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Chapter 128

In an instant, Lady Leshan did receive the attention of central figures in the social circle.

In a direction she never wanted.

“Lady Leshan said that if we go to her estate, we’ll be able to taste it ourselves, right”

Lady Willis said with a glance at Lady Leshan, who was stumped without saying anything.

“That means they’re making a dessert called the body of God at the Leshan estate…”

“You’re, you’re wrong!”

Lady Leshan, who became a criminal in an instant, broke into a cold sweat and desperately tried to explain.

Being the main character was the second problem.

In order not to be permanently expelled from the social circle due to such an absurd mistake, she had to somehow get rid of the suspicion.

“I’ve only brought in the recipe yet, but we haven’t made it.”

No one believed it.

However, it was also a difficult part to judge by the law if she insisted on it.

Although Lady Leshan did admit that she ate the otte macadry, it was in the Kingdom of Dunham.

Of course, bringing in the recipe was not without legal problems.

Even if punished, a robbery charge would be very weak.

Anyway, the response she got back was very callous.

The Ladies and the Madams who were there all looked at Lady Leshan with a firm expression

“Lady Leshan, were you trying to feed us something like that”

“No way.

I didn’t know!”

“Huh, if you don’t know, it doesn’t happen To think that you committed such blasphemy without knowing anything…”

As if they had never been kind to her, their attitude changed in an instant and they became cold.

The nobles were tolerant of breaking the law, but they thought that it would be demeaning if it was revealed.

‘Besides, they almost suffered damage.’

It would be very sensitive.

They ridicule and trample on others who do not belong to their group because they are intrusive.


Aria let out a sneer.

She thought that the nobles were still the same as they were in her previous life.

Then, Lady Leshan thought that Aria was laughing at her and clenched her teeth and trembled.

Aria herself had no idea.

“By the way, Grand Princess.”

At that time, a Lady who was looking at Lady Leshan and Aria spoke.

“I can’t believe you’re thinking of learning even the Praia dialect.

That’s great.”

Then there was a voice agreeing and said, “You’re amazing!”.

At first glance, it sounded like a compliment.

But in reality, it was meant to test if she got onto their line well.

Was it worth it to Aria

‘You’re going to test me again.’

She was slowly getting tired.

Still, she thought she was going to please them moderately.

Because most of them here were influential figures in the social world.

But she changed her mind.

Aria began to become disillusioned with all of this.

‘Why do I have to adjust’

The Grand Princess is her.

It was her, who they had to adjust to.

– I didn’t learn it.

“Yes So how did you know”

– I learned to cook directly from the chef for 4 years and listened to various things about it, so I came to know it on my own.

So, it meant that she didn’t have to study anything, just listened to it once and she got to know it.

“Oh my, did you learn to cook directly from that famous chef Baker”

There was a time when nobles said that cooking was shallow.

But that was an old-fashioned idea.

As Dunham began to gain worldwide fame as a foodie country, the Fineta Empire nobles began to embrace the cuisine more and more actively.

Regardless of age or gender.

“Could you pass on the recipe to us too”

– I don’t know.

Baker’s secret recipe…… I’m sorry, but that would be a bit of a problem.

To the Ladies who made an openly regretful expression, Aria smiled shyly like a young girl and said,

– Of course, if I ever have a true friend, I’ll be happy to let them know.

Even Baker will understand to that extent.

Then they exchanged glances.

It was because they were told to stand in line well now.

Like giving them one last chance.

‘You can’t just pretend to be with Valentine.’

They made a decision quickly.

To cut the tail.

In the first place, she took part in this bet lightly with this thought in mind.

“Lady Leshan.”

The arrow returned to Lady Leshan in a ridiculously quick time.

“I didn’t know you were such a person.”

“You should have recognized it properly.

It would have been dangerous for us, too.”

“I didn’t know you would be so frivolous.”

They denounced Lady Leshan.

And, as if for granted, this time, they began to exalt Aria.

“What would have happened if the Grand Princess hadn’t been here…”

“That’s right.

It’s all thanks to the Grand Princess remembering that blasphemous dessert.”

“Oh God.

How could she remember language and knowledge even though she didn’t learn it separately”

“That’s right.

I’ve never seen someone so smart.”

Aria picked up the teacup, took a sip of the tea, and put it down deliberately with a rattle.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Aria.

As Aria smiled with a strange smile, their spine somehow shuddered.

They had no choice but to show signs of nervousness.

– I want to find a true friend someday.

And, of course, that person is not you.

Showing boredom, Aria languidly lowered her eyes and continued her words.

The sun shone through the window and draped over her head.

Then her pale hair gleamed.

Like a flame.

– It sounds like you’re making a fun bet on me.


How absurd.

‘How the hell does she know that!’

Not only Lady Leshan, but this time everyone started to turn blue.

Regarding the bet, the members gathered and talked separately before attending the tea party.

Of course, it was thoroughly hidden to prevent the story from leaking out of the meeting.

‘Who told her about it’

At first, they didn’t even trust each other.

Distrust began to bloom in their hearts, and the division broke out in an instant.

– I don’t know if that was a sufficient answer.

Where did you plan to place the second bet I wonder.

Aria added as if talking to herself, and she smiled slyly.

The Ladies swallowed a gulp.

It was like realizing late that the lion performing the trick at the circus was actually a beast.

She can bite their necks at any time.

– Did I look like a high-ranking noble Or a lesser noble A commoner as you expected Maybe I’m from the gutter.


– Why are you so serious


– It’s just for fun.


At her words, the Ladies and Madams forced a smile.

“Ha ha ha…….”

“Oh, how come you have an excellent sense of humor.”

They looked like they had been dragged to the slaughterhouse.

Of course, if there was a problem, they were going to drive Lady Leshan away, because they didn’t know if Aria would accuse everyone of it.

“Excuse me.”

It was then.

The knight of the Imperial Palace guarding the front of the room approached with a troubled face.

“Grand Prince Valentine has come.”


A Lady screamed involuntarily and then hurriedly covered her mouth.

It was a reaction as if she had seen a ghost at the moment when the tension was about to rise.

“Why, why is the Grand Prince here”

Originally, it was impossible for a man to intervene in a women’s tea party.

But he was Grand Prince Valentine.

The Grand Prince who inherited almost real power from the Grand Duke.

Far from being pleased, the Lady was so frightened that she almost collapsed from her seat.

“I’ll, I’ll just have to go.

I just remembered what I had to do…”

“Ho, ho, ho.

I have to prepare now to attend the banquet.”

“Oh, look at the time.”

Suddenly everyone got up saying they had work to do.

Aria didn’t stop them.

– If you wish.

All she could do was sip the tea in leisurely solitude and answer.

There was only the organizer of the meeting and everyone slipped away in an instant.

Lady Leshan, who missed the timing to get out, hesitated and ran into Lloyd, who was coming inside.

“Grand, Grand Prince…”

“Who are you Get lost.”


She bit her lip and ran away.

It was an act of disrespect, but Lloyd didn’t care.

In the first place, the person who told a Lady to ‘get lost’ couldn’t care less about manners in the first place.

Just after he immediately erased her existence from his mind, he approached Aria.

“Did they do anything to you”

“Um, well.

They don’t seem to like me.”

“How dare…….”

Before Lloyd could say anything, Aria picked up the macaron on the table and shoved it into his mouth.

“Don’t deal with it.

It’s not worth it.”

Lloyd quickly became quiet.

He pulled out the chair in the seat next to Aria and chewed the macaron.

It was as if he was swallowing a poison.

“Why are you here”

“Your handmaiden said something bad happened to you, so I should go.”

“What’s the big deal…”

It seems Marronnier was very worried.

“So why did you come running like this”


I was going to wipe them all out…”

Not knowing exactly what had happened, he said so.

After all, if they were going to do some tricks on his wife, he planned to snatch their family first and hear the situation later.

“It’s okay.”

Aria smiled softly and patted Lloyd’s head with admiration.

“I scolded them all.”

Then Lloyd paused for a moment, then quietly accepted her hand.


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