in surprise.

Of course, for a jeweler to take an interest, they wouldnt even consider the purity of the matte gold. Generally, natural gold had its own shape. It was not very suitable as a small ornament at home. Matte gold appeared to be like a bunch of straw. It was obviously the most suitable for aesthetics.

“Yes, its indeed natural gold!”

“What a beautiful design! There are only 30 of them in the country, right Its super rare!”

Seeing that the item was real, Zheng Bailin said, “Old Qin, you did well this time. How could you find such a rare item in the live-stream You have sharp eyes.”

“Boss, youre too kind. I was just lucky and swiped on the live-stream!” Qin Shoucai basked in the praise.

Then, he would introduce Luo Feng to his boss.

It was a very successful move since his boss was pleased. As a subordinate, one didnt need to be very good at work but must make ones boss happy.

“Alright, kid, Ill give you 25 million yuan for this! Give me your card number. Ill get someone to transfer it to your account!”

Zheng Bailin stared at the matte gold for a while and didnt even blink. It was obvious that he really admired this creation.

Although he didnt collect any matte gold, a few of his friends had made small ornaments with a jade plate below, making the ornaments look very dazzling and precious.

Therefore, Zheng Bailin naturally knew the value of this item. It was comparable to antique gold jewelry. Such natural gold was usually 10 to 15 times the price of gold on the market.

Obviously, Luo Fengs catch was very beautiful and could fetch 15 times its original price. Furthermore, this thing weighed 10 catties which was 5,000 grams.

Considering its purity of 99% for now, according to the price of ordinary gold, it would be about 1.75 million. If it was 15 times that, it would naturally be 25 million yuan.

If it was an antique gold jewelry, many of such pieces with inferior craftsmanship value would only cost three to five times the price of gold.

If it was used by an emperor, then it would be dozens of times or even 100 times the price of gold.

“25 million”

When Luo Feng heard this, he was about to nod in agreement. After all, this was already the price the system had estimated.

However, in the next second, Zheng Bailins friend bent over and looked at the matte gold from a different angle. He immediately noticed something unusual.

“Old Zheng, come here. Come here quickly and look at it from this angle!”

“Unbelievable! I can actually see a different style!”

As that person spoke, praises kept coming out of his mouth. He was very surprised.

“Huh What angle” Zheng Bailin stood up and walked over curiously. What kind of style was it

What could have made him so excited

“Old Zheng, check it out! This looks like a dragon at the top of the ryegrass!”

“What A dragon Are you serious” Zheng Bailin was immediately interested when he heard his friends words. His expression changed and he quickly walked over. He bent down and looked at the matte gold on the table and was immediately shocked.

“Its true! There are dragon horns and a few sharp leaves of ryegrass. It looks like four legs! And that grass tail is slightly upturned. It really looks like a fish tail. Thats great! Its simply an amazing creation!”

Zheng Bailin immediately applauded. He didnt expect matte gold to have such elegance from another angle.

It was unheard of. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a rare treasure.

“F*ck! Theres such an amazing thing”

Luo Feng was also extremely shocked.

Does that mean… Did the price go up

Although he was secretly delighted, Luo Feng did not show it at all. He was very calm.

“How about this, kid If you dont want to sell it for 25 million, just name a price. I like this thing of yours very much. Originally, when I wanted to buy it, I wanted to resell it, but now I plan to put it in my own house as an ornament.”

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“Hmm, let me think, what kind of jade plate would be worthy of such a dragon-shaped matte gold”

“Old Li, Old Sun, what color jade plate looks better with this matte gold”

“Gold belongs to the yellow element. As for matte gold, its considered dark gold. I think itll look better with a blue jade plate. It can make up for the color.”

“Green is better. It feels like youre being entrusted with something! For example, look at the many fruits in nature. Theyre yellow and bright. Coupled with green leaves, theyre very beautiful and highlight nature.”

Good God.

Luo Feng had yet to agree to sell it, but Mr. Zheng already thought that this thing was his

And he even started talking to his friends about matching colors

Of course, it didnt matter to Luo Feng. As long as he could afford it, it was all his.

To be honest, it was normal for Zheng Bailin to be excited. The Huaxia people would definitely yearn for creatures like dragons. After all, the dragon was the soul and totem of Huaxia.



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