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Shocking! Wood From the Dinosaur Ages Priceless! (1)

“Oh my god, the treasure this time is actually honey But what kind of honey can be worth a million yuan Isnt that absurd”

Luo Feng did not believe the systems recommended price this time. He knew a little about honey. The expensive honey from overseas was only tens of thousands of yuan per catty, right

[This is a fairy bee that usually lives in small caves on the cliff. The surroundings of such caves must be rich in minerals before the fairy bees can settle down, so the nutritional value of the honey is very high.]

[Because such bees are very rare in the world and are usually found on cliffs, the cost of extracting the honey is very high as it is very dangerous. Therefore, their value was speculated to be 340,000 yuan per catty a few years ago. When it stabilized, the price was only about 40,000 yuan. However, in recent years, as this honey has been widely sought out by humans, the price has increased again. Usually, it is 100,000 to 200,000 yuan per catty.]

[Also, recently, in the eyes of rich people who prioritize their health, honey has surpassed the level of ginseng and cordyceps. Its very popular! Therefore, as the king of the honey world, its expected for the price to be higher!]

“Holy **! Is there really such expensive honey”

Luo Feng was overjoyed.

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It seemed that although climbing the cliff was tiring, it was also worth it. Even if there was no treasure worth tens of millions, something like honey was definitely beneficial to Luo Feng. He would bring it back for his parents to try. Women and honey went well together too.

“Brothers, Im rich again! This honey can last for a month! And its a million yuan worth of honey!” Luo Feng shouted.

The viewers in the live-stream channel were instantly dumbfounded. The comments exploded like snowflakes.


“What the hell”

“A million dollars worth of honey”

“Streamer, are you joking”

“Ive never heard of such expensive honey!”

“Ridiculous! This is ridiculous!”

“I didnt find any treasure this time and happened to see a beehive. The streamer said its worth a million yuan. Is it poisonous”

“But Im curious. Did no one say this was a script today”

“Hahaha! Reading a script on such a high cliff I dont think its possible, right”

“Im waiting for the streamer to explain. What kind of honey is so valuable A million yuan Im dying!”

When the fans heard this, it was obvious that they did not believe him.

They didnt even need a brain because there was no such expensive honey in the world, right

Although everyone in the live-stream room did not believe it, at this moment, the people in charge of the various health centers in Jiangnan were extremely excited.

In an office of a health center, the door was pushed open with a bang.

The beautiful woman, Su Meiji, was in the office checking the purchase list that needed to be fulfilled.

There was a product that made her speechless because it had been missing for months. It was fairy honey tea.

From the beginning, her health center had authentic fairy honey tea as its signature. It led to a large number of rich people coming to the restaurant to recuperate.

After all, they all knew that although this tea could not cure all illnesses, consuming it every day was beneficial to the human body.

She was lucky to have met an international student from Turkey because that place had the most fairy honey in the world. Coincidentally, the latters family were beekeepers.

Therefore, even though Su Meiji didnt lack a source of honey, she still opened this health center. Moreover, there were currently 78 branches in the country, and she already had three billion in assets.

It was also because her fairy honey was very authentic that many rich people patronized her shop.

However, it was not easy to find such honey now because the entire world was short in supply.

Her friends in Turkey had no choice. The gap had kept her business in decline for months. Many customers stopped coming to the health center.

She knew very well that compared to other health centers, her foundation was not good. She relied on authentic fairy honey.

“What are you doing How dare you rush in without saying anything” She wanted to blame her assistant, but she didnt say it out loud.

At the next moment, Assistant Xiao Fangs words made Su Meiji dumbfounded.

“Miss Su, our Kang Yun Healthcare Center has been lacking fairy honey for months, but we have found a source for it now!”


The phone in Su Meijis hand fell onto the smooth table. She suddenly stood up and excitedly asked, “Where is the source of the goods”

“Its a streamer, a streamer who picks up trash…”

“Streamer A junk collector”

Su Meiji was instantly dumbfounded. What the hell was going on How could a streamer have found such a source of honey Moreover, it was a streamer who picked up trash

“No… Hes a treasure-hunting streamer.” Xiao Fang immediately changed her words.

For the past few days, she had been watching Luo Fengs live-stream of treasure hunting. He was invincible. This streamers luck was simply heaven-defying. She also knew what the shop needed, so when she saw it, she immediately came to inform Su Meiji.

“Xiao Fang, even with your guts, you wouldnt dare to lie to me. You might have been tricked by some streamers, right”

Su Meijis excited mood was instantly disappointed.

It wasnt like she didnt know.

Didnt those streamers like to act mysterious in their live-streams now

Although there were fairy bee hives in the country, it was definitely pitifully few. In the records, the honey of the fairy bees found would not exceed 100 catties.

How could a streamer find them so easily

“Im not too sure either, but this streamers previous treasure hunts seem to be real! This time, he said that its fairy bee honey. I dont think its fake!”



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