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Go to a Big Hospital to Sell Bezoar


“Bezoar What is that”

“Bezo Theres a professional player with this name.”

“It looks like a stone that the cow ate, right This is also treasure”

“F*ck! I know this. Isnt this more expensive than gold”

“More expensive than gold How is that possible”

“What kind of luck does the host have Youve found something that even hundreds of thousands of cows dont have”

“Thats right. After all, not many people have gallstones, let alone a bull! I eat grass every day, so I dont get sick easily.”

It was obvious. Despite the many noobs in the live-stream room, there were still people who knew what was good and recognized the bezoar.

Ka ka ka.

Ka ka ka.

The shock value at this moment was popping up on the internet.

In a short while, hundreds of people came.

Ka ka ka.

Luo Feng could only hear the system continuously receiving shock points.

The reputation points would definitely come in the hundreds.

Yes. Not bad.

This time, he gained another 1,850 shock points and 1,100 reputation points.

However, Luo Feng knew that this was not the time for the fans to be shocked. They would have to go to the hospital to test and see the real three million yuan.

That would be the most shocking moment.

“Alright, lets stop debating. Ill take it to the hospital in the city later to see if they accept this thing!”

“Everyone, lets discuss how much this gallstone is worth.”

Luo Feng looked at the bullet screen and smiled.

The system upgrade brought him a huge profit. It was no longer treasures worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Instead, it was a tidal wave of 3 million.

Back when he opened his hotpot restaurant, there had only been three big shops in the city, and he only had ten million in assets.

In just one surge, he had returned to the peak of his life.

“Host, arent you a little too lucky”

“Thats right, no one else has ever seen a bezoar!”

Apparently, many noobs in the live-stream went to check the information and found that there was indeed a bezoar. It was also very valuable.

What Luo Feng said just now was true.

“Is this the script How can it be so fake!”

“I also think its a script!”

“A bloody heart of a bull Are you trying to fool us”

“There wont be even one out of hundreds of thousands of bulls But you found one”

It was obvious. Even if Luo Feng found valuable treasures the past few times, they also began to question this kind of low-probability event.


Luo Feng looked at the comments with a smile. He waved a small booklet in his hand and said, “These are my notes. A few days ago, I heard that there was a cow here that didnt eat! Its characteristics are very similar to that of a cow with gallstones!

“I just came over! I didnt expect that he would really have gallstones! I also think that Im quite lucky, but it couldnt have been done without my market analysis.”

After saying that, Luo Feng smiled confidently.

This was only the first day of upgrading to Level Four, and the external hack was already so profitable.

When he upgraded to Level 5, the treasure that could be prompted would be worth 100 million at most.

At that time, it would be even more lethal.

“Stupid market analysis! Its definitely a script!”

“Take a cows heart and pretend that its cows gallstones!”

“If you can, wash it clean and let us see!”

“Dumbass host, stop pretending. Weve already seen through you! Youre just deliberately mystifying to cheat traffic!”

“Today, I, Wang Long, will stay in the live-stream room and see how this dumbass streamer will end this!”

“Right! Lets see how youre going to explain yourself if you cant take out your bezoar.”

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“If its bezoar, Ill eat sh*t on a live broadcast together with a huge bowl of ramen!”

“Dont cheat me of my food and drink. Remember the rosewood from last time Didnt you swear an oath as well”

“Hahaha! Thats right!”

“But even I dont believe it this time. Bezoar is way too rare!”

Luo Feng looked at the comments and ignored them. He continued to drive the Hummer around the county to the city.


He cursed incessantly because the old fans and him were familiar with one another. Usually, the newcomers wouldnt dare to act rashly. The administrator would naturally take action.

“Weve finally arrived.”

Half an hour later, Luo Feng looked up at the hospital in front of him. After parking the Hummer, he walked in.

“F*ck! The First Peoples Hospital of Jiangnan Whats the host doing”

“Wheres the script The host has come to the best hospital in Jiangnan!”

“No, what can coming to the hospital prove Cant Luo Feng just find a doctor and put on a show for us later”

“Awesome! The hosts an actor Youve found the first hospital!”

“This streamer is quite something! The script has been proven. Youve gone too far this time, and no one believes you.”

“So, the previous ones were all scripts”

“I guess so!”

“What are you all talking about The script is not the script. Ill slowly read it later!”


“Thats right. Didnt you guys see the transfers of the real gold and silver a few times before”

“Thats only a few hundred thousand! Its easy to fake it, okay”

“I dont care! Streamer, hurry up. I want to see if that bloody thing is actually a bezoar!”

Luo Feng put his phone in his pocket, and the camera for the broadcast was tucked under his clothes.

The image that everyone was looking at was the number one hospital in Jiangnan. Of course, bezoar was a type of Chinese medicine. The place Luo Feng was looking for was definitely the Chinese Medicine Department.

However, it was complicated. Luo Feng said that he wanted to sell Chinese medicine, so he had to register his identity.

Then, he would go to the XXX Department and ask for a unit number.

It felt so troublesome.

Luo Feng thought about it carefully. This hospital was owned by the government, so they might not be able to afford it.

What if they were stingy and petty

Bezoar was a very precious Chinese medicine. Real bezoar was very rare, and big hospitals were not a good place to go.

Luo Feng decided to go to Tongren Pharmacys Jiangnan branch to take a look.

“Eh Why isnt the host going in”

“Youre leaving”

“F*ck! Didnt you say it with confidence Are you waiting for us to broaden our horizons”

“Whats wrong with the host”

“Cant I sell it somewhere else Do you think its that easy to earn public money” Seeing this, Luo Feng rolled his eyes and was speechless.

Then, he drove back to Tongren Pharmacy which was a famous pharmacy in the country. It had 300 branches and was a listed company with a market value of more than 60 billion.

“We have new CoQ10 soft capsules! It strengthens the immune system of the elderly! Antioxidant health products! It only costs 298 yuan!”

“Hello, sir, what medicine do you want Youre buying it for your elders, right”

“We have new CoQ10 soft capsules! It strengthens the immune system of the elderly! Antioxidant health products! It only costs 298 yuan! If its on promotion, you can get a free bottle!”

He was trying to sell healthcare products for the elderly to a beautiful nurse.

Luo Feng waved his hand and said, “I have bezoar here. Call your manager out!”



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