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Chapter 59

“My god, crazy…”

Hans ripped off his head and uttered a small swear word.

Since taking his place in the gutter, he has been on a very smooth path to promotion.

He was also treated more personally than other subordinates because he was a skilled wizard, which is rare even in the gutter.

Even if it wasn’t his dream job, he was happy living in his own way because it was a place where he could show off his natural personality to the fullest.

But when he came to his senses, he had become the leader of the rebellion.

Damn it, what the hell is this!


I mean, I even got help from these evil bastards, I rebelled against him with my own hands’

It’s something he had never even imagined.

‘But did that really happen’

Moreover, the rebellion seemed to have been successful.

Because the people around him were eagerly telling sagas about the rebellion of the rat’s stronghold.

‘Even the Master is dead….’

His Master had already become a corpse, and he fell into an eternal sleep in the crypt.

The long history of the gutter has already ended.

‘This is a dream.

It’s a dream…..’


He was now having an afterparty with Valentine’s subordinates.

Hans wants to let his mind go and not wake up forever.

However, once his consciousness became clear, it did not return to a state of loss of self-esteem as before.

He was going crazy and running around.

‘Where the hell did it go wrong I certainly remember how I managed to infiltrate the inside of Valentine’s Castle…..’

After that, it was a blackout.

He doesn’t know for sure, but under the circumstances, it seemed like something had been done by the devil bastards.


If he had been brainwashed on Valentine’s, they couldn’t leave Hans alone now.

They wouldn’t know what he was going to do when he regained consciousness, so they should have killed him sooner.

That said, it had nothing to do with Valentine that Hans lost his mind.

‘Let’s say I yielded a hundred times and got possessed by the devil’s spirit in my body.

But why did I have to come out to the front at all!’

In this case, it was difficult for him to sneak out pretending not to know.

Besides, he was seen well by the gutter rats, he couldn’t even say that he was forced to join in after taking the place away.

Who believes that

‘Aahh! My life has gone to the mountains!’

Hans was even more annoyed by the noise of clinking glasses and chattering.

That was then.

The devil bastards or Valentine’s subordinates talking to each other over the campfire, spoke to him.


“There were some sane people like you among the gutter rat, yes.”

“Thanks to you, I can say goodbye to all those damn rats!”

“It’s all thanks to you.

You perfectly blocked the escape route of the gutter rat that was trying to escape and easily captured it.”


Hans spit out the empty laugh.

He wasn’t laughing right now.

If Valentine and the gutter were responsible for the darkness in the Empire, now those two mountain ranges have been merged into one.

So it was the devil’s victory.

‘It was also a victory that I gave with my hand.’

He could not understand why he had to go through such an absurd ordeal.

“Well, a moment to the toilet…”

Hans put down the glass he was holding and got up from his seat.

And as he pretended to go to the toilet, he hid in the dark and naturally turned.


Hans used magic to move to the basement in an instant.

The crypt.

The rat’s hometown was familiar enough for him that he could walk around with his eyes closed.

He naturally went into the basement as if breathing.

Then he opened the coffins one by one and eagerly searched for the gutter rat’s corpse.


How long has it been

Hans finally found a familiar face.


He frowned and looked down at the dead gutter rat with pity.

And without hesitation, he raised his finger and drew something.

“I’m sorry, please just die.”

He had no intention of saving him.

Hans muttered.

He has always been by his side to see how his Master punishes traitors.

He had to force his eyes to see what creative ways his former colleague was being tortured to death.

Seeing this, Hans decided.

If he’s going to betray the gutter rat, let’s be absolutely sure…

‘Damn, who knew it would be like this.’

It was Hans who actively helped the gutter rat by the side when it tried to remodel its own body as a test object.

‘Will this work…’

Swallowing a gulp, he took the dagger from his arms and lifted it without hesitation.

And the moment when he tried to hit it with all his might.


His wrist was held.


Aria stared intently at the Grand Duke.

‘By the way, it was this person who started the first card battle.’

She started to get curious as her thoughts went all the way to that point.

What was he doing by taking the cards Aria wrote one by one

‘Did he take it out and read it’

She could hardly imagine the Grand Duke taking the cards out of his arms and reading them one by one.

She can’t even imagine him having the cards spread out and bragging to people…

‘What a mystery.’

It was when Aria was observing him and immersed in her thoughts.

Tristan was spinning the glass in his hand, looking down at the letter from the imperial palace.

Engraved with the Emperor’s seal.


Tristan thought for a moment and tore the letter into pieces without even opening it.

A piece of paper that had been a letter a while ago flew in the air.


Dwayne seemed to have forgotten what he had to say.

And he gave Aria a glance.

‘Please, please stop the Grand Duke.’ He seemed to say so.

Aria swallowed a sigh and sprinted in front of him.

[What letter is it]

Then he stroked Aria’s head.

Her head swayed back and forth at the rough hand.

“It must be a letter from the Emperor whining.”


“He’s angry and asks me to comfort him, what is that.

My son doesn’t do that.”

He spoke as if the Emperor was some kind of whiny kid next door.

‘He didn’t even speak respectfully of the Emperor.’

No, of course, looking at the present time, the Emperor had just ascended the throne as the Crown Prince.

‘He’s probably seen the Emperor since he was little.’

The Emperor was young enough that he had just recently had his coming-of-age ceremony.

And since he was young, he was called a fool and spread all kinds of scandals.

It was not unreasonable for him to be regarded as pathetic.

And Aria deeply understood that he hated dealing with the Emperor.

‘However, isn’t that too obvious’

Aria remembered the future Lloyd killing the Emperor like a petty creature.

Well, perhaps it runs in the family

[Why was he complaining]

“Well, it’s probably because of your playful wedding ceremony.”

Of course.

‘I thought so.’

The Emperor could not tolerate Valentine’s atrocities due to his character.

But Valentine’s side ignores the Emperor so much, she wondered if there was an agreement.

‘They did it without any intention.’

Even the complaint letter was torn up without being read.

Aria was worried if it would be okay with this, but she was actually impressed with how he completely ignored the Emperor.

‘I should have done the same.”

She wanted to learn from him.

[As expected, Father is cool.]


Dwayne, who was listening to their conversation from behind, widened his eyes as if he was going to say something

‘I asked you to stop it, so why on earth are you making it even harder!”

Aria sneaked away from the gaze.

Her heart felt that way, so she just said it honestly, so what should she do

They exchanged glances again.

‘I would have to clean up everything!’

‘Hmm, cheer up.’

Then the aide, who had his foot cut by the ax he trusted, trembled with a sense of betrayal.

The common sense man at Valentine’s Castle was continuing his difficult days today.

[By the way, Father.]


[Did you not sleep]

Aria noticed that the circles under the Grand Duke’s eyes were darker than usual, and she asked.

It’s the same with the rare, starving beast-like eyes.

It’s like rubbing his eyes constantly as if he was tired.

It was also strange that he brought out a drink she had never seen before.

“How did you know”

Tristan looked surprised.

But he soon added, as if insignificant.

“People say that as they get older, they lose sleep.”

He’s not old enough to say that.

‘You’re still in your mid-30s.’

But Aria didn’t really know that either.

She died before she even got old.

Tristan patted Aria’s head once more after roughly finishing his words.

This time, her head swayed from side to side like a roly-poly toy.


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