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The Most Expensive Honey in the World at 340,000 Yuan per Catty! (3)

“So many good things have come again! Looks like I only scanned two markers this time. Is it because theres too much of this stuff”

Luo Feng was also very excited when he saw this. It was really a blessing in disguise as he really needed them.

“Old Luo, why did you run to the edge of the cliff Be careful. And why are you making ropes”

An Peng listened to Luo Fengs fumbling about and went into the forest to search but found nothing.

When he returned, he saw Luo Feng climbing up the cliff at the top of the mountain. Could he have discovered a treasure

“Old An, come here for a while. I plan to go down the cliff. Help me keep an eye on the top!”

Luo Feng immediately took out the high-strength polyethylene rope that the system had just rewarded him.

It was very thin. However, there were benefits to it being so refined. After all, carrying a 100-meter rope could be heavy.

“Old Luo, are you sure you want to use this rope to go down the cliff”

An Peng was dumbfounded. It would be an exaggeration to say that this rope was thinner than a strand of hair. It was definitely only similar to the Internet cable at home.

Could it withstand a persons weight

“Thats right, streamer! Finding treasures isnt worth risking your life!”

“Even if you want to go down the cliff, shouldnt you buy a safer rope”

“If you fall, what will happen to the hot chicks at the club”

“They need your love every day.”

“F*ck! Cant you guys say something better” Luo Feng looked at the comments and explained helplessly, “This is a high-strength polyethylene rope. Its very safe. Its not an exaggeration to say that its the safest rope in the world.”

Of course, the system was also enhanced which increased his invincible safety.

What was there to be afraid of

Soon, Luo Feng and An Peng tied the rope to a sturdy tree.

Although it was very troublesome to hang a centipede ladder on the mountain, he needed it. Only then could he go down smoothly and move up and down freely.

After all, Luo Feng was not a martial arts master. He could grab the rope and jump down like a stone.

“F*ck, is this streamer from the professional exploration team”

“Hes got a rope ladder here”

“Awesome, hes well-prepared! Looks like he came prepared!”

“Is there really a big treasure under this cliff”

“Isnt that obvious Definitely!”

When the audience saw Luo Fengs professional props, they were also a little fascinated. It was interesting just thinking about the possibility of them exploring and searching for treasures with Luo Feng.

Of course, in this world, the ruins belonged to everyone. Therefore, there was no such thing as tomb raiding. There was only the term “tomb robbery” which meant that others would discover it and fight over it.

“Old Luo, do you want more rope”

“Release more! Release more! This is only the beginning!”

Luo Feng had already gone down about ten meters.

Obviously, the first marker should be thirty meters away. The second marker was fifty meters away.

The rope slowly slid down again.

On the cliff, An Peng was worried because he could not see Luo Feng anymore.

“Hey, Old Luo, did something happen to you” An Peng shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Damn it! Do you still want something to happen to me Cut some slack on the rope and dont talk.”

Luo Feng continued to descend. He looked at the surrounding cliffs and the bottomless abyss.

The audience was also frightened because it was a high-risk operation.

Of course, todays treasure-hunting operation attracted a large crowd to watch them even if they ended up not getting anything.

“Damn! Theres something wrong with Old Luos style today. Am I sure I didnt enter the Extreme Sports live-stream room”

“Old Luo, dont go down. What treasures are there Its really too dangerous.”

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“A rocket for you. No need to go63 Jalan ss20/6

, really!”

“Hey, hey, hey, streamer, theres a hornets nest under your feet!”

“(⊙o⊙)... What a huge beehive!”

“Could this be the treasure that the streamer is looking for”

[Ding! Congratulations, host! You have found 5 catties of fairy bee honey! It is worth 1 million!]



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