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Chapter 66 [Illustration]

“Lloyd… what are you thinking”

“I’m thinking of taking him to the rabbit forest.”


While looking at the invitation from County Chateau with clear eyes.

There must have been some kind of plot, but Lloyd naturally turned it around.

“I can’t take you to the forest until you’re bigger.”


Aria, who had been expecting inside, was shocked and opened her mouth.

“Why… you said you’d take me.”

“You’re too weak.”

“Compared to Valentine, all humans are weak.”

“No, you’re weak even outside the boundaries.”

Aria fell into her thoughts at those words.

‘Now that he’s found out I’m a Siren, don’t tell me he’s determined to hide my energy and make me look weak.’

If so, does she look weak because of the time limit


‘I can’t help it either.’

Aria would then be unable to live up to Lloyd’s standards for the rest of her life.

Swallowing a bitter smile, she spoke out absurd words.

“If I go for a walk with Lloyd, I might become stronger.”


What nonsense.

Lloyd thought so, but he said as he held out his hand to her.

“Leave that aside and come here.”

He swept aside the invitations he asked her to look at.

“What are you doing”

“I’ll hold you.”

“Can’t I just walk on my feet”

“You’re going to lie down ill for another few days.”

Wouldn’t it be better to be piggybacked than to be carried like this As she pondered that, Lloyd lifted her up.

‘Why did I ask’

And they quickly left the room and walked down the hallway.

Cloud, who was guarding the front door, naturally followed them.


‘I never felt this way when Grand Duke Valentine gave me a hug.’

At that time, she felt cozy and stable without any thought.

Now it was difficult to breathe naturally and her heart was beating so fast that her body was twisted.

Aria clenched her toes for nothing, then repeatedly straightened it.

And as she glanced at the knights following them, she asked by telepathic message.

– Where are we going


– Father smashed it.

“It was restored.”

There were many times when she went for a walk in the garden, but it was the first time she saw it in the middle of the night.

‘If we went out at night, we wouldn’t be able to see anything, is there a point’

Aria had a sudden thought, but it wasn’t so bad.

The scent of grass and flowers will not disappear no matter what time she sees them.

– Lloyd, it’s meaningless if I don’t walk on my feet.

No exercise at all.

“Who doesn’t know that I’m just holding you.”

They arrived in the garden.

Aria opened her mouth wide in admiration.

Heading inward, the garden grew brighter with multicolored landscaping.

‘That’s all magic stones.’

With illumination magic applied, the splendid shimmering appearance was as if hundreds of millions of stars were being picked and scattered.

‘I didn’t know this place before.’

She was mesmerized by the sight she had seen for the first time in her life.

‘Why didn’t I think of coming at night earlier’

This would be a luxury that only Valentine, the owner of the finest diamond mines, can enjoy.

Lloyd sat her on a flower swing in the innermost part of the garden.

Aria removed the golden magic stones that were placed on the pure white rose.

Putting it in her hand, she looked closely.

‘It’s like picking up the stars in the night sky.”

She felt proud.

Aria smiled faintly and held it in Lloyd’s hand.

“What is this”

– Resembles you.


The boy made a face that he did not understand.

But he docilely put it in his pocket.


The fountain in the garden was lit with more colorful lights than the chandelier.

It was so spectacular that she was blown away.

The Milky Way seemed to flow in it, and it seemed to resemble a waterfall that Aria had wanted to see with her own two eyes someday.

She watched it and opened her mouth.

– I like the Angelo family.

Duchy Angelo.

Among the numerous invitations Aria received, it was a family that was not there And it was also a family that had not heard the siren song in her past life.

‘It’s almost unique.’

They didn’t come forward like Count Chateau.

They did a good deed without anyone knowing.

They taught the war orphans to use swordsmanship to protect themselves.

And the free distribution didn’t stop until the safe was empty.

‘The Duke and his children were at the forefront when the Empire was on the defensive, fighting to the end and dying.’

They were the ones who left after silently defending the Empire from beginning to end.

‘It will not be easy to accept.’

There are few families who can be trusted as much as they do.

Perhaps Lloyd had the same thoughts as her, he agreed with her and nodded his head.

“If it’s Duke Angelo, it won’t be easy.

He’s the one who will never break his stubbornness even if a sword comes into his neck.”

As expected, he was planning to put a sword to his neck.

As Aria squinted her eyes and looked at Lloyd, he, too, had been staring at her with a similar gaze.

“But how do you know Angelo”


“Of course, this is one of the contributing founders of the Fineta Empire, but I don’t know why you chose Angelo.

Isn’t the Chateau a famous family”

Lloyd sharply pierced the point.

‘It’s definitely strange if a child who has been abused knows the true reputation and substance of a good family.’

Aria was embarrassed inside, but she responded calmly on the outside.

– It’s strange that a family reputed to be honest sends me an invitation.

It seems that the boy was also suspicious of that part.

He was silent for a moment.

– There must be something.


I see.

With that one word, it was over.

Lloyd stopped talking about it and held Aria again.

“Let’s go in.

It’s getting cold.”

She thought he would ask more questions, but the conversation was cut like a knife.

For a moment of bewilderment, Aria nodded her head and wrapped her arms behind the boy’s neck.

As she melted into the darkness, she thought that only the eyes in his face were shining.


A few days passed.

Aria learned from Cloud what was called ‘stretching’.

It’s an exercise that stretches her body to loosen tight muscles and make her flexible.

‘Contrary to how it looks, it is very difficult.’

Cloud makes it easy, so why can’t she

Aria sat with her legs stretched out and reached out to her toes.

Her fingertips were barely touching her ankles.

“You don’t have to overdo it in the first place.

It’ll hurt your muscles.”

Cloud watched Aria anxiously and spoke in a worried voice.

She did her stretching and lifted her head.

‘Of course you are right, though.’

She’s been hearing those words for five days.

‘Isn’t it time to overdo it even if my muscles would be slowly torn’

It was when Aria was gazing at her toes with a vivid gaze.

“Young Madam! Dessert is here!”

Marronnier opened the door and entered with a cheerful voice.

“Today is a Mont Blanc cake topped with marron cream.”

In a clear voice, she explained about the finely chopped marron cream and the Mont Blanc cake.

A sweet and savory scent slowly spread through the air.

Aria stopped what she was doing and jumped up and sat down at the table.

“Oh my, Young Madam.

Are you listening”

Sorry, I wasn’t listening.

Aria has been most looking forward to tea time between lunch and dinner lately.

‘Because Baker serves the most soulful dessert.’

She picked up the fork with a look of anticipation.

As if Marronnier suddenly remembered, she spoke to Aria.

“But did you hear the news”

Curious, talkative, and quick-footed, Maronier was a good source.

Aria stared at her, putting the marron cream into her mouth.

Although she ate only cream, it was not greasy, and a light sweet taste spread all over her mouth.

“Count Chateau is dead.”


The fork Aria was holding, clattered.

Who died

‘Why Count Chateau’

Why is it that a normal person suddenly dies Besides, he was the one who survived after Aria’s death.

She flapped her lips, in no mood to write the words on the card.

– Why Why did he die

“They said he was murdered.

He was found dead in the morning, but they didn’t know who killed him.”


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