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Chapter 156

At first everything went smoothly.

As a medical powerhouse, Garcia spurred the development of the treatment and the research progressed quickly without any hindrance.

Those who underwent clinical trials were finally cured.

“Okay, now we really can all take it!”

Everyone was not suspicious.

On the day the medicine was distributed in the capital of the Kingdom of Leter, the King even held a banquet for Veronica and Garcia.

“It was all thanks to the believers that we were able to develop a cure.

Although there was a stigma, that must have been an ordeal for today as well.”

After a short congratulatory speech, Veronica showed a strange smile.

This proves it.

As soon as she restores her honor, she will gain immense fame.

And she will stand tall as the new symbol of Garcia.



At that moment, something happened.

The people who thought they had fully recovered with the treatment had extreme symptoms.

The people who received the treatment had seizures and collapsed, vomiting blood.

“Hey, hey! Get a hold of yourself!”

“Gasp, not breathing…”


Screams erupted from all over the hall where the banquet was held.

Some of them looked at the people who had passed out in surprise, and urgently turned to Veronica and asked.

“Sa, saint, what should we do”

“That, that.”

Veronica, not expecting anything like this, stuttered.

She turned to the Cardinal with desperate eyes.

But he ignored Veronica as if it was only natural.

“The Queen! The Queen has collapsed! Call the doctor!”

The side effects were seen all over the capital.

The situation grew out of control.

Fortunately, the first treatment was distributed only in the capital.

“It’s not a cure.

It’s just temporarily pushing your life force to the limit, making it look like you’re completely healed.”

Belatedly, doctors expressed their opinions on the treatment.

Public opinion was turned upside down in an instant.

“Then, maybe the Grand Princess was right”

“Didn’t the Saint run an orphanage herself to use as a test subject”

“I can’t believe it.

That such a person is a saint.

We must remove her from her position immediately!”

“No, that’s not enough.

She should be executed for deceiving the faithful!”

Garcia immediately knocked off Veronica, who was falling out of control.

“All these incidents were committed by the authority of Saint Veronica.”

It was to prepare for such a situation that they put her in front in the first place.

In case things go wrong, to put everything on that person.

But despite her abandonment, Veronica did not panic and insisted to the end.

“No, it’s just an accusation! A cure can be developed, and it’s only a failed first attempt.”

She politely apologized for the incident in a timid tone, and then explained to stop the hasty judgment.

On the Kingdom of Leter’s side, they seemed unsatisfied, but they could not resist.

Although it caused side effects, Garcia was the one who made the most progress in developing a treatment.

“Give me a little more time, and a cure will be developed soon.”

Veronica sharpened her teeth, trying to hide her venomous eyes.

It was around that time.

The story of a village reached the temple where Veronica stayed.

The plague is spreading rapidly across the country, and strangely, only the villagers of Ritter are fine.”

“Oh my, how is that possible”

“The truth is…….”

When Veronica, who happened to hear the story, was surprised and asked, they added secretly.

“They say there’s a little girl in that village who gets a revelation from God and works miracles.”

As soon as she heard the rumors spreading secretly, Veronica realized.

‘This is my last chance!’

She has to grab this.

No matter what, no matter what the cost.

Veronica packed her things right away and went down directly to the rumored village of Ritter.

‘I’m going to have to lure the girl into captivity and then take the villagers hostage and threaten her.’

And after developing a cure, Veronica just had to kill the girl and get rid of her.

Together with the villagers.

It should have been enough to say that the story of the girl who received a revelation from God is just a rumor, and that they also became victims of the plague.

‘If a cure is developed and my honor is restored, no one would care about such a rural village.’

Veronica grinded her teeth.

It didn’t even come as far as her dreamed future, so she can’t be broken from this yet.

‘…… Someday, surely, I will make my name known to the world as a being greater than God!’

And she finally arrived in the village.

It was when Veronica was just about to set foot in the village.

The man guarding the entrance to the village approached her.

“Oh, you can’t come in recklessly.

This is Valentine’s property.”

One snowy winter day.

Aria was reading a letter from the carrier pigeon.

Little Deer, isn’t it time to tell me by now

Why did you ask me to grant you a land permit for the Kingdom of Leter Well, it’s not a work for me to get something like that.

There’s no way you’d make such a request just to buy land on the outskirts of the country.

It was a letter from the Princess.

Aria was immersed in her thoughts, and she looked back at what had happened.

The red flowers were blooming among the fluttering snow.

‘Is it time to step out’

She thought so and moved.

As she walked along the garden, she came across a herb greenhouse prepared at her request.

“How is it going”

When Aria said as she entered the greenhouse, Cuirre and each of the doctors raised their heads.

They are currently working on developing a cure for the plague that has spread to the Kingdom of Leter.

Of course, as they were given a heavy duty, there was also a huge increase in their salary.

“Yes, it’s going well.”

“If things go like this, the cure will be completed soon.”

The doctors, including Cuirre, responded.

And Cuirre added quickly.

“I’m just amazed at how you came up with the idea of ​​combining these seemingly unrelated herbs.”

It was a word that made the doctors dry their mouths every time.

‘Well, that’s not what I had thought of…….’

But that’s because Aria was told to keep it a secret.

Aria was forced to take everything as her own credit.

Aria recalled the memories of the past for a moment.

About 8 months ago, she asked Carlin.

Contact the village of Ritter in the Kingdom of Leter.

‘Because the girl who discovered the main ingredient of the vaccine was there.’

Carlin, who came to carry out Aria’s orders, said.

“She didn’t even specialize in herbal medicine.”

There was only a child who had the knowledge for survival, taking all the herbs around her to save the dying villagers.

However, it happened to be a key raw material for the treatment.

‘But in the end, the villagers all die from the plague…….’

They might have thought her words don’t add up.

It was because Garcia’s side actually killed the villagers under the guise of the plague.

‘At the time the story of the girl in the village of Ritter spread, suddenly Garcia developed a perfect cure.’

And strangely soon, the plague spread rapidly in the village of Ritter.

‘It was at a time when Garcia was suffering from a failure in developing the treatment…… The culprit is obvious.’

So Aria decided to hide the girl’s identity.

To protect her.

She herself wanted it too.

Eight months ago, as she was contemplating what to do with the matter, Lloyd seemed indifferent, and said to Aria.

“You just need to buy the land in that village.”

She doesn’t think there is such a way.

Aria, who came to a belated realization, asked Natalie to obtain a permit for a private land.

“Then, let me know as soon as the vaccine is complete.”

“Yes, it won’t be long.”

Cuirre said confidently.

But in an instant, his attitude changed, and he suddenly began to feel restless, as if hesitating.

“By the way, Young Madam…”


“That… no, it’s nothing.”

Aria looked at Cuirre strangely as he tried to speak to her.

“If there’s something difficult, tell me.”

And she patted him on the shoulder, encouraging him.

She seemed to think Cuirre wanted to complain because the job was so hard.

It was, of course, a very wrong guess.

‘Is this the potion the Young Madam drank…….’

He looked at Aria’s back and muttered to himself the words, which he had not been able to say to her.

Last spring, Lloyd gave Cuirre herbs.

Lloyd ordered this and went.

See if he can combine it to make it a voiceless drug.

See if there are any side effects for overdosing on that drug.

‘The price of this drug is…….’

Cuirre was developing a cure for a plague this time, and at the same time, he knew the answer to the question Lloyd had ordered.

‘…… life.’

And how to tell this to Lloyd, his eyes just went black.


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