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Chapter 82

“Oh my, the Young Madam is going out of the estate!”

“Young Madam! It’s dangerous outside the estate!”

“Conspiracy and betrayal strike everywhere!”

Was the news that Aria was leaving the estate that shocking

The employees screamed.

On the outside, they seemed to warn that there won’t only be those who love and care for Aria, like in Valentine.

“It’s not just good people like us!”

“They are the ones who smile and stick knives in your back!”

As they continued, they secretly appealed that they were a good person different from them.

It was to show a good side to Aria.

‘You seem like a good person to me…….’

They’re only good to her.

She knew that there was not even the slightest bit of kindness to others.

Aria remembered the employees who did not blink even when people died one after another.

‘Of course I’m like that too.’

Still, Aria wasn’t brazen enough to say that she herself was a good person.

‘You gave up your conscience to look good on me.’


She was about to say that there was nothing more dangerous than Valentine in the world, but she soon stopped.

In fact, from Aria’s point of view, they were right to some extent.

People at Valentine’s Castle were several times safer than outside the castle.

– You’re the only one.

Aria patted their heads in that sense.

“What, what just happened”

“Maybe the voice of the Young Madam”

When the employees heard her message, they looked around in amazement.

– Yes, that’s me.

“Wow! You finally wore an artifact made of mana stones!”

“I heard that the voice heard through telepathic magic is similar to that person’s real voice…”

Then one employee was amazed.

“You have a voice that is as pure and transparent as a lark chirping.”

“Isn’t that too typical of a statement…”

They all scolded the employee.


In fact, it was only when they heard Aria’s voice that they immediately understood the rhetoric, ‘Oh, that’s the lark’s chirping voice‘.

Come to think of it, she was curious about something.

It was only after Aria heard those words that she had a question that came up late.

– But why am I only using mana stone artifacts now

Of course, it was Aria’s choice to carry the bag.

It was because the employees constantly begged for cards, so handing them out one by one has become a happy everyday routine.

However, no one has suggested the mana stone artifact so far.

No one.

“That’s because the Young Madam who often walks around with a card is so cute like a bunny… huwaaak!”

The employee, who had made the polite lark remark, was astonished as if out of breath as they spoke their words.

It was because Lloyd, who they did not know when he had come, was looking down without expression.

“…take it.”

Lloyd nodded at the other employee and removed that employee out of sight.

He was using a gentle expression, but it sounded like he was saying ‘drag it away’.

“I hope he didn’t listen to it I’m not sure.

Huh This must be a dream!”


The Grand Prince has just etched your appearance into his memory.”

“Sa, save me…”

Well, you should have stopped at the lark.

Another employee who was dragging him tugged at him and clicked his tongue.

Aria thought to herself as she had heard all their whispers.

‘Is it because I’m cute’

Then at the wedding he suggested that she just throw away the bag…….

‘The fact that the employees think I’m cute…… he doesn’t like it’

It was then.

“Shall we go”

At Lloyd’s words, Aria suddenly came to her senses.

When she turned her head, he reached out towards her as if to escort her.

Aria wriggled her hand hidden behind her back and she placed her hand on top of his.

She thought it would look weird if she took too much time.

Then Lloyd held her hand tighter than usual.

As if tangling it together.

As if he didn’t even want to let go.

A pink blush began to slowly rise on Aria’s pure white cheeks.

“Hey, Brother! Sister-in-law! Let’s go together!”

It was then.

Vincent ran from afar, waving his hand haphazardly.

Taking advantage of that moment, she quickly pulled out the hand grasped by Llord.

“Are you surprised that I suddenly interrupted you Suddenly, I have something to do at the Imperial Palace.

Vincent, who was continuing his talk with a smile like a sunny day, took a deep breath when he saw Lloyd’s expression.

“Gasp… that scared me.

Are you possessed by the devil”

Aria raised her head at what he was saying.

Lloyd was expressionless, but it was nothing unlike the usual.

– Why are you picking a fight

Aria asked with a sullen expression.

Vincent was troubled.

The voice of his Sister-in-law, the daughter of a Siren.

As he was going to the Imperial Palace, he was looking forward to hearing from her in the future, even in a message.

‘A voice that is as pure and mysterious as her reputation floating in the world…… I can’t believe I get to listen to things like that.’

Vincent sincerely lamented.

“So, why did you follow me”

Lloyd asked.

But Vincent had a very strong foreboding that somehow he had to give a convincing answer.

If he wants to live, that is.

“I have something to investigate.

I wonder if there are more specialized materials in the Royal Library.”

“The Valentine’s library would not be lacking.”

“That’s how much I’m researching something really amazing.

After reviewing the materials on the Imperial Palace, I’m going to go to the Academy to investigate.”

Lloyd’s gaze narrowed.

And it turned to Aria.

She, who had always told Lloyd to do what he wanted, shook her head today.

He finally sighed and sat leaning his back.

Vincent, who was saved from being driven out of the moving carriage, swept his chest.


“The Master is waiting for you.”

Aria followed the courteously polite butler into the castle.



It would not be an exaggeration to say that compared to Valentine’s Castle, this place was a very different story.

The contrasting scenery than the Valentine’s Castle, which was the height of splendor and luxury, unfolded.

“Wow, I thought it was an abandoned house… ack!”

Aria quickly stomped on Vincent’s foot, who spoke without sense.

It’s a bit frugal for a Duke’s family, but isn’t this a bit too much like an abandoned house

‘Maybe it’s not a stone.’

Aria traced the rough material of the wall.

Of course it wasn’t a stone.

However, although it was very strong material with a grayish tinge, it seems that they used materials that were not aesthetically pleasing.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen a building that is so thoroughly pragmatic…….’

She didn’t know it would be this much.

Aria walked down a desolate hallway where she couldn’t see a single common piece of art.

Then she glanced through the old, faded curtains with slightly weary eyes.

‘Not a single picture is hanging.’

But why did they decorate the wall with ornamental swords as regularly as a street tree There were more than a couple of things that were questionable.

‘I think I can see why the Angelo never looked for the Siren.’

There was no way someone who neglected even their place of living to such an extreme would come to enjoy the luxury of paying 100 million chars for one song.

“All the money goes to rescue the poor and prepare for any possible invasion.”

Vincent muttered in admiration.

Aria heard that, and she stopped her steps for a moment, then pulled out a decorative sword hanging from the wall.

She thought it was decorative, but the blade stood sharp.

‘Is this also in preparation for an invasion’

Aria learned why the Angelo family was able to respond quickly when there was a war.

When they went to the kitchen for some reason, the chef seemed to be stocking up food rather than cooking.

“I don’t think there is a single book at this rate.”

When Vincent saw the brutal castle, he guessed to himself and murmured.

Then the butler, who had been quietly guiding the way, stopped walking.

“If the Prince wishes, I will have you guided to the library separately.”

“Oh, would you please”

Vincent, who only followed on the way to the Imperial Palace and had nothing to do with the Angelo family itself, replied quickly.

The butler personally called an employee, ordered to guide Vincent to the library, and then walked again.

And, in front of one door, the butler stopped.

“My name is Martin Angelo.”

Martin, the Master of the Angelo family, stood up with a cane engraved with an eagle.

And politely greeted Aria and Lloyd.

His stubbornness seemed to come out of his tightly closed mouth.

“Nice to meet you.

My name is Luther Angelo, the second son.”

And the gray-haired young man who had been silently standing next to the Master got up and greeted.

“The eldest son has urgent business, so he left for a while.”

“I see.”


And silence passed.

Lloyd didn’t seem curious at all about the whereabouts of Angelo’s eldest son.


Aria thought as she looked at her legal father and legal brother.

She thinks she understands why Lloyd said that they would not break their will even if a knife was put in their neck.

‘Compared to them…….’

Aria’s gaze fell upon Cloud, her escort knight, for a moment.

“Why do you look at me that way”

Suddenly, the escort knight who had grown as big as the other young men asked.

No, compared to them, he seemed to be more flexible.

She did not speak directly.

She just shook her head.

It was about time that she missed Vincent, who had suddenly run away to the library.

Duke Angelo broke the silence and said.

“It must have been hard for you to come a long way, but I have to tell you without a preamble.”

“Please speak.”

“The gutter rat is alive.”



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