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The Most Expensive Honey in the World at 340,000 Yuan per Catty! (2)

“Sigh, even if I cant follow the streamer to dig for treasures, I can go with those villagers! I feel that there are still treasures in the place the host dug up yesterday.”

“Theres no live-streaming route on the road. We cant find where the host goes.”

“Thats right! Streamer, can you tell us where you dug Lets go and pick up the rest!”

Luo Feng ignored the comments. He only wanted the leftovers of his treasure-hunting to benefit those who were indebted to him.

Forget it, you salty spectators.

It was fine as long as he enjoyed it.

Give me more shock points.

Soon, the two of them met each other.

Luo Feng brought An Peng into the mountain and casually strolled around.

After that, he went to the stream to step into the water and inspect it besides climbing a tree to take a look.

In any case, after tinkering for a long time, there was nothing.

“Old Lu, Im exhausted. Havent we found the treasure yet”

An Peng was thinking about Luo Fengs words. He had to be lucky enough to be able to get a Ferrari tomorrow.

From the looks of it.

They searched for an hour but found nothing.

Could it be that following Luo Feng affected the latters luck

“Haha! Dont worry!” Luo Feng smiled faintly. He planned to go deeper instead of exploring the places he had scanned before. After all, there was a red circle in his sea of consciousness.

This is it! Its completely unscanned! A radius of 3,000 meters! Start sweeping! Luo Feng secretly ordered the system.

As he spoke, Luo Feng pretended to search everywhere. He looked like a mountain-gazing monkey.

[Ding! Scan completed…]

“F*ck! Theres a treasure with just two points How f*cking unlucky. There are only two treasures in such a big place Tell me, system, did you embezzle everything”

Luo Feng felt that he had wasted a scanning opportunity, but it was still alright. He still had a lot of reputation points, so he could withstand the torture.

“Old Luo! You still havent found it Why do I feel like searching for treasures like this is like finding a needle in a haystack! What happened to your marketing investigation”

In any case, An Peng imitated Luo Feng and walked around. However, there was nothing at all. It was just a boring old mountain.

“How long has it been Are you running out of patience Take a look! Search more!” Luo Feng said angrily.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Luo Feng saw something that looked like a hoe in the grass ahead.

Who could have left this here

[Ding! Streamer has picked up a divine artifact: Swallowtail Hoe!]

[This hoe is also called “Zhao Mu Lian Hoe”. Its very energy-saving. The more I fight, the braver I become. The more I dig, the more energetic I become. Its simply a divine tool for digging!]

“Holy **! The more you fight, the braver you become! Why do I feel that this function is used in the wrong place My younger brother, who is always by my side, really needs this function of yours!”

Luo Feng smiled in his heart. The more he fought, the braver he became Coupled with an energy drink item

Im a f*cking perpetual motion machine. But I dont think the two dots today are underground, are they This energy-saving divine artifact, Swallowtail Hoe, is useless, isnt it

When Luo Feng thought of this, he felt that it was a pity. He could only wait for the treasure to be buried before trying the divine artifact.

Luo Feng definitely did not plan to continue acting. He headed straight for the markers. The two dots marked by the system must be on the cliff.

“Guys, did you see that My treasure is on the towering cliff in front of us. If youve got sharp eyes, you can take a look and guess what the streamer is talking about.”

Luo Feng put his hand flat in front of his forehead to block the blinding sunlight and glanced at the cliff.

“Streamer, stop joking. What treasures can there be on the cliff”

“Thats right. We might as well go to the mountains to find reishi and cordyceps. They might even be worth some money.”

“Are you guys thinking straight Why dont you take a look at the soil structure of this mountain Can it even grow reishi”

“Hahaha, if this sand mountain can grow reishi and cordyceps, its impossible that this isnt scripted.”

After all, it was a steep mountain and lacked water. Cordyceps and reishi had to grow in a nutritious place.

“Hehe, its not that theres no beauty in the world. Its just that you guys lack a pair of eyes that discover beauty! You said that there are no treasures on the cliff, but I said there are. Obviously, this is why I can find hot girls at the club, but you cant. Do you understand”

When Luo Feng said that, a large group of people in the live-stream immediately began to mock him.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. The streamer is so arrogant!”

“Why Youve been a little lucky these past two days. Are you that arrogant Be careful when youre unlucky.”

“Thats right. You should always think about it day and night. Dont lose money just because you want to find a hot chick and end up having to collect junk!”

“The altar is set up… Ill ask the God of Misfortune to possess the streamer. Hes too arrogant.”

As Luo Feng looked at the last comment, he smiled disdainfully in his heart. He was bound to the system.

Youve invited the Devil-Destroying Patriarch of the Nine Heavens. They wouldnt dare to do anything to me. And a God of Misfortune

[Ding! Streamer wants to climb a rock cliff. Reward: a strong polyethylene rope!]

[This rope cant be burned! Its resistant to slashing and grinding!]

[Another reward: A rope ladder! When used with high-strength polyethylene rope, climbing is safe and easy!]

[Moving up and down the cliff is like walking on flat ground. Its very suitable for the streamer!]





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