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Chapter 95

Even though she gave the names of all countries except the little kingdom, Lloyd had the same eyes.

Everyone was together.

She couldn’t believe it.

‘At least the nobles didn’t know anything…….’

Aria remembered all the information she could get as a Siren.

They still, and will always believe, that Valentine sold their soul to the devil.

‘Then it must be a top secret that only the most powerful people, such as the Emperor or the pope, know.’

Not only that, they made Valentine’s direct lineage take the dicta oath.

‘It’s a villain created with the tacit consent of the world.’

That was Valentine.

‘Is this the reason why Valentine stopped protesting even when they committed treason’

Because they made Valentine their victim.

They did this so that Valentine wouldn’t have other thoughts for nothing, and that Valentine didn’t stimulate their heart as much as possible.

“Isn’t it unfair”

“Well, no matter what Valentine’s powers were based on, at least their ancestors sinned.


“Whatever crimes your ancestors committed, I think you paid enough.

What did your ancestors have to do with Lloyd”

“It doesn’t matter…”

Contrary to the saying that it doesn’t matter, his eyes were shaking.

As if he had been tormented by guilt at times.

Maybe it’s because it’s not just another power, but a divine power.

She thought it means that Valentine’s ancestors did something great and corrupted the divine power…….

That part was unknown.

Lloyd did nothing wrong.

She didn’t know that the word ‘too nice’ would be so sympathetic.

“First of all, you should have an audience with the Emperor.”

Aria tried to pretend to be calm.

“I think I just heard grinding teeth…”

“It’s an illusion.”

In response, she decided to intervene in Tristan’s plan to turn the Emperor into a puppet.

Very actively.


Tristan asked the Emperor to meet him.

Not in an audience room, but in a room engraved with an amplification magic circle.

He said ‘I asked for it’, but to be precise, he should say ‘I threatened him’.

“Hmm, at least I gave Your Majesty some options to decorate your end.”

He drew a slow smile on the corner of his lips and spread out two fingers, kindly continuing the explanation.

“Die at my hands.

Die at my son’s hands.”


“Personally, I recommend the second one, because I will lose my strength and I will not be able to finish you all at once.

I think it will be painful…”

At that moment, Lloyd, who was standing next to him and silently sweeping the hilt of the sword with his finger, raised his head.

“I’m sorry, but I also recently inherited this power.

Sometimes I lose my sense of direction.”


“It’s possible that I might accidentally dig into the part other than the vital point without realizing it.”

“Oh, that’s unfortunate.

Well, anyway.

Did you hear that, Your Majesty”

Tristan said, twisting the smile that was softly on the tip of his lips.

“Now, please choose.”

Either way, it means to kill the Emperor painfully.

Conrad III clenched his teeth in a cold sweat like rain.

Bastards until the end.

Even then, he couldn’t believe they had the power of God and not of the Devil.

‘I thought it wouldn’t be too much trouble to get into the gutter rat’s body because it seems to be contaminated enough to carry them around…….’

The previous Emperor emphasized Conrad III until his death.

Never go against Valentine’s heart.

But Conrad blew it away.

No matter how great Valentine is, vows tied their mouths and curses tied their actions.

But no doubt they would threaten to kill the Emperor right away like this.

“Even if you lose our lives, Your Majesty will live forever in our hearts.”

If anyone were to listen to what they were saying now, it would be a spectacle.

Were they not proudly revealing their crazy plan to turn the Emperor into a puppet

‘You, you must be joking.’

Conrad still believed the bloody Valentines were joking.

Isn’t that such an absurd plan

However, as the situation ensued, his whole body began to tremble like a trembling tree.

“Come here.”

When Tristan gave the order, Carlin approached with a resigned face.

There was a doll in his hand.

It was a doll that looked exactly the same as the Emperor, except that his eyes were slightly out of focus.

“No, why is the shaman here!”

Now, you are proudly bringing even criminals into the Imperial Palace!

Then Carlin murmured, ‘I know.

Why the hell am I here…’.

“I won’t do this again.

I’m still avoiding the Tower’s pursuit by adding stacks onto sticks.”

Tristan waved his hand dryly, as if to stop his chat there.

“Even, even after doing this…!”


I think it will be fine.”


“Even if they find out about this, any country will tolerate it.

Isn’t that Valentine”

Tristan said in a sarcastic tone.

And after that long silence, Conrad chose.

“Sa, save me.”

He was begging for his life.

“I, I will honor you as the heroes who saved the Empire again.”

“Sigh, what should we do with this idiot”

Tristan sighed.

The noble tone he had struggled to maintain in front of the Emperor had already been put away.

This time the great Emperor was too bad even if his brain was bad.

How can they be interested in being crowned a hero

Then there’s no way that Valentine could have lived like this for generations to come.

The Emperor was so pathetic that he could not even make such a simple judgment.

“I’m not interested in that.”

Lloyd answered instead.

– I’m interested.

It was then.

Aria, who had been silent all the time, sent the message.

It was a calm voice, but its presence was immense.

All of Valentine’s attention, who acted as if they were grabbing the Emperor’s throat, was instantly turned to Aria.

– I don’t want the devil Valentine, but now I want to see the hero Valentine.

These words came out of the hope that Valentine would no longer be framed unfairly.

It may not be possible to break the dicta oath that has been passed down from generation to generation, but at least she wanted them to be recognized for what they kept silently.

“Yes, actually, I was interested too.”

Then Tristan nodded his head and changed his words naturally.

Carlin, who was standing next to him, with a timid look on his face the whole time, looked at the Grand Duke astonished.

– And…… I have something to say to Your Majesty, is it okay if I ask for a private audience

Aria narrowed her eyes and smiled softly.

As if her sweet, gentle, fragile smile could not kill a single bug.

“Well! Of course!”

Without hesitation, the Emperor took the hand of salvation.

Anyway, it was because it was true that Aria had stopped Valentine from running rampage without knowing the limits.

‘I lived thanks to the mercy of the Grand Princess.’

He stroked his chest.


Tristan let out an unfamiliar sound and looked him up and down, and a chill rushed through his body again.

“What’s wrong with you”

Then Lloyd intervened.

Since yesterday, Aria’s appearance has been strange, and he has been keeping an eye on her.

“I told you not to carry it alone.”

– No, not that.

Aria responded with a full tone and tapped his ear.

It was then that Lloyd recognized the Mermaid’s Tears he was wearing.

When a siren sings a kind of song that harms the wearer, she takes the effect back as it is.

– I get hurt when Lloyd is in the same room.

Only when Lloyd heard those words did he realize that Aria was going to do something to the Emperor.

With the Siren’s song.

But still, he couldn’t leave her.

He was nervous to leave her alone.

“If I take off the earring right now…”


Aria lifted her index finger and placed it over Lloyd’s red lips, pressing her face close.

And whispered in the ear of the startled young man so that no one could hear it.

“Do you trust me”


“My song, you can hear it everywhere.”

It’s not that he doesn’t trust her.

How many times does he have to tell her that he cares about her for her to recognize and accept it

Lloyd let out a small sigh and rubbed his red-hot ear.

“Don’t overdo it.”

Aria nodded her head.

Tristan patted her hair lightly as he brushed past her.

Sabina opened her arms and hugged her tightly, then let her go without any regrets.

Lloyd took Aria’s hand tightly and then let it go, giving the Emperor a gloomy, murderous gaze.

Soon the door was closed.


The Emperor let out a long sigh, as if he was barely out of breath.

“Everyone is absolutely crazy.


The Emperor shrugged his shoulders as he remembered Lloyd’s last glance.

He only received the eyes, but it felt like his skin was sliced.

“It’s good that I have someone you can talk to.

I will forget all the past rudeness, so please, if something like today happens, Valentine….”

He was taken aback as he continued to speak with a mixture of relief.

It was because Aria was right in front of him, not knowing when she had come.

From the first time he saw her, she seemed to be out of this world, and the beauty that kept catching his attention was mysterious.

The flower-like face was in full bloom.

Even the Emperor, who had embraced all the beauties in the world, blushed without realizing it.

‘You’re still young, but when you grow up, you’re pretty…….’

As he was about to continue her thoughts, Aria touched her lips, which were dyed in the color of petals.

“When we meet again, I thought I’d cut off your legs and lock you in a cage.”


For a moment, the Emperor’s head went blank and he couldn’t think of any words.

This, this, this…… And, with an idiot-like expression, his mouth twitched.

“But I’ve changed my mind a lot.

I don’t want to let you go in such a gentle way.”

“You know how to talk!”

“Killing you and turning you into a puppet seems to make it too easy.”

Everyone is so kind, she added.

As Aria drew closer one step at a time, the Emperor moved one step further away.

He swung his head, looked around, and salivated in a desperate cry.

His body and even the blue veins on his forehead were trembling like convulsions.

“What, what are you doing! Without catching the crazy bitch who is disrupting me!”

The knights also seemed to be dazed without being able to grasp the situation and then came to their senses.

They grabbed Aria, standing without resistance with blunt force.

Before long, Aria’s lips opened.

“Hell’s vengeance boils in my heart, Death and despair blaze about me.”

The Song of Doom.

Aria has never seen anyone living intact after hearing this song.

A song from hell that makes the listener suffer just by breathing and drops them into the abyss.

How she looked forward to the day she would sing him this song.

She stretched her hand toward the Emperor, leaving behind the staggering knights.


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