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Dragon-Shaped Natural Gold The Billionaire Was Shocked (3)

Obviously, the few of them were interested again when Luo Feng said that. They even generously gave Luo Feng an extra 900,000 yuan.

It was also shocking that everyone would pay 300,000 points for the “stolen goods”.

At this moment, Luo Fengs gains today were bought up by a few people. Of course, he did not charge them for the natural platinum.

After another 900,000 yuan entered his account.

Luo Feng said goodbye and left the coffee shop on the second floor. He arrived at Zhu Dafu Jewelry on the first floor and immediately activated his shopping mode.

The men wore Guanyin ornaments while the women wore Buddha jewelry.

Luo Feng didnt buy anything expensive. He just bought something that cost three to five thousand yuan.

If he bought something too expensive for the children in the village, he would be afraid that they would lose it.

“Sir, are you here to buy wholesale jewelry”

Pfft, wholesale jewelry. What a suitable phrase! he thought to himself. “Ive bought more than ten pairs of jade Guanyin and jade Buddha.”

“Thats right! Wont you even take a look”

“Although each of them is only seven or eight thousand, it adds up to a hundred thousand.”

Naturally, the attendant in the shop was not impressed by how rich Luo Feng was. It was just a feeling, but this person was very strange.

However, in the eyes of ordinary employees, spending 100,000 yuan was already considered something a tycoon would do.

“Damn, does he want to buy our Violet Glowing Fairy”

“What Xiao Fang even wrapped it up for that handsome boy!”

“Its worth two million!”

He saw that the total amount was more than 100,000 yuan. He could be considered a tycoon.

But now, he had directly taken their shops treasure

One had to know that Zhu Dafu was not a high-end jewelry shop. The prices were usually very affordable.

A jade bracelet worth two million yuan was already top-notch. Of course, the Violet Glowing Fairy was just a fancy name. It was just a high-grade translucent violet bracelet.

“Uh, did you also buy the 1.8 million yuan jade ring”

“That adds up to four million, right”

Holy **.

He had thought that he was just a regular rich guy. He did not expect him to be a professional player.

Of course, after getting all these jewels, the big bag in Luo Fengs hand could no longer hold them.

In the end, Qin Shoucai even called personally and said that he would give Luo Feng a 30% discount.

An hour later, Luo Feng appeared at home.

“Oh! Son! What treasure did you find today There are so many bags!

“Dont bring the Maotai! Your mother scolds me every day! I didnt faint from drinking, but your mother will scold me until I pass out.”

When he arrived at the door, Luo Feng saw a large group of people surrounding the door.

His father squeezed out of the crowd and saw it for himself first. Then, he went forward to greet him.

“They are…”

Luo Feng was stunned, but he quickly saw that it was a black car. He knew that An Peng must have sent his 4-million-yuan Maybach home.

“Fugao is really lucky!”

“Thats right. Hes got such a filial child!”

“This car costs at least $500,000, right”

“More or less. Its very expensive even for a Benz!”

“Hey, look, Xiao Luo is back! He seems to have brought a lot of gifts for everyone!”

When everyone saw Luo Feng return, they immediately surrounded him. Obviously, many children even looked at the bag in Luo Fengs hand.

After Luo Feng told them that he wanted to give them the jade Guanyin and jade Buddha, all of them cheered up. Several parents were so excited that they were about to cry.

Moreover, he felt even more embarrassed holding the bag. He had just helped to get a faulty pickup truck to collect trash.

In the past month, Luo Feng had received at least tens of thousands of yuan from each family, right

After a while, Luo Feng succeeded in distributing the jewelry. Every child and aunt got a share, but in the future, he would definitely not give it to them again because it was not good to keep being so generous.

As the saying went, it was better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish.

Luo Fengs idea was to let them look for small valuables that he was too lazy to find.

Anyway, Luo Feng was not Nezha with eight arms. They could just find something valuable by themselves.

At night, his father found out that his son had given him four million yuan. He almost died on the spot.

What the f*ck! He thought that it was just something worth 500,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, it was nearly ten times more!

The excited father immediately went out for a walk in the middle of the night.

Luo Feng did not know when he returned.

Anyway, he was already asleep by then.

“Brother Luo!”


“Where are you taking us today”

“Were ready! Lets go quickly. Im so excited.”

The next morning, behind Luo Fengs Hummer was a group of smiling villagers. They were all young men.

Some of them drove vans while some were on motorcycles. Several young people even got bicycles.

At this moment, they were filled with motivation and anticipation.

Who wouldnt want to get rich

Who wouldnt want young models at the club every day

Who wouldnt want to raise 4 million

“Today, many of you are on bicycles. I cant let you go too far! Dont tire yourselves out before you find the treasure!”

Luo Feng thought for a moment and immediately said, “How about this Ill get my cousin Luo Yun to bring you to the abandoned mine where I found matte gold yesterday. If youre lucky, you can find some valuable things there.”

Luo Yun had grown up with Luo Feng, so they were very close.


He immediately joked, “What the hell Cousin, youve already looked there, yet you still want us to go”

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“Kid, its up to you whether you want to go or not. When others get rich, dont be jealous,” Luo Feng said in annoyance.

That place

He still had a lot of orange points left, right

Moreover, there were a few purple dots. Of course, the new orange points were the smallest units in the system worth 10,000 to 100,000 yuan. Purple dots were now worth 100,000 to 1,000,000 yuan.

“Haha, go, go. If you can get rich, then so can we!” Luo Yun smiled and rubbed his head.

However, he became serious. He had something to say to everyone. “Of course. Ill say this first. If we find the treasure this time, its finders keepers. We cant snatch it either. We mustnt make a scene!

“If anyone dares to take the lead, kick them out of our treasure-hunting team! Dont expect my cousin to take care of them when they get rich in the future.

“Also, we men must keep our mouths shut. We cant tell anyone about the treasure-hunting location that Brother Feng told us about, not even our family members!”

Luo Yun was also very clear that in the face of hundreds of thousands or even millions of wealth, everyone fought over treasures. This was not something his cousin wanted to see.

So, he wanted to give them a heads-up first.

Moreover, if the location was revealed, who knew how many people would snatch Brother Fengs popularity in the live-stream

Seeing that Luo Yun still had such foresight, Luo Feng nodded in satisfaction and added, “Of course, if someone finds a treasure today and someone doesnt, dont be jealous of those who dont get rich. Dont worry, everyone will have plenty of opportunities in the future!”

Then, the group set off along the village road.

When they reached a fork in the road, Luo Feng went in another direction.

As for the villagers, they went to the Dragon Head Peak abandoned mine yesterday. As for how much they could dig up, that would depend on their luck.

Anyway, that piece was worth at least two million yuan.

However, even if there were many people, they probably wouldnt be able to find all of them in a day. Given two to three days, they might be able to find 80 to 90% of them.

By that time, this group of people would be unable to stop smiling.



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