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Chapter 130

The reason why the Emperor entrusted the Princess with the pretty heavy duties was all because he looked down on her.

Because he didn’t think she was even the slightest threat to him.

And unexpectedly, the Princess performed the entrusted task quite convincingly.

‘Of course, the people involved were avoiding her because they felt dirty, rather than being charismatically gripped by her.’

Even though the employees cursed the Princess from behind, they never did anything against her.

‘The Princess looks easy, but she manages her subordinates well, so the Emperor doesn’t disregard her as a static weight, but keeps her by his side.’

In other words, Natalie held the real power of the Imperial Palace to keep the Emperor from being vigilant and at the same time to prevent anyone from taking her seriously.

‘No one knew that it was all planned action.’

Aria didn’t know either.

So how surprised she was when the Princess revealed her true feelings.

“You are the future I did not walk into.”

The first time the Princess approached Aria after she was imprisoned in the Emperor’s cage.

Unlike when she was always surrounded by people, when Aria was alone in the nursery, the Princess was able to avoid everyone’s gaze and approach Aria.

After the banquet was over, Natalie squatted down in front of Aria, who was left alone.

She smiled and continued.

“If I had been vigilant for even a moment, I would have become like you.”

Aria looked up at her.

“Why would you say that to me”

“You’re a bird.

It’s your job to sing beautifully.

No one listens to you.”

It looks like she wasn’t going to tell her.

As if she already knew, the Princess smiled and sipped the glass she was holding in her hand.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if I say everything now.”


“Do you want some too”

Aria turned her head away without a word.

Contrary to the rumor that the Princess raises her hand first if anything goes against her heart, the Princess didn’t care what Aria’s attitude was.

“Unlike you, I have achieved a dream.”

At that time, Aria thought.

‘What do you mean ‘

Did she come to ridicule the bird that was caught singing off guard Or was she asking for a compliment because she has achieved her dream

With a pitiful expression, the Princess giggled and smiled as she turned her back to Aria, who was sitting there.

“Good health and long life.

It was my dream.”

It was in past tense.

She didn’t seem to be very happy with the fact that she had achieved her dream of being in good health and had a long life.

“I’m going to be sold as the third concubine of Emperor Garcia so that I don’t die again this time.”

Aria recently recalled the words that the Princess’ marriage had been decided.

She had passed her marriageable age, and soon she was going to become an exiled Princess.

She had no choice.

“I knew my stupid brother was going to cause a big accident someday, but I didn’t know it was going to ruin the empire.”

“Do you regret it”

Aria asked.

“The silence.”

Did it hit right on the spot

The Princess did not answer for a moment.

“Yes, I’m here to say that.”

With a grin, she sipped the drink from her glass at once and wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“I also failed.

Like you.”

She said her own dream was a failure.

“If I had known that my dreams were so futile, I would have burned them to the ground.”

In fact, she didn’t even know how to properly see her own desires.

Just because she was desperate to survive in the Imperial Palace.

She hid herself so thoroughly that she no longer knew what she wanted herself.

Outstanding background.

Great brain.

Excellent acting skills.

Even though she had everything, she didn’t even try.

“I’ll show it at least once.”

At least once.

The Princess borrowed the influence of alcohol and mumbled bitterly and got up.

Aria just stared at her back.

At that time, she was so exhausted that the Princess’ words could only be heard as a whining.

But now.

Belatedly, she was able to afford to listen to her.

‘We’ve both failed in our past lives.’

As the Princess said.

‘But I got a second chance.’

If so, maybe she should enjoy her chance at least once.

‘What choice will you make this time’

Aria thought for a moment.

She wanted to ask the Princess’s thoughts before she put the plan into action.

At least once.

The reason Aria asked for a private audience with the Emperor was simple.

Because if Lloyd went to visit, the Emperor would have refused with all kinds of excuses.

It was understandable.

Because the Emperor’s cooperation with the gutter rat turned into a catastrophic failure.

And there was an incident where Valentine tried to make the Emperor a puppet.

‘But if I’m alone, I’ll be fine.’

Even after suffering from all that, the Emperor would be vigilant.

‘Only traces of the curse remain, and you won’t even remember who did it.’

Just looking at her delicate appearance, he would wonder what she would do to him.

In fact, she may be the most dangerous opponent.

Aria sat proudly with her legs crossed, facing the Emperor in the parlor.

“Tell me everything you know.”

And she demanded it proudly.

She didn’t even order it, but the Emperor found himself kneeling at her feet.

He was drunk with the song of seduction and had hazy eyes.

“Have you ever heard of the descendants of Atlantis”


Then the Emperor, who had rolled his eyes with a blank face, nodded his head.

“Yes, of course.

It was once a vassal of the Fineta Empire.”

‘I knew it too.’

People treated Atlantis as a city of legends.

Because it was not recorded in the history books.

But the Emperor replied as if he was sure of its existence.

Aria nodded her head to urge him to explain further.

“The records say that Atlantis is like a spring that never runs dry.

Thanks to this, the Fineta Empire was able to unify the continent because of its abundant resources.”

He spoke very proudly about taking resources by invading a country that once lived in peace.

“Do you know Cavendish”


The Emperor couldn’t answer properly and was stunned.

Well, Vincent couldn’t figure out their identity right away, so there’s no way that dummy can react right away when he hears it.

Aria thought so in her heart, and she kindly added one more word.

“I heard that they were the number one contributor to the founding of the empire”

“Ah, that Cavendish…”

Was there anything that just came to mind

The Emperor nodded his head in anger, belatedly remembering the Cavendish family.

“The traitor of the motherland.”

Hmmm Aria looked puzzled.

It was because the Emperor’s reaction was more intense than expected.

‘I thought that the fact that Cavendish was destroyed for treason was a false accusation’

Vincent expected so.

It must have been to destroy evidence.

But contrary to their speculation, the Emperor said,

“The Cavendish stole the treasures of the imperial family.

After that, they handed it over to Garcia among many other countries.”

“The treasure of the Imperial Family”

“Yes! Part of God!”

If he’s talking about part of God…….

‘Are you talking about God’s feelings’

Aria was taken aback for a moment as she continued her thoughts seriously.

Since when did God’s feelings become the treasure of the imperial family

‘That means that he stole what was stolen.’

It was kind of weird.

It was Fineta who took God’s feelings, but it was Garcia who increased their power in the name of God.

Cavendish betrayed Fineta for some reason and joined Garcia’s side and turned over God’s feelings.

‘Is it Fineta who invaded Atlantis and took the resources, and Garcia the one who took God’s power’

The Emperor burst into a frenzy.

“With the treasure of the imperial family, Fineta would have commanded the whole world as a unique and powerful empire!”


They had this Emperor as a descendant, so maybe it would never happen.

Aria thought so, and asked.

“Do you know more”

“Hmm, none”

“Then you don’t know anything about the royal family of Atlantis”


I’ve heard of them being in existence from generation to generation.”

The Emperor did not answer properly.

He didn’t even seem to be able to relate the Atlantis to the Siren.

Well, she didn’t even want it either.

Aria nodded her head and held out her hand.

“Then give me your authority.”

With boundless pride, like asking for something she has entrusted to him.

It was easy.

Aria put the plaque she had received from the Emperor into her arms and left the parlor.

‘I have to show it to Lloyd.’

She thought of Lloyd, who must have been anxious after letting Aria go alone, and moved her steps.

No, she was about to move.

“Grand Princess Valentine.”

If it wasn’t for the voice that suddenly called her up.

‘The Princess.’

It was Natalie.

“Why are you sneaking out like a thief and groping the inside of your arms Did you steal anything”

No way.

Who would ask the Emperor for a private audience and steal with pride It was a ridiculous accusation.

But Natalie, who had always acted like that every day, was nonchalant.

“Show me.

What are you hiding”

Aria looked up at Natalie.

Unlike her previous life, the Princess was strangely hostile to Aria.

It was all acting, but it was clear that she disliked Aria.

‘Did she hear anything’

There was no reason for the Princess to harbor hostility towards Aria, so Aria tilted her head.

“Grand Princess, you’d better listen to me when I’m still nice.”

The Princess showed her teeth and growled fiercely.


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