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Aria looked back on what had happened several months ago.

The attendant overheard the siren’s song and threatened to try singing more.

She heard that they have been accusing innocent people and habitually collecting compensation.

‘Is this the maid who was kicked out then’

Aria stared at Marronnier.

She had a cute impression, but perhaps she had had a lot of hardships, so her body was dry and her face looked haggard.

“She was originally a child of the main palace, but the Elder Madam suggested that she stay with the Young Madam.”

If it was the Elder Madam, it would be Sabina.

“Now is the time to slowly look for attendants for the Young Madam’s side.”

Dana said so.

“Take her by your side and, if you like her, appoint her as the handmaiden.”

Dana’s words were as if the decision rested entirely with Aria.

“Actually, there is something I heard from the Elder Madam.”

Then Marronnier looked into Dana’s eyes and staggered closer to Aria and whispered in her ear.


“I heard you saved me.”

Aria was startled.

‘How in the world… ’

Only the attendant had to know what made him turn himself over for all the crimes he had ever committed.

At that time, Sabina was lying ill.

‘Even if she found out that I’m a siren, does she usually guess that far’

Don’t ordinary people think of each as a separate event

‘Or maybe only Sabina, who was watching everything from a distance, was the only one who could link the case.’

Aria was a bit fuzzy.

She did something that no one knew, but someone noticed.

She felt like she had been caught.

“Actually, I asked my uncle to send me here.”

Then Marronnier brought out unexpected words.

“I have received a favor that I cannot repay even if I die, so I want to live only serving the Young Madam until I die.”

Aria only relieved the injustice, so why was Marronnier saying that it was a grace that cannot be repaid even if she dies

But Aria understood why Marronnier said that.


‘Because she was kicked out under the disgraceful false accusations of being a thief.’

Once rumors of her spread, no one would have hired her.

‘Her livelihood must have been cut off.’

She can’t imagine how much Marronnier must have suffered alone, so Aria couldn’t push her away.

‘Actually, I had no reason to push.’

It was the first time she had a handmaiden in charge.

Aria scratched her cheek with embarrassment, then wrote down her card and held it out.

[Please take good care of me, Marronnier.]

“Of, of course.

Young Madam.”

Marronnier nodded her head vigorously, with a blush on her face.

Aria looked at the eyes trembling with emotion.

‘You seem to be about coming of age soon.’

It seems that she has no choice but to see Maronnier as her younger sister because of memories of her previous life.

Aria smiled cutely without realizing it, and she stroked her hair.

“Heuk, Madam stroked me!”

Marronnier made a fuss, then caught Dana’s glare and closed her mouth.


An emergency summon was issued.

All the vassals who guarded the estate were brought up to the Grand Duke’s castle.

All of this happened overnight.

[Already How]

If they were on the border of the Principality, it wouldn’t be enough to travel a full fortnight in a carriage to the capital of the Grand Duchy.

Then Marronnier put on her new pajamas and said,

“I heard there are moving scrolls distributed to each estate to be able to use in case of an emergency.”

Aria suddenly remembered the moving scroll that Carlin had given her.

It’s very expensive, he used to boast.

Is it

[What kind of emergency]

“For example, wartime situations…”

Aria was stunned.

Is this marriage as dire as a wartime situation

‘It is a huge abuse of power.’

In front of her, it seemed as if the vassals were holding their backs.

[Since the vassals have gathered, will there be a meeting soon]

“Perhaps it is”

Aria had a worried expression on her face without realizing it.

Then Marronnier explained to her reassuringly.

“The name is just a meeting, but most of it is a formal process.

No matter what conversations come and go at the meeting, the Grand Prince will do as he pleases.”

In the normal case, though.

‘It wouldn’t be that easy.’

The vassals will surely oppose it with terrible anger.

Because things are different now.

‘I’d love to spy on the meeting, too.’

That way she can prepare ahead of time.


That night, Aria sneaked out of her room.

It was possible because she had not yet been officially assigned an escort knight.

‘There was also the case of Sir Anjou.’

Best of all, when Aria called, she had wolves and jaguars running right away.

She didn’t seem to feel the need to attach an escort knight.

It was a relief.

‘The conference room was next to the reception room on the first floor.

She went to the back of the conference room building, stepped on the lawn, through the garden trees and explored the surroundings.

‘There it is.’

Fortunately, she was able to find a window that was slightly open.

Aria carefully poked her head through the gap.

And Vincent followed her leisurely.


How did he know and followed her

Aria quickly turned her head and stared at him without a word.

The boy shrugged his shoulders.

“Sister-in-law’s behavior pattern has already been analyzed.”

What the hell is that…

“You seem to appear in every place you don’t have to, but you always want to be at the center of the incident.”

Aria was terribly offended that she had been spotted by Vincent.

‘A sharp child.’

Seeing the curious expression on his face, he seemed to have followed her because it looked interesting.

“I won’t disturb you.”

Aria then placed her index finger on her lips as if to be quiet.

And she again looked inside the window.

Inside the conference room, Lloyd, who was sitting at the top of the table, asked while looking at the crowd.

“That is all.

Is there have any objections”

At the same time, there was a bang and a beating on the desk.

“It’s impossible! You can’t even say where she came from!”

“If she was born into a noble origin, why can’t you say where she came from”

“Even an illegitimate child would be more honorable than not being able to reveal the origin!”

“Even if she’s a commoner, why can’t it be revealed You have to explain the reason for us to understand.”

“It’s not enough to say that we can’t talk about it, it’s absurd.

Maybe she’s from the gutter…”

The reaction was as expected.

The wedding was meant to announce Aria’s existence to the world.

Then Aria could not hide her identity.

They’re finding fault with that now.

‘Originally, they wouldn’t have had any reason to oppose it, as I would only give birth to an heir and die.’

As Vincent said, after Sabina was cured, people saw a vague hope.

‘The vassal is no exception.”

They saw the hope of a rise in status.

They were obsessed with trying to somehow drive Aria out and put their own child in the place of the Grand Duchess.

If the curse can be healed, if it has been resolved, then they will no longer just have to have children and die.

‘A chance to become an influential extended family.”

They couldn’t miss the opportunity.

There is a reason why they immediately ran as soon as the summon was issued.

“Isn’t this why you were really determined to clear the gutter this time, in order to erase the blemishes of your fiancee without a trace”

“Honestly, we have no choice but to be skeptical.

Isn’t the timing too coincidental”

“Why did you wait and watch the gutter rat and now…”

The vassals eventually drove the opinion as if Aria was from the gutter.

‘Like Vincent.’

Do they think that Lloyd would have no choice but to reveal Aria’s origin If such a humble origin was revealed like that, they’re going to bite her even more fiercely.

Vincent clicked his tongue next to her.

“The pattern is the same every time.”


Weren’t they bored of it

‘But it’s a method that works so well, so perhaps they’ll use the same method every time.’

They said it knowing that if they pointed at the gutter, Lloyd would react sensitively.

‘Ah, maybe Lloyd’s doubts will rekindle.’

Aria thought so.

He said that they sent spies before they cleared the gutter, so he won’t take the suspicions of buying her off.

Because he didn’t elaborate on why he couldn’t reveal the fact that she was the Siren’s daughter.


“Sister-in-law, what are you worried about The answer is decided anyway.”

Vincent looked at her seriously hardened face and said with a smirk.

“Brother is the answer.”

That was the moment.

“Didn’t I talk about everything”

The voice of the arrogant ruler was heard.

A languid tone mixed with boredom and annoyance like a wild beast looking down at a swarm of mice squeaking under my feet.


A sharp metallic sound rang out.

Aria looked inside the window again wondering what it would be.

Lloyd drew his sword from the scabbard around his waist and pointed it at the vassals.

He rested his upright back against the back of her chair, and with the elbow clasped in the handle, threw and caught the sword with both hands as if playing.

“I’ll ask again.

Does anyone have any objections to my marriage”

The crowd was silent.

A heavy silence descended upon them as they were unable to even squeak, crushed by the ruthless aura.

Soon, the voices that had been resounding all the way to the outside of the conference room, ceased to be heard.

“None Then agreed”



I knew you would agree.”

Lloyd smiled contentedly.


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