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Chapter 63

Tristan pulled her hem with a smile on his face.

It was a soft and gentle voice, as if to soothe a sulky child.

‘You know how to say it like that.’

Perhaps he looked a little different because he was weaker than before.

Aria stood in front of the bed again led by the Grand Duke.

He arbitrarily took Aria’s hand and placed it on his chest.

“Try the hush hush again.”

“Hush hush….”

She unexpectedly patted his chest.

He closed his half-closed eyelids and let out a languid breath.

She sang again.

This time, she put her magical power properly.

A dreamy voice calmly echoed through the quiet room.

“Baby, baby.

Lovely baby.

Now is the time to sleep.

Even the sun was sleepy and went home, and the baby birds, foxes, and squirrels all went home.

Baby, baby.

Dearest baby.


Now is the time to sleep.


If you close your eyes and listen closely, you will hear the whispers of the stars.

Baby, baby.

Sweet dreams.

Countless dreams twinkle within you.

Don’t be afraid and go to sleep.

Good bye, good night.

If nightmares come, I’ll take them all.

Sleep well, baby.”

Hmm, hmm-

As she continued humming naturally, she looked at the Grand Duke’s complexion.

She didn’t even have to put her hand in front of him and wave it, but this time she knew.

‘He fell asleep.’

While exhaling with a relaxed face.

The suffocating pressure that always flowed by the Grand Duke’s side disappeared.

His calm sleep gave off a different atmosphere.

‘Hmm, if not an angel….’

Maybe he’ll be like a fallen angel.

‘Because it looks like the blood of an angel.’

Because it’s the face that passed on the genes to the future Lloyd.


After thinking like that, Aria poked the sleeping Grand Duke’s cheek and stepped back.

As she was about to try to leave the room,


She glanced at the sleeping Grand Duke through the cracks in the door and greeted him good night.

“Have a nice dream.”

She hoped he could sleep comfortably today.

If nightmares come, she’ll take them all.



– Sir Knight!

Veronica answered in a bright voice as if she had been waiting.

And she carefully checked Gabriel’s face beyond the communication sphere.

She smiled brightly, as if reassured, after carefully examining him for any injuries.

– I was always worried about your late contact.

I don’t know if you have gone through any hardships….

Then Gabriel smiled softly at her.

Veronica has always been the same.

She was a person who resembled the constant sunlight.

Her every word is so warm and cozy that it puts a smile on his lips.

“You don’t have to worry about that at all.

No matter how devil worshipers they are, they won’t be persecuting an apprentice who is in a contractual relationship.”

Like it or not, they were in a situation where they needed help, so there was no way they could do anything harsh.

‘They just ignored me.’

Being ignored has been Gabriel’s daily routine since he was in the Papal Palace, so he was comfortable with that level of atmosphere.

– Are you still having trouble

“No, not really.”

– Even without persecution, you’ll be ostracized.

“Isn’t that better Even if you get attention from those devil worshipers, it’s rather unpleasant.”

Gabriel continued her words to reassure Veronica, but then stiffened.

It was because he thought of Aria.

‘The Grand Princess’

Ariadne Valentine.

At first he approached her without knowing that she was the Grand Princess.

He was used to her smiling face while holding the bouquet of flowers handed to her by her handmaiden.

The child he thought had been taken away and had been subjected to terrible things, was alive and well.

‘At first I was worried that she might have been sold to Valentine’s, but….’

Fortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case.

To say she was sold, she had a face that was as full as the flower in her arms.

He never understood how she could be so clear among the devil worshipers.

She wasn’t kidnapped, though, so he thought he would move on.

If only she hadn’t said she was the one who saved Gabriel from the lowest place.

‘She’s an unpredictable child.’

As the devil’s bride, she casually prays, tames a ferocious monster, and calls him an angel.

‘And she said the same thing as the saint.’

Well, it could be a coincidence.

‘Even the circumstances overlap perfectly.’

Gabriel is ignored in the Papal Palace.

Saint Veronica is the only one who cares for and cherishes him.

Gabriel is ignored in the Grand Duchy.

She is the only one who takes care of him and cherishes him… Well not really.

In any case, it was the Grand Princess’ kindness.

‘Now I know where this strange feeling is coming from.’

Gabriel realized later.

He wondered why he couldn’t be so harsh on the Grand Princess in the first place.

“I met someone who looked like the Saint.”

– Looked like


She’s overlapping with the saint.”

Gabriel was anxious, worried, and missed leaving Veronica alone.

So he was indecisive towards someone like her.

‘I have sinned against you two.’

It was a rude thought for both parties.

Humans have their own personalities and lives, and they tend to overlap others for the same reason that they have similar attitudes toward themselves.

Gabriel felt sorry for that and bowed his head, reflecting on how immature he was.

So, he didn’t see Veronica’s expression turn cold in an instant.

– Oh, but that’s fake.


Gabriel raised his head suddenly.

He couldn’t believe that the saint called a person ‘a fake’.


Veronica, beyond the communication sphere, had a very sad expression on her face.

– I mean, it wasn’t really me.

“Ah… that’s true.”

– You missed me.

Gabriel blushed his face.

He was ashamed that his heart had been read almost like a confession.

– But, it’s surprising.

I didn’t know there were people like me at Valentine’s Castle.

“No, it’s completely different.

I just felt that it was similar to reaching out when I was lonely.”

– Really


And she’s my lifesaver.”

– That’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

“Oh, I’m sorry.

It’s a personal story.”

He couldn’t tell where and how he met Aria and how he got saved.

Because it was the personal history of the Grand Princess.

He couldn’t speak to anyone without her permission.

– That’s really…

He’s a very grateful person.

Veronica muffled her lips and muttered in a slightly lowered voice.

– I thought a lot about whether Sir Knight might have been isolated on his own, then how to comfort you.

And as if relieved, she placed her hand on her chest.

With a smile as if painted.

Gabriel said thank you for her concern.

– But, I think it’s a great disrespect if you treat her while overlapping with me.


– You will be sad when you find out later.

Wouldn’t it be better to distance yourself from her

That was correct.

Gabriel nodded as he rubbed the back of his nape as Veronica recalled his mistake.

“I will.”


‘What’s wrong with you’

Aria turned to Gabriel, who sat in the farthest seat and raised his prayers.

They originally prayed while maintaining a reasonable distance as they sat at both ends in the same chair, but he was far away today.

Very far.

He was avoiding her so openly that it looked rather strange.

“Well, Grand Princess.”


Aria looked up with round eyes as if answering his call.

“I would like to know if I can keep the key to the prayer room for a while.”


“It seems like it would be troublesome for the Grand Princess to come with the key every day.”

Gabriel didn’t seem to realize how strange the things he was saying now.

[The angel came to help us, but he was still an outsider.]

Gabriel blushed when he asked if they could give the key to an outsider.

“I’m, I’m sorry.”

It was only then that he realized that he had asked for a nonsensical request.

“I never meant anything else.”

[What’s going on]

“I might be rude to the Grand Princess.

I thought I’d keep our distance for a while…”

What does this mean again

Aria didn’t know much about Gabriel’s personality at this time.

But she knows for sure that he’ll be shoveling and suffering on his own.

[I will decide whether the angel was rude or not.]

So it meant to tell her what was going on.

Gabriel had no choice but to be honest.

“I have someone dear to me…”

He hadn’t even finished his speech, but she could guess who it was.

He must be referring to Saint Veronica.

“I have been overlapping her and the Grand Princess from the very beginning.”

Aria was shocked at the words.

She remembered something she had heard in the past.

“If you imitate a saint, does it make you feel like you’re not a monster”

Gabriel said sarcastically.

At that time, she understood that she meant not to pretend to be a saint to use the healing powers that only priests can use.

She never revealed that she was a Siren, and she had never met Veronica yet.

But when she heard the same thing again, she couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘Does it look like Veronica and I have a similar atmosphere”

Aria tilted her head.

She didn’t feel good about something.


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