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Chapter 79

Aria first hid the box very deep on her desk.

She then looked at her injured left arm.

Fortunately, it was not completely broken, but appeared to be slightly cracked.

‘What to do’

If she got treatment from a doctor, all of it would be reported.

‘If it was Carlin, he would keep it a secret.’

But although he knew how to stabilize energy, he lacked the ability to heal trauma or internal injuries.

‘As soon as Lloyd told me not to get hurt…….’

It was unfair.

She let her guard down because it was a dream, but Aria lived her life carefully and cautiously in reality.

Aria belatedly said, ‘ah’, and she remembered the necklace she had confirmed its effect today.

Her eyes turned golden, so she pulled away from it for a moment.

‘I hope it works.’

She dubiously looked for the necklace and with one hand hung it around her neck.

And as she laid her hand upon her wounded arm, she poured out the divine power.

Divine power was the first energy she had ever dealt with in her life, but she was able to get a feel for it sooner than she thought.

Because she was very good at manipulating energy.

“This really works…”

Aria was engulfed in a pure white light, and she murmured as she looked down at her intact arm as if it had never been injured.

She swung her arms around, but there was no problem.


However, as soon as she used her energy, the necklace lost its power and returned to its former plain jewel appearance.

She checked the color of her eyes reflected in the mirror.

It was back to the original pink color.

‘The divine power is simpler than I thought.’

For the Holy Empire, Garcia, these words might be blasphemy.

However, compared to the Siren’s magical power, divine power was very simple.

She was healed by simply pouring energy into without any delicate process.

Compared to Siren’s song, which had to pay attention to pitch, tempo, and even the fluctuations of the lyric, it was ridiculous.

‘If this was enough, even if you don’t have a talent for dealing with energy, anyone would really be a priest.

As long as you have proper divine power.’

Neither the magic she heard from the wizard in her past life nor the magic she heard from Carlin in this life seemed so simple.

‘It’s kind of weird.’

Aria felt puzzled.

If she had to compare divine power, it was like magic engraved into an artifact.

It didn’t come naturally, it looked more like it was made easily by human hands…….

‘No way.’

She dug too deep.

Aria shook her head and waited for the dawn to come.


Vincent Valentine.

The young man pushed up the gold-rimmed glasses that were slipping away with his index finger.

‘Is it because he wears glasses’

He was now quite a scholar in the atmosphere.

Although it was a flaw that he was too flashy for a scholar that drew attention just by passing by.



Actually, there is something I have been wondering about for 4 years.”

Aria was surprised by that.

She wondered how Vincent had been quietly embracing his doubts for four years.

Wasn’t Vincent Valentine the one who solved the question on the spot, whether the other person cursed at him or not

‘What is it’

She was genuinely curious.

Aria read Vincent’s serious mood and responded seriously.

“Why on earth do you call that priest candidate an angel”

Was this the question he had been holding for 4 years Aria straightened her tilted body back towards him, giving him a sullen look.

But Vincent was still serious.

“He has become a muscular gorilla now.

At the time his gender was vague and he was new, so I didn’t think it was strange to think of him as an angel.”

Muscular gorilla…….

He seemed to be saying that because Gabriel was taller than others and had dense muscle like a knight.

“But why is he an angel until now Now we have to change his title.

Something like muscular gorilla.”

He lowered his voice seriously.

“Aren’t I closer to an angel just by looking at my appearance”


It wasn’t a joke.

Vincent was genuinely asking so.

“Even if you go through all the myths, temples, and history books, angels are portrayed with blonde hair and blue eyes.”

‘Who cares’

Why was he upset Aria decided that it would be better to just not deal with it.

She then started doing what she was doing, completely ignoring him.

“What is that”

Vincent asked, pointing to the cylindrical storage box that Aria had been fiddling with before.

“There’s a password to it.”

It just so happens so.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out how to open it.

As if Aria had been waiting, she handed it over to Vincent.

Her gaze, which seemed to be slightly expectant of him, was also shown as a bonus.

[You are a genius]

“No, you think a genius is someone who solves problems quickly! You always raise me up only when you need me!”

[You’re a genius, so you’re smart.]


He was upset and angry for no reason.

Vincent was disappointed.

Vincent, who likes Aria as his person, always wanted her attention and praise.

“Is this the end This is a level with no problems and only answers.”

No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t do anything, he was stuck.

Vincent looked through the box, squeezing it here and there.

Then, with a click, a rolled up paper the size of a thumb came out.

“There’s the question.”

He unfolded the paper.

Aria looked at the paper over Vincent’s shoulder.

{La Sol Fa Re Mi]}

On the paper, only five notes are drawn.

Aria blinked her eyes.

‘What does it mean’

But to her surprise, Vincent seemed to immediately know what that meant.

“Ah, this is a pitch name.”

Pitch name, what

“But with this, no matter how many combinations I put together, words do not come out.

It seems that it used an extinct ancient script rather than a modern script.”

Even Vincent seemed to have put together all the characters of the world in his head for a brief moment.

‘A genius is really a genius.’

He said things so stupidly that she sometimes wondered if he was just a genius because of his habit.

Aria stared at Vincent in surprise.

“This is something from a certain era… What’s with those eyes”

She shook her head as if nothing had happened.

[That’s at least 1500 years old.]

“Yes No matter how much I do, I don’t know about ancient scripts 1500 years ago.

Most of the ancient characters haven’t been handed down to the present day.”

Vincent shook his head as if it was going to be difficult.

But at the same time, his scholar’s blood seemed to be boiling, so he held onto the paper tightly and did not let go.

“I think if I know the regional characters, I can find it…”

Aria hesitated for a moment when she heard his murmur.

She wondered if she could really say this.

But she also had no choice.

As Vincent said, there was no way to solve it on one’s own.

[That’s an Atlantis relic.]


Vincent dropped the box he was holding.

He must have come to his senses late, so he hurriedly picked it up and hugged it like a treasure.

“How, how, how do you get something so precious”

[Got it from the sea]

“If you don’t want to say it, say so.”

That’s true.

[You probably heard that I happened to get a map to Atlantis a while ago.]

“Yes, I heard about it… but I thought you were scammed.”

Of course, as soon as Aria saw the man, she thought he was a maniac and tried to chase him out.

And even after she bought the pearl, she was still skeptical.

“Even if it’s true, Sister-in-law hasn’t gone out to sea yet”

Aria knew that she had to sail on a boat.

But she didn’t.

As she slept with the pearl in her arms, she found Atlantis buried in the sea.

She also found a storage box from the rubble of the building.

And she went so far as to bring her wounds from there into reality.

‘Who would believe this’

Somehow dreams and reality connected.

She never even heard of such a thing existing.

It cannot be created using any energy.

To what extent was this, if she told Carlin, he would be terrified and say ‘this is a very dangerous thing against the providence!’.

[Legend has it that Atlantis was actually the hometown of the Siren.

So, as long as you have a map, you can go through your dreams.]

“What nonsense is that…”

Vincent looked down at the box and habitually tried to find a fault in it.

He said shyly, his cheeks blushing.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

He had heard such an absurd thing to say, but he passed it over like nothing.

Apparently, he was more excited to find a relic from the legendary island.

‘Even when I saved someone who was about to be kicked out of the gutter, he never made that kind of expression before.’

How could he react like that only when he saw a difficult problem that was almost impossible to solve As expected, he was out of his mind.

[Will you keep it a secret]

“That’s a given.”

He had an atmosphere that he’ll never speak of it even if a sword was put on his throat.

“Why don’t you share this dreamlike opportunity with others”

She didn’t think anyone would want to share a chance to solve a difficult problem.

It needed infinite trust.

‘I’m glad you have a unique taste.’

Aria smiled brightly and patted him on the shoulder.

“I’ll solve it somehow!”

Vincent cried out again.

Aria clenched her fists as if cheering him.


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