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Chapter 30: The Final Exam Is Coming

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This title... is quite impressive!

The corner of Shen Feis mouth twitched.Its just that its a bit too flamboyant and doesnt suit my style.

He was delayed on the way to school, so class must have started by now. He had to hurry...



Li Yuan clenched his teeth and gripped the pen in his hand tightly,

Shen Fei, a piece of trash with an F-class talent, could actually be promoted First Echelon And he actually came to school alive today

Where were the assassins he sent

“First Echelon...”

Lilian was stunned for a moment, and the smile on her face became sweeter. She just knew that Shen Fei was definitely very strong!

The homeroom teacher listened to the report and a gratified smile appeared on his face.

He knew that Shen Fei would be able to make it! As expected of his student!

“Isnt it just an Echelon Its not like no one has heard of them before!” The lackeys who lost to Shen Fei yesterday snorted in disdain. “Trash with an F-class talent can reach First Echelon Dont tell me he bought it.”

Although the bootlickers talked like this, they knew in their hearts... Shen Feis spirit beast, especially that Three-clawed Golden Dragon, was a genuine Count-rank!

Even without the Three-clawed Golden Dragon, the Flame Owl alone was a hundred times stronger than their spirit beasts.

“Youre all too narrow-minded.” The homeroom teacher looked at the few bootlickers. “Your skills are too weak. Why dont you take a good look at yourself in the mirror”

He had also seen the recording of yesterdays incident.

These people, in the face of the Flame Owls fireball attack, did not even open a shield for their spirit beasts and just let them die. And yet, these people were still making sour remarks.

The homeroom teacher put his hand on his forehead. If he had the chance, he really wanted to pack these people up and send them somewhere else.

Suddenly, the classroom door opened.

“First Echelon, since youre here, hurry back to your seat and go to class.” The homeroom teacher smiled and tapped on the blackboard. “Even if youre a First Echelon, you cant slack off in my lessons. You still have to bring glory to the academy in the upcoming final exams! I, your teacher, have high hopes for you!”

“Dont worry, sir. I wont let you down.” Shen Fei could not help but laugh.Why is it that even after becoming a First Echelon student, Im still being pressured

Li Yuan clenched his fist and looked at the unscathed Shen Fei with resentment. It was as though She Fei was standing on a podium looking down at him.

Look at that smug gaze. But I cant deal with him now. Ill remember this, Shen Fei. Therell be a time to settle the score with you someday!

The moment Shen Fei returned to his seat, the students beside him all looked at him with either envy or jealousy.

The First Echelon title meant that Shen Feis strength was already enough to rank among the top ten in the entire prefecture! Even the principal would have to show respect when he sees him!

Li Yuan clenched his teeth and glared at Shen Fei with jealousy.

Such an honor, but hes only an F-class trash. No matter how strong his spirit beast is, hes still not worthy! So what if hes a First Echelon Ill have plenty of chances to kill him after school!

“Students, well be having a meeting after class. Everyone, please follow me to the conference room.” The teacher looked at everyone with a serious expression. “This meeting concerns your future. You must not miss it!”


In the conference room, the principal held the microphone in his hand and faced all the students with a serious expression.

“I believe that all of you should have your own spirit beasts by now, but just having a spirit beast isnt enough to be considered a qualified Beastmaster!”

The principals gaze swept across the people in front of him with a serious expression.

“The next step is to take part in our assessment, and then pass the final examination! Only those who pass the final exam can live as an official Beastmaster!

“The final exam is divided into three stages: school assessment, state assessment, and the final examination. Echelon students will enter the state assessment straightaway and skip the school assessment!

“I hope that all of you will work hard. As long as you dont deliberately mess it up, you will definitely pass easily.”

In an adjacent private studio, a dignified figure was watching the students through a monitor.

“Lord Gelin. There arent many Echelon students this year, but theyre all quite capable. I wonder which one youve taken a fancy to.”

The vice-principal stood by the mayors side and respectfully served him a cup of tea.

“Let me take a look. How many students are Echelons this year”

“There are only four this year, and most of them are from powerful families. Although its less than half the usual number, the quality is pretty good. Youll definitely be satisfied!”

“Is that so”

Upon hearing this, the mayor picked up the list of this years Echelons.

He saw a familiar name as soon as he looked at it.

[Shen Fei]

Seeing this name, thoughts filled the mayors mind.

On the day the results of the innate talent ceremony came out, he immediately contacted Shen Fei with the intention of canceling the engagement. Initially, Shen Fei would have also agreed to it.

However, after his daughter came home, she refused to let him cancel the engagement. This was too unusual!

Although the mayor was opposed to this, Aloy had her own thoughts. Since she wanted it, he would just let her be.

In any case, there would be more opportunities to recommend better candidates to her in the future.

The mayor tapped on the table in front of him and threw the list of Echelon students in front of the vice-principal.

“This name on your Echelon namelist has a mistake, doesnt it Shen Fei only has an F-class talent.”

“Its not a mistake.”

The vice-principal bowed slightly to the mayor and said to him, “Although Shen Feis talent is only F-class, from yesterdays battle, the abilities he displayed can not be underestimated.”

After saying that, the vice-principal immediately took out a videotape that he had prepared.

“These are yesterdays records. You can view them any time.”

“No need.”

The mayor pushed the videotape back and stood up, his tone already filled with some anticipation.

“If he really has the ability, Ill naturally be able to see it.”


After the meeting ended, the crowd dispersed and left the campus.

Shen Fei followed Senior Qian Yus previous reminder and chose a route with more people, walking forward carefully.

Shen Fei could still clearly remember what happened this morning.

It was too thrilling.

If Qian Yu had not arrived in time, I would have already been done for. Those assassins were most likely hired by the powerful families.

Although it was very likely that they were sent by Li Yuan, the other families could not be cleared of suspicion.

For example, Zhang Youcheng, whose Frost Wolf King Shen Fei had recently killed, was also likely to seek the opportunity to take revenge.

The other families would probably follow suit in the future. Shen Fei carefully looked at his surroundings.

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“Hey, trash!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out.

Shen Fei took a closer look and saw that it was Li Yuan who called out.

What is he doing here

“Listen up, you piece of trash! Although I dont know how you got to First Echelon and got known as the Undefeated God of War, you better listen up! The state assessment will be held in a few months time. When that time comes, Ill defeat you then and there!”

“Are you done” Shen Fei coldly looked at Li Yuan. This guy was noisier than a fly.

“Get lost! Dont bother me!”

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