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Chapter 56

If Gabriel becomes the pope’s right-hand man in favor of Aria.

‘Even if something unexpected happens, there might be an opportunity to get out of the crisis at least once.’

Aria looked at Gabriel.

It was a surprisingly clean expression.

A pure white expression with no emotions or thoughts mixed in.

Integrity and cleanliness.

Right now, white is good and black is evil.

‘It’s like a white canvas.’

It’s so clean, it’s almost like it’s going to stain with whatever beliefs that were placed on it.

She had no idea that such a miraculous opportunity would come.

So she wrote down her card, folded it neatly, and held it tightly in his hand.

Like delivering a secret message.

[Actually, I saved the angel.]

As he secretly opened the note from Maronnier, Gabriel stared at Aria with a bewildered gaze.

Aria placed her index finger on her own lips as if asking him to keep it a secret.

And she turned her back without regret.

“What What did it say”

Patting Marronnier’s head, who is constantly wary of the boy, she glanced behind her back.

‘For the next five years.’

There was plenty of time.



[Shall I pray]

“Yes Who Sister-in-law”

It was when she ran into Vincent by chance and were walking down the hallway together.

He asked, pretending to pick his ear to the card that Aria had pulled out.

“A person who blasphemes as if breathing, doing a prayer Are you going to curse”

Aria shook her head.

Why would you even pray and curse at God It would just be a waste of time doing it.

[I’m thinking of becoming a devout believer for a while.]

“What new game is that”

Well, it was similar in a sense.

It took a little bit of acting to tame the saintly dog.

‘In the sense that the fate of me and Valentine is at stake, so it can be said to be a game of risk.’

Aria checked the grandfather clock.

The Edens prayed three times a day: morning, noon and evening.

Of course, unless they’re a very devout believer, they’ll usually skip it because it’s annoying.

‘Soon it will be time for the morning prayer.’

Aria headed to the prayer room.

Curiously, Vincent followed after her.



And it was as expected.

Aria was able to run into a boy with a troubled look on his face, walking in front of the prayer room.

It was Gabriel.

‘As expected, I thought that if it were you, you would not miss a day and keep the prayer time straight like a sword.’

It was obvious without even seeing it.

She just knew.

No, even if he collapsed, he would have prayed.

“Grand Princess.”

Even though Gabriel was from the lowest place, he went to the Papal Palace on his own feet.

The lowest point is where extraterritoriality law was placed, and where trafficking was rampant.

It meant that he could have fled to another country at any time if he wished.

But he didn’t.

‘That’s how strong his faith was.’

Knowing how people from the lowest place in Garcia are treated.

He endured all the criticism against his origin and even volunteered to be a paladin.

No matter what the circumstances were, he was never broken.

‘If you try to break him, he will become stronger.

Obviously, the more coercive it is, the stronger his reaction will be, so she had to soothe him gently.

“The prayer room is closed…”

Gabriel mumbled and couldn’t finish his words.

It was because Aria took out the key she had kept in her arms before he could even finish his words.

Pretending to be familiar, she opened the door to the prayer room.

“Did the Grand Princess come to pray too”

Aria nodded her head.

Then Vincent stared at her with astonishment.

“Oh, I see.”

Gabriel said, scratching his cheek.

It was a reaction that he did not know that the Grand Princess, who lives in the Devil’s castle, would have come to pray.

“I think I was too narrow-minded because I lacked training.”

He murmured as if embarrassed.

‘No, it was probably what you think.’

The door to the prayer room was locked because no one was using it.

‘If there wasn’t a marriage recently, I would have prayed in a ruined place full of dust and cobwebs.’

Aria thought so in her heart, and she first stepped into the prayer room.

The two men followed her.

“I have no idea what you’re thinking sometimes.”

Vincent whispered a small whisper in Aria’s ear and glanced at Gabriel.

Seeing the symbol of God, he noticeably regained his composure.

It seemed to be because he finally found a familiar space in a strange country and among strangers.

“Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying likes.”

Like there’s nothing good to buy apathy.

“I was reluctant because he came from Garcia, but he’ll have to purge the malice for five years anyway.”

And if he was a spy of the Pope, there was nothing wrong with being vigilant.

“But why”

It doesn’t matter if they like or dislike him, shouldn’t they just leave it alone

Vincent glanced at Gabriel with distasteful glances.

And he was amazed to see Gabriel praying as naturally as a stream of water.

“Wow, sister-in-law.

Look at that.

There really was a fool who prayed to the God who abandoned the human world…”

Vincent groaned a little and turned to his side.

Aria, who once believed in God, was skillfully praying.


He felt like he had fallen into a strange world.

He decided it would be better to get out of here.


Aria prayed every day.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It meant that three times a day she met Gabriel in the prayer room.

‘Even if we met for a while, we just prayed without saying anything.’

But Gabriel could not enter the prayer room without Aria.

Because the key was always with Aria.

It meant that she had naturally penetrated into one of his daily routines.

“Well, we’re the only ones there.”

After the prayer, Gabriel spoke to her.

For the first time in three days.

He seemed to think that he had never seen such a quiet prayer room.

It was just a prayer room for all sorts of things, so it was natural.

“I have a question for you, Grand Princess.”

Aria looked up at him.

“At that time, you said you saved me”


I saved the angel.]

“I’m not an angel…”

Gabriel answered with embarrassment.

It was the first time he had ever heard of it, so he didn’t seem to know how to deal with it.

‘You really look like an angel.’

Before the change in his body came, he was like an angel just like his name.

It looked more so as he was still small in stature and thin in his bones.

Aria looked up curiously at his hair, like pure white snowflakes reflected in the sunlight.

[Sparkling like an angel.]

“It’s not sparkling.”

[Your name is also an angel.]

“It’s not my will…”

As if his embarrassment had gone too far, his face began to turn red.

His skin was transparent, so the redness was more conspicuous.

“That, stop talking about angels.”

Gabriel cut if off and went back to the point, as he was overflowing with emotions

“I heard that I was laid leaning against the walls of the Papal Palace.

I thought something was strange, did you bring me there…”

Aria nodded her head.

[I did.]

She didn’t know at the time that her relationship with him would end up like this.

“But how”

Gabriel’s gaze fell for a moment on her small, fragile body.

He honestly couldn’t believe it.

She seriously wouldn’t have taken Gabriel and traveled that far after taking out all the vagrants.


It was obvious.

Gabriel nodded his head.

Aria then grabbed his sleeve instead of his hand and led him to the window of the prayer room.

She opened the window and whistled.


The grasshoppers that were nearby croaked.

Birds began to chirp like singing.

Gabriel did not know that the sound was in response to Aria’s call and did not respond.

But he had no choice but to react to what followed.


Silver rushed in.

The boy was startled by the sudden appearance of the wolf and put his hand on his waist.

Oh dear, he was careless!

‘It is said that in the Grand Duchy there lives a monster-like creature that has been contaminated by the devil’s malice… !’

He drew his sword.

He thought of jumping out of the window and swinging it without hesitation.

When the wolf monster flopped on the ground and wags its tail softly like a dog at Aria.


Anyone who saw it, would think that.

‘Did you tame that’

Gabriel couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

A black jaguar was approaching from afar, hearing Aria’s call.

And hovered near her.

If anyone is aiming for Aria, it will rip off their nape without hesitation.


Finally, a carrier pigeon sat on Aria’s shoulder.

She reached out and stroked the pigeon’s head, then sent it back into the sky.

And she turned to Gabriel.

“You got the help from the monster….

No, animals.”

Aria smiled faintly.

The five-colored light of the stained glass gleamed over her small face.

A light brighter than a jewel reflected mercilessly and made his eyes shiver.

Maybe it was because of the spectacular display that Aria showed.

Gabriel couldn’t take his eyes off her for some reason.


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