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6,000 Yuan per Gram! A Sky-High Price for Bezoar!

“Gold Its actually gold”

Chen Yuerus eyes widened in shock, but he didnt express any of his emotions.

“Its good stuff!”

The old mans eyes also lit up. Just looking at the color of this item was enough to prove the quality of the goods.

A normal bezoar was brown in color. However, the superior-grade bezoar was golden in color. Such a bezoar was several times more expensive than ordinary bezoar.




“Is this the bezoar”

“Erm, Ive never seen anything like this. Its so strange.”

The viewers in the live-stream room were very surprised at this moment, and they stared at that thing. It was like a round bun made of golden mud, appearing very strange.

“Manager, sir, please take a look. Whats your price”

Luo Feng saw their expressions and guessed that they had already seen that this was an authentic bezoar.

“Cough, cough, cough. How about 500 yuan Thats the price if you want to sell it, little brother!”

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Chen Yueru pretended to think for a moment and then made a difficult decision. Tongren Pharmacy needed this recently. Otherwise, they wouldnt have been able to offer such a high price!

As soon as he said this, the old man beside him glanced at Chen Yueru. He was speechless in his heart. He was truly invincible.

500 yuan per gram for such a product

However, the old man didnt say anything because he knew Chen Yueru.

“Only 500 yuan Then, Ill go!”

Luo Feng was speechless. He wasnt sincere at all He might as well have gone to a big hospital. He had only come here earlier because he felt that they would be able to offer a higher price.

“What the f*ck What did that mean 500 yuan each And its still 500 yuan per gram”

“Hey, you upstairs. If this is a bezoar, its only 500 yuan each”

“Erm, its 500 yuan each. The last time my cousin bought it for his parents, it was a bottle of bezoar heart-clearing pills that cost tens of thousands of yuan! You must know that the content is probably only a few grams, right”

“What the f*ck Did that mean that the price they were talking about was 500 yuan per gram Is this really f*cking more expensive than gold”

“What else can I do Do you think that bezoar is as common as cabbages”

“This streamer is so lucky. Did you really pick up bezoar”

At this moment, the netizens in the live-stream room were shocked.

Luo Feng also received a lot of shock and reputation points. He had thought that he would only have a bloody bulls heart. So, it really was bezoar

“Little brother, Ill give you 700 yuan. What do you think” Chen Yueru said with a smile as he chased after him.

“Im gonna leave. Ill go to the big hospital opposite to take a look.” He was really speechless. After all, he received a system notification that said it was worth 3 million.

“Youre only offering a price of less than a million”

“Ill give you alike!”

“1,000 yuan per gram!”

“1,200 yuan per gram, thats the highest!”

As the price got higher and higher ...

The popularity and bullet comments in the live-stream room soared like crazy.

The number of fans immediately increased by more than 5,000.

Thump. Thump.

Thump. Thump.

Thump. Thump.

Although they couldnt see the faces of the fans in the live-stream room, everyone knew that at this moment, there were probably quite a few people who were drooling over the 1,200 yuan per gram price.

“Thats f*cking three times the price of gold, right”

But thinking about it carefully, this thing might not even appear once in hundreds of thousands of bulls and was really rare.

“Alright, little Chen, stop dilly-dallying. This little brother seems to know his stuff. Just give me 2,500 yuan per gram! If you continue to dawdle, Ill be a little worried ...” the old man said solemnly and looked at the many nurses surrounding the door. He had to inform the other big pharmacies.

Even if the price was increased by 1,000 yuan per unit, they might not be able to get it.


“What the h*ck 2,500 yuan One gram”

“(#O′) My God, why is it so expensive”

“500 to 2,500 yuan This thing has increased by five times”

“This store manager is really a piece of sh*t. Only 500 yuan at the start”

“Its a pity that our streamer is a treasure hunter. How could he not know about treasures”

Luo Feng was already at the door. When he heard that there was finally a reasonable price, he turned around and said, “The price is acceptable, but Im not satisfied with it. After all, youve seen the color of my item just now. Its a golden bezoar, the best of the best.”

“How about this, young man Take out the item again. Ill take a good look at it. After scrutinizing it carefully, Ill naturally discuss the price with you.”

Chen Yueru knew that it was all bullsh*t. He also knew that the color was of excellent grade, but it was better to see the specifics.


“Alright then, take it and see!”

Luo Feng wasnt worried about being replaced or being defamed.

This trivial issue was not enough. After all, in this world, if you wanted to do that, you probably had to shut down your shop.

Soon, the bezoar was placed on the table with a piece of paper on top. Then, both Chen Yueru and the old man carefully observed it with their presbyopic glasses and magnifying glasses.

After studying it for a few minutes, Chen Yueru made a phone call with a grave expression. He must have informed his superiors.

“Little brother, come and have some tea. How should I address you”

“By the way, the General Manager of Tongren Halls Jiangnan branch will be coming over soon. Ill give you a price when the time comes. Or you can also tell me what price youre willing to pay!

“My name is Chen Yueru, and this old man is our hospitals consultant, Lin Caizhi.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yueru made a cup of tea and invited Luo Feng to sit down.

“Hello, Manager Chen, Mr. Lin.”

Luo Feng first greeted him with a smile, then pursed his lips and said, “If were talking about the price in my mind, its definitely 6,000 yuan per gram.”


In any case, it didnt necessarily mean that the system would sell them for as much as it said.

Would they negotiate for a lower price

Didnt he know how to raise the price



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