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Buy the Sick Cow! There is Actually Bezoar Worth 6 Million in its Body

“Since weve only agreed on the price, we havent officially made the deal, right Im sorry, Ill sell this bull for 5,000 yuan!”

Luo Fengdidnt say much.

Im rich.

Five thousand dollars for something worth more than a million dollars was definitely a huge profit.

However, Luo Fengdidnt know what the system was up to. It had marked the bull with a red dot, but he still chose to have faith.

And even if the butcher managed to buy it, he could buy it back at a high price.

“Five...five thousand yuan Little brother Are you for real”

However, Luo Fengdidnt want this kind of conniving butcher to make money. What was he buying sick beef for Wasnt it just to pass it off to sell as good beef

“Five...five thousand yuan Little brother Are you for real Its a sick cow!”

The elderly farmer was stunned.

Butcher Zhang had only paid 2,500 yuan. How had it doubled all of a sudden

“6,000 yuan! Old Man Sun, you must sell this bull to me!”

The tough butcher gritted his teeth. How f*cking unlucky. Why did he meet a stupid rich second generation who came to cause trouble

A Hummer And youre buying sick beef Are you crazy


Luo Fengwas too lazy to waste his breath.What was that 6,000 yuan for a sick cow And the profit Just now, you bid 2,500 yuan for it. How unscrupulous are you

There was no other way out.

10,000 yuan was paid.

How could the sick cow not end up being Luo Fengs

“F*ck! Host, are you really buying it”

“10,000 for a sick cow”

“Its poisonous, right Have you taken a fancy to that pair of bull horns”

“The bulls horns are only 100 yuan for every 500 grams, right Besides, no one wants a dead bulls horn.”

“Dumbass streamer!”

“Dumbass streamer 1!”

“Dumbass streamer 1,008,611!”

“Is there a possibility that the host saw that it wasnt easy for the farmer, so hes doing charity”

“Hahaha! A kind-hearted streamer, not bad! Another 10,000 yuan has been donated!”

“But, host, you have to remember that youre pretending to be a treasure hunter collecting junk. Youre not really collecting junk!”

“Right, youre even less of a philanthropist!”

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He saw Luo Fengtransfer the money to the farmer.

The people in the live-stream room were even more dumbfounded. However, they were not shocked. This was because shock was an entirely different emotion.

For example, they would be shocked if they bought a machete and identified it as a bronze sword from the Western Zhou Dynasty.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, youve accepted the cow that died of illness, specifically gallstones. There are two catties of high-grade bezoar in its body, which are worth three million yuan!]



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