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F*ck! Whats This Bloody Thing

“What the f*ck Bezoar Is this a bezoar mine”

Luo Fengs eyes widened as he looked at his dead bull in disbelief.

Why didnt he think of this in the beginning

Bezoar was a gallstone found in the gallbladder of bovines, a mammal from the arachnoid family. What was produced in the gallbladder was called “gallbladders” or “egg yolks,” what was produced in the bile duct was called a “biliary bezoar,” and what was produced in the hepatic duct was called “yellow bile.”

The bezoar was mostly egg-shaped, with a golden to yellowish-brown surface, and appeared fine and lustrous.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed that bezoar was fragrant, slightly bitter and sweet, and mild in nature.

It can be used to relieve heat, detoxify, and calm shock. It was used internally to treat fever, coma, madness, child epilepsy, convulsions, and so on. And externally, it was used to treat swollen throats, mouth sores, ulcers, and uremia. Natural bezoar was very precious, and its international price was higher than gold. Most of the time, artificial bezoar was used.

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Out of hundreds of thousands of cows, there might not even be one cow with gallstones, so it was extremely rare.

A gram of high-grade bezoar cost almost 3,000 yuan.

The two catties of bezoar...

That would be 1,000 grams. It was definitely 3 million.

“Brothers, Im rich! Im rich! My market research was right!” Luo Feng shouted excitedly. As for the market research, it was all a cover for the system.

“Its over. Has the host gone crazy”

“You bought a sick cow and found a treasure”

“If this sick bull can find any treasure, Ill say the same thing again: Ill give you ten rockets today!”

“Hahaha, I remember this person saying the same thing a few times before!”

“This dude must be a rich second-generation, right Arent you afraid that its part of the script You even want to give him ten rockets”

“Even if weve earned money from the previous rounds, I dont believe that this sick cow can become a treasure!”

“After thinking about it, the streamer is definitely going to lose this time!”

“Dont make a fuss. Lets see what the streamer does next. To be honest, Im a little curious.”

“Yes, Im curious about what kind of game a sick bull like him can play!”

When the netizens saw this, they scolded the host for being an idiot, but at the same time, they were curious about how a cow could get rich!

“Hehe, what do you guys know Im telling you, Im not just going to make a small fortune today. Im going to make a massive fortune! Theres at least a million in profit from this sick cow!” Luo Feng chuckled. He had directly released a bombshell, and then he didnt say anything.

Ill keep everyone in suspense first.

After all, only when the secret was revealed at the end would there be more shock points.

“F*ck! At least a million”

“I touched the hosts head. Why is it so hot Are you sick No, its my phone thats running out of battery!”

“Dumb host, are you crazy Dont mess around!”

“A million If you want to brag, then at least be more realistic!”

“Thats right. Do you think were stupid”

“Are you starting to lie again Anyway, the host has too many tricks to deceive people like this!”

Luo Feng could understand why these people didnt believe him.

After all, he himself didnt understand why the system would label a cow as a million-dollar red dot in the beginning.

Immediately after that, Luo Fenggot out of the Hummer. He took out a sharp vegetable knife.

Although he didnt know how to cut flesh, who didnt know how to cut blindly

He reached into the cows stomach and searched for a long time.


He pulled out an egg-shaped object with blood on it. Of course, it was originally golden in color. However, after Luo Fengs tinkering, it was stained with a lot of blood, which turned it red.



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