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An escape genius.

He belonged to the Underhill Slave merchant and was one of Maxim’s men.

It was obvious what he was doing in slavery.


“Let’s set you straight.”


Slaap-! Slaap!


To subdue those who rebel with fear and strength.

He had a great talent for making rebellious slaves submissive.

In fact, that was the basic qualification of a slave trader.


“Did you just piss me off”

“Yes That, that’s right.”

“You don’t have eyes You slave bastard dare!”


The moment they go against his heart, he has to raise his hand right away.

It was a very basic method of educating slaves.

It didn’t matter if he added any nonsensical reason as to why he was bothered by the slaves.

Harsh punishment.

Beat them until they give up.

This was because they will learn how to read their owner’s eyes.


“I don’t like your eyes.”

“What was that hand gesture Did you curse at me”

“What’s funny Are you laughing at me now”


When he controls their words and actions one by one, people change.

Being able to speak but not speaking, being able to act but not acting.

If it continues, they will become a slave who cannot think and act on its own.

In that way, he lived and managed slaves.

Without any guilt.

Vibrio was mingled among the slaves, pretending to be slaves now.

However, he acted quite plausibly, yet he could not give up the habit of that time.

“I need to break the leg of a damn little kid like you before you come to your senses!”

This word comes from habit.

He later realized he had made a mistake, but it was more painful in the back of his head after getting beaten by the same little boy

“You need to be set straight.”

How dare a slave who should have been taken to the laboratory dare to throw stones at

He rolled his eyes and raised his hand.

He was going to beat the boy up until the boy cried and begged him.

“What are you doing”

If only Aria didn’t appear at that moment.

He would have done the same thing he had done as a slave trader here.

“I asked what you were doing.”

Aria said while holding Leo in her arms.

Her eyes, so hot that it almost looked red, glanced up and down for a moment at him.

‘What is that, those eyes…….’

He was momentarily distracted by her small body and doll-like appearance.

But the moment he met her eyes, Vibrio was startled and had no choice but to step backwards.

Goosebumps sprang up all over his body.

As if he was a herbivore, encountering a predator at the top of the food chain.

‘How can I feel intimidated by such a young girl’

At the same time, his self-esteem was hurt.

“Who are you”


Aria tilted her head.

She then returned Leo to the arms of Ted and Lisa, who had rushed in.

“Who are you”

“I asked first… ugh!”

Aria kicked Vibrio’s shin with her pointy heel.

Although it was a little girl’s kick, it hit the bone properly, and his eyes turned white with pain in an instant.


He moaned and grabbed his leg and had no choice but to sit down.

“How dare you ask me who I am.”

Aria leaned back and spoke in a soft voice to Vibrio, who was making a sound of pain.

“Seeing you try to stomp down on a powerless child with the same authority, I don’t think there will be any complaints if I treat you the same.”

There could be no complaints.

Vibrio clenched his teeth and glared at her, with a vein popping on his forehead.

He didn’t even have time to think about who she was.

It only matters that he has been harmed.

Aria raised her index finger, and she poked it so fast, as if she was going to stab him in the eye.

Vibrio, startled, tightly closed his eyes.

“You don’t deserve to ask me anything.”


“Of course, I have no right to answer.”

Aria scoffed at the man, who had withdrawn from fear.

And she added, pressing the man’s forehead with her index finger, which she had raised up.

“Keep it engraved on your head.”

It was done on purpose to hurt feelings.

Aria knew very well how to taunt this type of person.

But at that moment,


Aria looked down at her hand that touched Vibrio for a moment.

She stared briefly at the man, trembling with anger.

‘Just now…….’

She felt it.

Something like a flow unique to those who can express energy…… It was so weak that she wondered if she had made a mistake.

‘Is there something’

She thought he was just an unscrupulous person raising a hand to a child, but digging might reveal something more.

‘I think I can find out more precisely if we hold hands.’

But she didn’t want to do that at all.

She didn’t want to die.

Aria pondered what to do as she looked at Vibrio with displeasure and said,

“You make me ask twice.

Who are you”

“I, I am Vibrio.”

“Is that it”

Maybe she noticed something Vibrio was nervous inside, but pretended to be fine on the outside and nodded his head.

“Then what else could there be”


Aria briefly put an end to her worries.

She wanted to leave it to Carlin to question this man.

It was just too suspicious to pass it on as if it was just her feelings.

She said to Cloud, who was waiting behind her.

“Take him and lock him in the dungeon.”


Vibrio doubted his ears for a moment.

‘No, what did I do’

However, when Aria’s command was given, he was grabbed by a knight with a tremendous grip.

No matter how hard he tried to get his arm out, he couldn’t move.

“You’d better stay still.

If you try to struggle, you’ll only break your arm.”

Vibrio couldn’t help but get more tired of Cloud’s blunt tone.

‘Am I being caught like this I haven’t done anything yet’

This couldn’t be.

Well, he has not yet even attempted to escape.

Vibrio looked around in a cold sweat in the sudden crisis.

Slaves came into his sight, watching the situation from afar.

“The song!”, he cried out

“Isn’t it you who sang it”

The slaves roared loudly when they heard that the song was sung by Aria.

“I guessed it, but…”

“As expected, he was right.”

The slaves were convinced belatedly.

It was inevitable.

It was because the singing voice was heard from so far away, so no one could see Aria singing.

Besides, they had no explanation whatsoever.

It was because their disposition had been delayed until Aria woke up.

“We’ve heard threats to keep quiet about everything about you.”

It’s Lloyd. Aria thought in the meantime.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s strange.

There’s only us and your knight in this enclosed space right now.”

Vibrio deliberately emphasized that the place they were in was an enclosed space.

It was to stimulate the fear of being trapped in the dock with the test subjects.

“Why are you hiding your identity even from the people of your family”

Vibrio raised his voice even more.

“What are you going to do to us!”

He didn’t care if Aria countered that ‘I have no intention of harming you at all’.

No matter how much she tried to persuade him with words, it will take time until it was proven.

Anyway, it was enough if there was even a momentary opportunity to take the slaves and run away.

‘All I need to do is show the will of the slaves to completely distrust Valentine and run away from the castle.’

That was enough.

“When I heard your song, I was thrilled and scared at the same time.”

Vibrio said, grinding his teeth.

“My body moved according to your will, and my emotions were swayed at will.”

This was sincere.

According to Maxim’s orders, he was going to watch all the slaves until they died, and then he was going to escape, yet he was going to suffer because of the song.

But it was that moment.


Aria, who had not blinked an eye no matter what Vibrio did, responded to that.


He smiled contemptuously.

“Do you know the monster, Siren”


“I don’t know what’s the difference between you and a monster, in that your songs wield emotions no matter what the abilities.”

Is this guy really crazy

Ted, whose patience reached the floor, opened his mouth unbearably.

“How far are you going to use your mouth carelessly! This person is…”

At that moment, Aria raised her hand to stop Ted.

Cloud pretended to strike Vibrio’s neck with his hand.

‘Should I stun him’ He seemed to ask that.

But Aria shook her head.

She gazed intently at Vibrio, who was desperate to turn herself into the villain.

“People like you, I know it very well.

Are you not trying to show us a taste of hope by pretending to save us and making us live less than slaves again”

He, who had been living as a slave trader all his life, suddenly turned himself into a slave and performed passionately.

“What are you going to use us for Prey of monsters Or are you going to play with human emotions again with that strange ability”


“Keeping us in one building and made us tremble with anxiety…!”

“Is that so…….”

It was then.

Aria, who was silently listening to Vibrio, put her hand on her chest and said.

“I apologize if I was late and made you anxious.”


“I wanted to get you out of slavery somehow.”

And she closed her eyes sadly.

The eyes that were sparsely exposed between the eyelashes were pitiful.

“But I sang back and forth, so I lost consciousness and collapsed for so long.”


“Even though I came right after waking up, I didn’t know it would be this late.”

Aria said so, and she smiled softly.

“And… it wasn’t me who saved you, it was your free will.”

It was a gentle, but not weak smile at all.

It was only then that the slaves realized it properly.

At that time, the benefactor who saved them was right in front of them.


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