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Chapter 93


-… is a dialogue through the communication device

[“…”] is a dialogue through Aria’s cards

“….” is directly spoken dialogue.

Cloud was seen standing defenselessly next to Vincent, then hurriedly plugged his ears.

– Fold your wings on slopes and hills!

Aria was at a loss for words at the sound coming through the communication device.

What in the world is this

In one verse, the soaring and penetrating notes from the bottom coexisted without knowing the limit.

The pitch that shakes relentlessly like a song yet is not a song, but more like a summoning ritual of the devil.

No, no.

The song that Aria thought and sang like a devil’s summoning ceremony in her previous life was not like this.

Besides, when he speaks, he speaks well, so why was his tone that way when he sings

‘He may be tone deaf, but…….’


It was a pitiful tone-deafness.

It’s not that he doesn’t have an ability to distinguish notes, it’s that his vocalizations were messed up.

‘Screams of slaughter…… No.

I think this is too harsh.’

Aria hesitated for a moment before she picked up a new card.

[“You must breathe with your stomach.”]

Vincent looked at the card, stopped the song and answered.

– How does the stomach breathe

[“And open your vocal cords.”]

– The vocal cords aren’t even the mouth, how do you control the opening and closing

[“With the feeling of increasing the pressure in the lungs.”]

– I don’t know what you mean.

There were words that even Vincent couldn’t understand.

Aria sighed and shook her head.

Cloud barely took his hand off his ear, showing a rare disgusted reaction.

– I thought my eardrum was being punctured.

– I thought you were ignorant, but you don’t have any artistic sense.

Vincent replied.

He didn’t seem to even guess that he was tone-deaf.

Why He seemed to have a deep knowledge of music.

‘If that’s art, he has no sense.’

Aria thought so inwardly and held out her card.

[“Is this a song from hell”]

– No! I said ‘Dawn’ Dawn! A song of hope!

It seemed to be singing that hope doesn’t exist in this world.

‘Anyway, it’s a song of dawn…….’

A faintly bright daylight.

And it is a word with the meaning of light of hope.

It was a song Aria had never heard.

‘If the sheet music was in Atlantis, it must be a Siren’s song.’

Aria learned singing from Count Cortez, not from the same Siren.

It was only through Sophia, the Siren, that the Count became aware of the songs and the effectiveness of the songs.

‘That means that he only knows the songs Mother sang while she was alive.’

Aria started pounding.

Because besides the songs she knows herself, it means there may be several other songs.

‘Can we find a lot of other scores in Atlantis’

She thought so.

– Anyway, the song isn’t over, so listen to it some more.

At those words, Aria and Cloud trembled at the same time.

– From now on, it’s real…….

[“I’m fine.”]

– No, you must listen.

The next song is…….

[“I’m fine.”]

Unable to accept any more shock than this, Aria shook her head.

Desperately waving the card.

But Vincent ignored her and tried to sing the song steadfastly, fixing his gaze on the score.

– That’s too much.

You asked me to find out about the artifact, so at least pay attention to what’s inside.

No, it’s not that she was not interested…….

Was he doing that because he really doesn’t know what the problem is Was he doing that on purpose Aria narrowed her eyes.

But Vincent looked up to the sky and had eyes of truth without a single point of shame.

– Oh, my beautiful lost homeland!

Aria quickly plugs her ears, just like Cloud did.

And she couldn’t stand it and spoke with her voice.


– Yes.

Vincent let out a stunned sound.

Cloud’s eyes, who had raised his hands to cover his ears, grew as if they were about to pop out.

“Stop making noise, turn the score towards me and show me.”

– Sister, sister-in-law just spoke…….

Vincent was just broken.

Aria let out a sigh.

The fact that everyone in the family knew that she was a Siren, but that Vincent was the only one who didn’t know that kept haunting her mind.

She actually thought she would reveal this sooner or later.

‘…… It was never like this.’

Even in the midst of confusion, Vincent obeyed Aria’s orders according to his habit.

He murmured, turning the score so that she could see it.

– Since when…… Wait, then you were able to sing the Siren’s song from the start…….

And he realized.

In the meantime, he somehow felt a strange sense of incongruity, as if he was the only one who didn’t know what everyone in Valentine knew.

That was it!

– That’s too much!

He screamed right away.

– I knew it was weird too! I knew that everything related to the family was going smoothly after Sister-in-law came, but!

And he was guessing there was something.

He also kept in mind that it might actually be a Siren song.

But, but.

– How can you hide it only from me!

At the same time, Aria, who carefully studied the song, opened her lips and began to sing the song.

“Fly on the golden wings.”

Of course, it was a completely different song from the song Vincent sang.

Vincent, who had been venting his anger for a while, stopped complaining in the middle.

And he listened to her song seriously.

Since the lyrics were written in the Atlantis language, except for the lyrics she heard from Vincent, she replaced them with a hum.

– Maybe this song…….

While listening to the song, Vincent muttered with a serious expression, as if he had noticed something.

– I’ll go there right now.


At about the same time as Vincent said he was about to go, the mansion caretaker delivered the news.

Marronnier and the Black Falcon that were sent earlier have returned.


Aria was puzzled.

‘I’m going to Valentine soon, so I sent them to go back first.’

Did something big happen

Aria was worried, so she rushed down the stairs and tried to get out of the mansion.

But the moment she turned the doorknob to get out, she couldn’t help but find out what had happened.

It was because Tristan, Sabina, and Carlin were just about to come in.

Tristan was wearing his clothes properly for the first time in a long time.

He always had half of his shirt open, lying on the sofa.

‘Looking like this…….’

Scanning his outfit up and down, Tristan said, tilting his lips at an angle.

“Did I look cool”

“You’re like a duke.”

Then he replied with a smile.

“I heard the Emperor did something interesting.”

Tristan lifted Aria, who was about to leave the door.

“It’s because he said he wouldn’t do anything nonsense against Valentine.”

Aria reflexively wrapped her arms around his neck to balance herself.

“Hmm, it looks like there are no injuries.”

“What are you doing”

At that time, Lloyd, who came down after hearing the news like Aria, saw the scene.

He ran up to him and stole Aria from Tristan.

The movements were so quick and precise that she could believe she had been held by Lloyd in the first place.

‘I had a feeling it was going to be like this…….’

Aria accepted the scene familiarly.

Tristan and Lloyd don’t even get tired of growling with her in between every time.

By the way,

“Ah, it hurts.”

Tristan’s reaction that followed was not familiar at all.

“Sigh, to abuse your helpless old father like this.

It hurt so much that I thought you would break my arm.”

What Aria’s brain just stopped.

She looked back on what she had heard.

So, Grand Duke Valentine is sick

Was he someone who could feel pain


Well…… Of course he does.

It may be dull, but all humans feel pain.’

The Grand Duke only felt it slightly smaller than the others, but of course he will feel pain.

Besides, it’s not like Lloyd has almost inherited all the devil malice.

At least with Lloyd’s power, his body had become a body that could groan.

“It’s Lloyd’s fault.”, after a moment of thought, she turned to Lloyd and said firmly.

Then, Tristan, who was standing behind her, nodded his head with a satisfied smile.


Who is helpless and weak

A monster with a natural body that far exceeds that of an ordinary human with only malicious intent

Lloyd couldn’t get the rest of his exasperated words out.

“Where do you pretend to be weak…”

“Lloyd, put me down.”

Aria said firmly.

He looked down at her, and had no choice but to lower her to the floor in the end.

“I think it would be better if you blow ‘hoo’ on it.”

Tristan held out his finger to Aria and made a proud request.

Lloyd didn’t even touch his finger in the first place.


‘This must have happened before…….’

Aria felt a strange sense of déjà vu for a moment.

And she turned to Sabina.

Sabina looked at her husband, and shook her head.

It was a trick that Sabina and Aria used once during the swordsmanship training.

That was already a year ago.


Sabina, who left a word to her husband, who performs the same tricks as herself, reached out to Aria and said,

“Leave the idiots alone.”

Aria nodded her head and quickly grabbed her hand.

The left out Tristan and Lloyd had no choice but to stare at their backs.


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