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The Most Expensive Honey in the World at 340,000 Yuan per Catty! (1)

Luo Feng parked his car at the entrance of Peach Blossom Village. This time, of course, he had asked a friend to make a fortune with him.

“Old Luo, you cant even drive a 4,000,000 yuan Benz, yet youre still driving a Hummer”

Soon, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class drove over.

A handsome little face popped out of the car window. It was An Peng from the 4S shop. He said that he wanted to come with Luo Feng this weekend to see his treasure-hunting skills.

Naturally, Luo Feng was not stingy and agreed immediately.

“So what”

“Sometimes, when you go on a lousy road, it might not be as useful as my Hummer.”

“However, Old An, do you believe that if youre lucky enough to drive the Benz with me on a treasure hunt today, you might be able to pick up a Ferrari tomorrow”

Luo Feng also got out of the car and looked at his big car. It was actually the trashiest A-class car. He immediately despised it terribly.

Of course, although it was trash, it was not An Pengs. It was probably borrowed from an employee in the 4S shop.

“Old Luo, can you stop bragging Are you serious Ive been with you for a day and youre already talking about a Ferrari” An Peng said in surprise.

He knew that Luo Feng had earned at least 50 million, but when it came to him, would he be so lucky

“How can I lie to you Im already half a target!”

“Believe in Brother Chun and gain eternal life!”

“Get in the car!”

Luo Feng did not speak much. After getting into the car again, he drove out and led the way. An Peng followed behind.

At the same time, Luo Feng also activated the live-stream.

“Oh, oh, oh! The streamer is finally broadcasting!”

“Is there a new partner today”

“And its almost ten oclock Streamer, are you really that arrogant Or did you really go to the clubhouse yesterday”

“Haha, definitely. I dont think the streamers stamina is that good today, right”

“My legs will probably go weak by then!”

“Its fine. Ill get a young model to give me a massage when we get back!”

“Speaking of which, streamer, did you sell your natural gold I looked at it yesterday and saw a dragon-shaped shadow flash past.”

“Im speechless. Ive seen the information on that thing. Its really expensive. Yesterday, a person from Zhu Dafu shouted 10 million in the live-stream. Host, dont fall for it. 10 million is far more than that.”

“F*ck! Brother! Havent you seen the news The boss of Zhu Dafus jewelry shop posted it on his Moments! Then, this matter immediately went online! That natural gold was sold for 35 million!”

Of course.

Zheng Bailin only posted it on his WeChat Moments.

Unexpectedly, it became popular online.

Zheng Bailin did not expect this.

“What the f*ck 35 million What the f*ck Didnt you say 10 million”

“Basically, it should look like a dragon from the top!”

“Erm, is it really as the streamer said You have a large flat in Shanghai”

“F*ck! I feel like hitting the streamer again. What should I do!”

“Lets form a team! I dont like the streamer either!”

“What kind of luck is this”

Luo Feng looked at the bullet screen and shook his head proudly. He said pretentiously, “Of course. I said yesterday that Shanghai has a flat. Didnt you guys not believe me”

“F*ck! F*ck! Stop talking!”

“The streamer is asking for a beating! Lets form a team!”

“Please hire a bodyguard. Im really worried that I wont be able to watch your live broadcast one day!”

After driving for about half an hour, Luo Feng parked the Hummer at the foot of a mountain called Mount Chaoyun. This was a wild mountain in Peach Blossom Village.

There was no way up the mountain.

Of course, it was not that big at just six hundred meters tall. The base was only 20 kilometers wide.

“Old An, get out of the car. You cant go up the road,” Luo Feng waved at An Peng and shouted. Then, he aimed the live-stream camera at himself.

Thanks to a signal enhancer, the live broadcast continued in the mountains.

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“Everyone, lets stop here for today! Whether I can become a billionaire depends on today. According to my market research, there might be treasure here!”

After Luo Feng got out of the car, he lied to the live-stream. He actually did not even know what treasures were there.

However, he came to this place because a large area near his hometown had been thoroughly scanned during this period of time. This was the only area that had not been scanned.

“By the way, let me introduce my ride-or-die brother, An Peng!

“When I went bankrupt, he even took out a loan of 2,000 yuan. In addition to his entire savings of 8,000 yuan, he gave me 10,000 yuan to buy a pickup truck and collect junk!

“Otherwise, I wouldnt be here today! From now on, just call him Moon Bird or Brother An. Its up to everyone!”

Luo Feng introduced them and even asked An Peng to greet everyone in the live-stream.

However, An Peng was still a little shy. While facing seven to eight thousand actual online viewers, he was still very nervous.

“Wow, Brother An is really tanned!”


“He looks honest! If the streamer makes him rich, will he go to the club to find a young model”

“Haha! You guys dont understand. Given Brother Ans personality, he looks cold on the outside but is really passionate on the inside. He definitely wants to go to the club to find a young model! Moreover, he might be addicted to it. He probably has to go every day… Alright, I feel that what should I do…”

“Im envious of this dude! Hes going to be rich after the streamer brings him to search for treasure!”

“Its useless to be envious! When the streamer was down and out, Brother An gave him all his assets and loans. Would you have the courage to”



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