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The Director of the First Peoples Hospital! Were Taking the Bezoar!

“Hehe, Im afraid itll be difficult to sell it at this price!”

Chen Yueru smiled. This kid was really asking for too much. But after thinking about it carefully, he felt that the other party should be very knowledgeable. Who told him to obtain such a treasure in his hands

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

About five minutes passed.

The sound of leather shoes stepping on the floor in a hurry could be heard from the door.

“Hello, Manager Wang!”

“Hello, Manager Wang!”

Many young nurses were greeting him at the door. It seemed that the person Chen Yueru had informed had arrived.

Luo Feng turned around and saw an old man in a Chinese tunic suit. Since they called him Manager Wang, he must be one of Chen Yuerus superiors.

As soon as Manager Wang entered the office, he saw the bezoar on the table.

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That golden color!

Manager Wangs eyes lit up instantly in pleasant surprise. He quickened his pace and walked into the office.

“Old Chen, are you talking about this bezoar This is good stuff!” As soon as Manager Wang entered the room, he exaggerated honestly. He wasnt as sly as Chen Yueru.

“Yes, Manager Wang. This young man is the owner of the bezoar, Luo Feng.” Chen Yueru pointed at Luo Feng.

“Mr. Luo, hello, please have a seat! Lets talk about the price! My name is Wang Longshan.”

Manager Wang withdrew his shocked gaze from the bezoar and smiled at him warmly. He understood that this was such a rare item. If he didnt lock the price in as soon as possible, things might change if he delayed.

“Alright, Manager Wang, lets talk!”

Luo Feng sat down and asked, “Manager Chen, you already know the price Im willing to pay. Its 6,000 yuan per gram. I dont know if you agree to it.”

“The price of 6,000 yuan is indeed a bit high.”

“How about this, little brother Lets each take a step back. Well add 1,000 yuan on top of the 2,500 yuan! What do you think about 3,500 yuan”

The moment Manager Wang opened his mouth, he definitely gave a reasonable price. He didnt want to waste too much time.

However, this was already more than the systems total value of three million. At 3,500 yuan per gram, the yellow beef was about 3.5 million yuan.

F*ck! It increased by another 1,000 yuan Is there an end to this

[Host, youre going to earn another million]

Luo Feng thought about it and felt that Manager Wang was quite straightforward. He wanted to agree. After all, this was the price given by the system.

However, at this moment, the sound of leather shoes came from outside the door again.

“Little brother, were willing to pay 4,000 yuan per gram for your yellow cow formula!”

It was the manager of the Jiangnan branch of Tongren Pharmacy. Naturally, there were already nurses from this shop who had informed him of the news.

It was such a hot commodity! It was not something that Tongren Pharmacy would want to miss out on.

“Nonsense! Old Liu, why did you come to our pharmacy to steal business” Wang Longshan stood up and slammed the table.

“Whats wrong with me coming to your pharmacy”

“Cant I come to buy medicine”

“Im taking care of your business today, arent I”

“Ill have some of this, and Ill have some of this too!”

After saying that, Old Liu even took a few bottles of medicine from the shelf at the office door and handed them to the nurse beside him for her to settle the bill.

Wang Longshan was also speechless. He was really shameless. Was it worth it for a bezoar

“4,000 yuan per gram The price ...”

Luo Feng laughed. It was good to have competitors. Perhaps the price would be higher than what the system notification displayed.

But before Luo Feng could be thrilled...

Something even more exciting happened.

“6,000 yuan! Young man, the First Peoples Hospital wants it! I heard that your ideal price is 6,000 yuan. Well pay!

The person was an old man in a white coat who was also wearing thick glasses.

Obviously, despite being the manager of his own pharmacy, Wang Longshan didnt dare to say anything when this person entered. After all, he was the director of the number one hospital in Jiangnan.

They were working for the government and were naturally different from people from private enterprises like them.



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