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Dragon-Shaped Natural Gold The Billionaire Was Shocked (2)

Everyone liked dragon-shaped things.

What made the gold even more precious was that it was natural.

“Cough, cough, cough. Its better for Mr. Zheng to bid. If this thing doesnt reach my intended price, I wont sell it.”

Luo Feng was not a fool. He did not want to lose out. Then, the other party agreed immediately, so there was no turning back.

“Hehe, kid, you drive a hard bargain. Just sell it to me for 35 million. I, Zheng, dont like to bargain.”

Zheng Bailin thought about it and felt that this price was very reasonable. In any case, it exceeded this price. He didnt want to buy it himself. No matter how much he liked it, he couldnt spend money recklessly, right

“35 million Deal!”

Luo Feng smiled faintly. This exceeded the systems valuation by 10 million.

How could he not sell it

Of course, the system was only estimating its value. There was no unexpected factor like style and design.

He had to thank Zheng Bailins friends. If they hadnt made that discovery, he would have sold it for only 25 million. He had gotten another 10 million yuan for free.

“Kid, give your card number to Qin Shoucai. I have to take something to the laboratory and get the purity of the gold and the appraisal report!”

Zheng Bailin finally looked up and smiled. Since he wanted it, he definitely had to match it with a gold purity test report and an appraisal report. These were all necessary. In the future, if he didnt like it anymore and sold it, he would need these certificates as insurance.

Ding dong.

In the next second, Qin Shoucai informed the finance department and transferred the money over.

Luo Feng also saw a message.

“Your daily bank account is full of 35 million yuan. The current balance is 5,000,1800.50 yuan.”

Looking at the balance, Luo Feng smiled faintly. He had already earned half a small goal. He would continue to work hard tomorrow.

It was best to strive to achieve one of Old Wangs small goals.

“Mr. Zheng, you guys go ahead!” Luo Feng said politely and left the room.

“Old Qin, help me send this kid off.” Zheng Bailin raised his head and smiled at Luo Feng.

Soon, the two of them left the private room at the Watermoon Paradise.

Luo Feng heaved a sigh of relief. The transaction was finally successful.

“By the way, Manager Qin, I want to buy some of your Zhu Dafu jewelry. We just happened to be in the building anyway, right”

Suddenly, Luo Feng thought of a very important question.

He had already given his father 4 million yuan. However, his mother did not have a proper gift yet.

Of course, while buying jewelry for his mother, he also ordered some jade Guanyin and jade Buddha for the children in the village.

However, he would not buy very expensive jade Guanyin. Jadeite with poor quality actually cost only a few hundred yuan but was sold for one to two thousand yuan.

While that kind of jade was indeed real jade, the quality was terrible. If one was rich and willful, they would give it back wholesale for the children to play with.

Zheng Bailin opened the private room and seemed to be going to the toilet. When he heard this, he decisively spoke generously, “Kid, do you want to buy something from our jewelry store Alright, go downstairs and buy it. Ill give you a 30% discount!”

“Huh 30% off”

When Luo Feng heard Zheng Bailins magnanimous statement, he was immediately surprised.

“Dont worry, go on. The boss is in a good mood today. No matter how much you buy, Ill give you a 30% discount. Its also a token of appreciation!” Qin Shoucai said with a smile.

“Thank you! Heres a piece of natural platinum for you, Mr. Zheng!”

Luo Feng would not accept a free lunch from others.

The other party had also expressed that he was not stingy.

Although it was only worth 100,000 yuan, from its shape, it looked like a scale the size of a babys palm. It was still very captivating, and one could make a suitable base and place it at home as an ornament.

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“This is natural platinum Its also good stuff. Did you dig this up too”

Zheng Bailin was surprised and looked up at Luo Feng. One had to know that although this wasnt as precious and rare as matte gold, there were not many of them in the natural world.

Soon, a few of Zheng Bailins friends in the private room heard this and walked out in surprise.

“Old Zheng, youve already bought the natural gold. I think we should be the ones getting this, right”

“Thats right, Old Zheng. You cant be too greedy!”

Naturally, the news about the gold had been reported by Qin Shoucai, who was under Zheng Bailin. If they rushed to buy it, it would naturally be against the rules. However, they would not give up on this natural platinum.

“This isnt a matter of greed. You know that Ive just moved and still need some small ornaments at home. Dont fight with me about this. The next time you dig it up, Ill buy it for you.”

Zheng Bailin obviously would not give up because he felt that Luo Feng had been summoned by his subordinates. Since he had something, he naturally had to give it to him.

“Old Zheng, thats not right, right”

“Thats right. Youre too greedy. Your new home is already decorated with gold and jade. What else is there to decorate”

The two friends were also dissatisfied, and they started to complain.

Luo Feng saw that the few of them were still arguing. He immediately spoke up to resolve their bickering, “Ah, actually, you dont have to do this. I still have quite a lot here. About four or five pieces.”

“What There are four or five more pieces Kid, what kind of luck do you have Where did you dig them up”

Zheng Bailin did not know whether to laugh or cry. To be honest, this kid could earn tens of millions a day. Even his own Zhu Dafu share dividends were not that generous.

“Its naturally not convenient to reveal the location. If you want to buy it, Ill pack 800,000 yuan worth for you. You can split it among yourselves.”



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