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Chapter 141.2


Although the process was not delicate, she almost fell off a cliff and was at risk of drowning and dying.

‘Then…… What about the dead animals’

That was probably not what Juan meant.

It just happened to be entangled with an external factor.

Aria, who tilted her head in puzzlement for a moment, opened the light in her hand.

“It’s hope.”

Hope was spinning around in place.

Yes, it was just the same mass of light no matter where it was looked at from up, down, left, and right.

Aria explained what had happened to her while she had fainted.

“When Lloyd touched God’s hope, did you see Juan’s memories”

“Um… that’s right.”

Lloyd looked away for a moment and answered with a shiver.

He couldn’t speak openly about what he had seen through the hope.

“I’ll let Lloyd’s body absorb the hope for now.”


Aria nodded her head with conviction.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m cut for that…”

Lloyd muttered in a frown.

Every time he touched the hope, it was difficult as it tried to shatter the agitated malice in his body and jump out.

“Leave it to me.

Sirens can connect good and evil.”

That’s the only thing.

Aria pressed the light in her hand over Lloyd’s heart.

The twinkling light left Aria’s hand at some point and began to be absorbed into his body.

“How do you do this…”

Lloyd, who was startled, muttered so.

As Aria’s hand touched him, the malice and hope naturally merged, and melted in his body.

Far from being unpleasant and disgusting, he felt an indescribable nostalgic feeling.

“Huh Lloyd’s eyes…”

Aria glanced around Lloyd for a moment, then fumbled around his eyes with a startled look.

His eyes, which had been dyed dark gray, returned to black again.

It was the color of hope.

Lloyd, Aria and Vincent arrived at the camp late.

The nobles who were resting and chattering got greatly disturbed.

Lloyd and Aria were soaked wet, and their clothes and hair were a mess.

Even Vincent, who was relatively well-behaved, had a tired and haggard appearance.

“How in the world is that…”

“They must have jumped into the river.”

The nobles exchanged conversations in groaning voices.

They looked worried at first glance, but they glanced at Lloyd and Aria, and they were all laughing at each other.

“It seems that the prey the Grand Prince was aiming for was quite difficult.”

“That’s right.

To the extent that he drowned in the river and got wet…”

“But it looks like he didn’t catch it in the end.

Well, there are days when even a monkey falls from a tree.”

A Lord surprised them by not trying to make fun of them.

It was because Aria was staring at him with a cold gaze.

‘That crazy woman!’

He could still vividly recall in front of his eyes as Aria was aiming her bow relentlessly at people.

However, her actions only instilled more confidence in the Lords.

The Valentine, whose curse was lifted, must have lost the devil’s power.

‘The fact that Grand Duchess Valentine is still alive and running around is proof of that!’

Even though he was insulted, he couldn’t draw the sword himself, but he hid behind the woman’s back.

‘What an eyesore.’

It was when he was smiling triumphantly.

Lloyd, who had been looking towards the sky, not the nobles, said.

“Like you said, unfortunately I missed the prey.”

The nobles, who had been chatting to their heart’s content, became quiet for an instant.

Even though they were convinced that Lloyd had lost the devil’s power, their body shuddered at his words.

The Lords blushed in shame.

“I’m trying to catch it again, but is there a limit to the species that can be caught in the hunting competition”

“You don’t even know the rules yet Any prey on the hunting ground.”

Among them, the Lord, who had been hunting wild bears, struggled to shake off his fear and grumbled.

He was talking about his saga the whole time until the three Valentine appeared.

And, he was almost recognized as the winner of this hunting contest.

“That’s great.

The prey just so happens to show up.”

“What What is that……”

As he was questioning it.

Lloyd pulled out the bow in a relaxed motion and pulled the bowstring to its limit.

At the tip of the taut arrowhead, an unidentified white halo began to appear brightly.

Before he knew what it was, Lloyd fired an arrow into the air.


At the same time, a hole was punched in the sky following the arrow’s trajectory.

No, at least it looked like that.

The arrow he shot blew away the branches that had been so densely packed that the blue sky could not be seen in an instant.

‘That’s…… what’

The nobles were momentarily speechless at the incredible sight.

At that moment, a dull sound as if something was falling to the Lord’s back rang several times.

He was astonished as he barely turned his head, which could not turn well, and looked back.

It was because something in black mask was gurgling blood and moaning.

It was a person who died with a terrible look that was hard to put into words.

“Ah, assassin!”

The nobles that were gathered around them scattered immediately.

Either way, Lloyd pulled out his sword indifferently.

The halo that was also visible on the arrowhead swayed at a high speed this time and colored the sword splendidly.

Lloyd swung the white sword that didn’t match the devil’s name at all and killed the assassins in an instant.

And he still approached the nobles without taking away God’s malice.

“This will suffice for the hunt.”

“Uh, uhk…..”

The Lord, who was clamoring for having caught the bear, let out a choked sound and knelt on the ground.

He grew pale and gasped, clutching his neck.

He was crushed by the overwhelming aura and could not breathe properly.

“Don’t, don’t come near me!”

“He, help me…!”

His whole body trembles in convulsions.

Ringing from hell struck his eardrums.

The nobleman who heard terrible hallucinations mumbled madly to himself, plugging his ears.

Blood gushed out between his closed fingers.

The nobles stood defenseless and looked devastated like those in the face of disaster.

The power that firmly overwhelms all directions made them feel more than fearful and even wondered.

“The, the devil.

He’s the devil all right…”

The curse has not lifted.

But then, how can the Grand Duchess and the Grand Princess be alive How can Grand Duke Valentine survive without dying and without going crazy

Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter.

A belated regret came.


‘It’s already…… It’s already, too late.’

Now, only the devil’s wrath awaited them.


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