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Chapter 75

It was an indescribable horror.

The nobles, who were drowning in alcohol and drugs, fled in confusion.

Aria stood on the stage, stiff and only breathing heavily.

A bright red blood splattered on the Grand Duke’s face, who was all achromatic.

The Grand Duke let the blood run down his cheeks, and when it seeped into his lips, he made a smirk and wiped the blood from his lips with his fingers.

It looked like a smear after painting a bright red lipstick.


At the same time, the gray and crimson eyes that were clouded were intertwined in the air.

It was bizarre.

As the nickname Devil Grand Duke, it was a bloody appearance in itself.

However, the Grand Duke’s gaze, who contained all of her, permeated her skin and reached her heart through the veins.

Her heart raced like crazy, thinking she would harden like a stone and never to move again.

He licked his blood-red lips.

“Go on.

I’m listening.”

‘At that time, I was already…….’


Was I in love with you

When she thought of the red color of that day, when she saw the lips painted before blood.

Lloyd nailed that he wouldn’t touch her when she became an adult.

She thought it was a little bit disappointing.

‘In Lloyd’s eyes, I won’t be seen as reasonable in the slightest.’

At least it would be better if she was 24 or 20.

By then, unfortunately, she will have already returned.

She didn’t know maybe it was already after he passed away.

‘I have a husband, but am I going to die without a proper kiss’

That’s a bit.

It’s a sad life, isn’t it

Even if she can’t confess, it’s okay if she kissed him once before he died.

In a sense of friendship

‘No matter how open noble society is, no one touches their lips as a sign of friendship…….’

If forced, it’s generally called molestation.

In order for Aria to kiss him, she had to choose between molesting, or confessing.

‘It’s done.’

Why doesn’t she just give up


They had no intention of doing it in the first place, so why was she worrying about it


Aria’s gaze touched Lloyd’s red lips.

Then his large hand stroked her hair.

Like touching fragile pottery.

Lloyd ruffled her hair lightly, then he said.

“Don’t get sick.”

His hand slipped away in an instant.

Aria patted her hair, which was still warm for no reason.


“There is absolutely no need for a saint to carry it alone.”

It had been a while since Veronica contacted him in tears with a large bruise on her face.

Gabriel was at a loss for words for a moment and was startled to the point of being dazed.

He asked as he felt his eyes flash in a moment of rising anger.

What happened

Who did that

– ……

However, Veronica cut off contact with him that day, only shedding tears without saying a word.

And her wounds were increasing day by day.

Gabriel was nervous.

He could not leave the room because he was nervous, lifting and releasing the communication device everyday.

He was so overwhelmed in his heart that whenever she contacted him, he begged her to talk to him.

– Ugh…….

Then Veronica groaned a little.

She put her slender hand on the side for a moment, then quickly pretended nothing was wrong.

But Gabriel had already seen it clearly.

“Then, at least tell me whose work it is.”

Veronica was silent for a long time.

And the tip of her mouth, which had hesitated for several times, was open at last.


“Saint Veronica!”

She was just going down the stairs.

Veronica heard the sound of stomping and running.

She smiled and turned her head.

“Brother Barom.”

Barom, who came hastily dressed, was agitated for a while.

“Do you have anything with me”

“Is it Sister”


“Did Sister do it”

He asked fiercely.

What did he mean when he’s suddenly like that If he asked that qY, who would understand

It’s because he was so incapable of dealing with it.

She almost clicked her tongue.

Veronica gave sad eyes that emanated from the depths of her heart, and she reached out her hand towards him.

“Brother, please calm down…”

“Put it away!”


Barom shook her hand violently.

Veronica kept her head down, looking down only at the back of her own hand, which was reddened.


Needless to say, it’s Sister.

Who else but you would spread the absurd rumor that I secretly abused you!”

Now the Papal Palace WAS in turmoil.

Rumors spread that Barom had been harassing and abusing Veronica because of her low divine power.

It was an absurd accusation.

But between Veronica, who was loved by everyone, and Barom, who was attention-grabbing for his harsh words and actions.

It was obvious whose side the priests would take.

“I don’t know where you got hit, but you’re not doing this to me!”


Veronica frowned at the voice that rumbled in her ear.

Now seeing her not even managing her pretentious expression in front of him, Barom was very upset.

“But you know, right”

As if she couldn’t even look at him now, she fixed her gaze only on her nails, not on Barom.

Veronica snapped and fiddled with her nails, and said,

“It’s not a completely false rumor.”


“Isn’t it Brother who persecuted me because I had low divine power”

Persecuted It wasn’t even funny.

Of course, he admits that he sometimes was harsh on Veronica by finding useless faults.

But it was because Barom felt a strange sense of incongruity in her and who she was, and noticed a hint.

Although there was no exact physical evidence, he had a strong sense that she was somehow dangerous.

He had only the idea that he had to somehow kick her out of the Papal Palace.

“I knew you were like this.

I thought I knew something strange about you earlier.”


“Yes! Do you think I’m doing this just because you have low divine power It’s because everything from your eyes to your actions is so creepy that I can’t even tell you!”


She’s strange Veronica tilted her head.

“By the way, Brother Barom was born with the divine power of intelligence.”

And she mumbled in a low voice, almost as if she was talking to herself.

Her gaze, like glass beads, with no emotion at all, turned to him.

Barom was startled without knowing it and took a step backwards.

“Ri, right.

Talking more will just make me feel bad.

After all, people like you should be expelled from the Papal Palace.”

He looked like he had decided on something.

‘Should I kill him’

Veronica moved reflexively, stepping on his leg as he quickly turned his back.

And while he stumbled on his foot, she pushed his back.


It was a spiral staircase that was so steep that the incline was dizzying.

Barom couldn’t scream properly and fell down the stairs as it was.


‘I didn’t mean to kill you like this.’

Veronica thought as she looked down at the man who was convulsing on the floor so dark that it looked like he was immersed in darkness.

She was slightly impulsive.

But for some reason, she just thought that she had to stop Barom from doing what he set out to do.

‘There’s nothing we can do about dying.’

No matter how high the divine power, if he fell from the stairs by mistake, he was instantly killed.

He could not be revived.

Veronica still went down the stairs just in case.

It would be difficult if he got lucky and survived and gossip about it, so she had to watch him die.

Those with high divine power were cumbersome to deal with because of this.


Veronica looked at Barom, patting him with her feet.

As expected, there was no hope.

It felt like he was going to die soon.

But it was then.


As she brought her face closer to check the sound of his breathing, he vomited blood.

Perhaps that was the last spurt, he died completely soon after.

“Haa, really disgusting.’

It was dirty to the end.

Without hiding her contorted expression like a monster now, she rubbed the back of her hand across her red-stained cheek.

It even got into her mouth.


At that moment, Veronica stopped her movement.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t think properly for a moment.

‘The divine power…… it improved’

At first she thought she was mistaken.

But the energy in her body, which she had always felt insignificant, increased, even a little.


‘No way…….’

Was it possible to increase her divine power by drinking the priest’s blood

Veronica looked down as if ridiculing Barom, who was not even moving anymore.

Her brown eyes, which had never felt any emotion, began to twinkle with an eerie light.


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