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Are You Kidding Me We Dont Accept Animal Kidneys Here!

“What Bezoar”

The nurses eyes immediately popped out in shock.

After all, this thing was rare. Many large pharmacies would go crazy over it once they heard about it.

“Its true. If I was joking, I wouldnt have come to Tongren Pharmacy to open it, right”

“Thats true!” The nurse nodded when she heard Luo Fengs words. She immediately rushed behind the counter.

It was less than a minute before she came out in a hurry.

“Sir, our store manager would like to see you in his office!” the young nurse informed him with a grave expression. She was very respectful to Luo Feng.

Obviously, they didnt know if Luo Fengs words were true or false. However, the pharmacy had to show the best respect to the owner of a treasure like bezoar.


Luo Feng nodded. He quickly carried a bloody plastic bag and walked toward the store managers office.

“Youre not really going to sell the bezoar, are you”

“It really does look like that.”

“It looks real! I, Wang Long, dont doubt it!”

“Lets wait and see! “Lets do some calculations. It would only cost 1,000 Yuan, at most, to hire a nurse and a store manager as actors. With the tips he just scammed us of, the host will be able to break even. Now that we have more than 2,000 fans, all this traffic is for nothing!”

“F*ck! What a talent! The cost and income for the host Youre so clear about it.”

“You guys have completely seen through the hosts thoughts!”

At this moment, Luo Feng was not looking at the comments.

The first thing he did when he entered the office was to scan his surroundings. The office was quite big, and the decoration was very outdated.

The store manager was a middle-aged man around 45 years old. He was drinking tea with an old man around 65 years old.

It seemed that the store manager respected the old man a lot.

“Little brother, is that bezoar youre holding in your hand”

The store manager, Chen Yueru, half-smiled. This bloody heart was probably a cows heart. How could it be used as a cows bezoar

Luo Feng also knew the meaning behind his smile. He immediately explained, “Yes, manager. The cow is rather big, so it naturally looks like its heart.”

“Little Chen, this isnt bulls heart,” the old man spoke.

The laymen watched the show in anticipation.

The expert started to explain. As a doctor, he must have a good understanding of the hearts of all animals. The shape was rounder than the heart of a cow.

“Oh Isnt it”

Hearing the old mans words, Chen Yueru immediately became interested. He stood up and said, “Little brother, can you wash the blood outside Let me take a look.”

“No problem!” Luo Feng looked at the sink and asked, “Here”

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“Hmm, you can use it however you want!”

Chen Yueru nodded.

“Thank you!”

Luo Feng smiled and immediately opened the bezoar that was covered in cows blood.

Chen Yueru just watched quietly from the side.

The old man was also very interested. He put down his teacup and walked over.

Very quickly, he washed the item in his hands.

The true color of the bezoar slowly appeared before the eyes of both Chen Yueru and the old man.



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