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Chapter 100 (Illustration)

In fact, Vincent was tolerant and did not interfere with things that seemed to be physically challenging at first glance.

But this time it was different.

If he didn’t follow the enthusiasm and curiosity engraved in his genes, he thought he would regret it.

‘Because I think I will be able to see the ancient civilization Atlantis, which disappeared into the sea leaving only the legend with my own eyes.’

But then…….

“Sir, do you know how valuable the knowledge and wisdom I have in my head is No, it is a treasure trove that cannot be converted into worldly values.”

But what, burden Vincent was so shocked that he burst out laughing.

“You’re so weak that you stumble from time to time.

What kind of strength will this need…”

“Sir’s head is a decoration because you do everything by force!”

Then the knight, who knew that the word ‘decorative head’ as handsome, remained silent for a while, and then he answered confidently.

“I don’t know why you’re praising me all of a sudden.”

“Ah, my blood pressure…”

“Look at that.

At a very young age, you even have blood pressure problems…”

Cloud, who had become Vincent’s low blood pressure medicine at some point, looked at him anxiously with his forehead pressed.

“Haa, yes.

I’m very weak, so I don’t care if you’re going to protect me or not.

It’s okay, so just go away.”

Vincent took a deep breath and looked at Aria with a relieved look.

“So what’s the plan”

Plan Aria thought for a moment.

Currently, Tristan and Sabina are tied to the Imperial Palace because they came to the capital at this time.

No matter how long it is, she has saved herself five days, so if she wants to solve the case as quickly as possible…….

“Can I solve everything with my powers”

Then, the eyes of the three men who were there all turned to Aria.

There were expressions of doubting their own ears for a moment.

“I’ve never heard of such a reckless plan.”

Even Cloud, who moves the muscles of his body more often than the brain, said so.

He knows the meaning of the word reckless.

“Rabbit, have you always solved problems like this”

It has been a while since she was called rabbit.

Aria traced her memory.

In the meantime, she hasn’t been particularly conscious of her own actions, but…….

‘It was usually like that.’

After recklessly heading to the source of the problem, solving it with her body whether her body holds out or not

That was Aria’s way.

Aria realized once again as she traced her own path.

‘Actually, I don’t even need to make a detailed plan, because the Siren’s abilities cover most of the cases…….’

The reason it’s ‘most of the cases’ rather than ‘all’ is because it can’t be used for many people at once.

Of course, there is nothing that can’t be done if she grinds her life to the limit like her last life…….

‘I can’t do that anymore.’

Aria sneaked away from the tenacious gaze of the three men, especially Lloyd.

What a heavy silence it must have been.

Lloyd spoke to her first.

“…it’s an urgent matter, so let’s go with Aria’s plan for now.”

“Are you serious”

Vincent asked in surprise.

But, in fact, it was unavoidable.

After a week has passed since they were sold to the slave traders, the ship must already be sailing in the middle of the sea.

Even if they run right now, time will be tight.

“There’s nothing we can do.”

Vincent nodded his head and dragged Cloud, who insisted he could do it alone.

Carlin, who had been watching Aria for quite some time now, nagged the three people as soon as he saw them.

Of course, Aria didn’t even listen with her ears.

“This time with the Grand Prince, you’ll be fine.”

“This time It sounds like she went out alone sometimes.”

“Haha, here’s a moving scroll!”

As Lloyd reacted quickly, Carlin, in a cold sweat, slipped the scroll into Lloyd’s hand and forcibly tore it apart.

“…I’ll talk to you when I get back, shaman.”

In the blurred vision, Lloyd could clearly see only the afterimage of Carlin shaking his body.

At the same time they moved to the back mountain near O’Neill’s estate.

Aria looked at the Lord’s castle from a distance and said,

“We have no choice but to walk to the castle… Kyaak!”

At the same time, Lloyd hugged Aria.

She reflexively wrapped her arms around his neck and blinked her eyes.

Now that she was used to it, she wasn’t too surprised.

However, his breath and body, which became closer and closer in the blink of an eye, were unfamiliar to her no matter how many times she experienced it.

“Let’s move together.”

Lloyd went down the mountain at such a speed that she thought he wasn’t human.

He was followed by Cloud with equal speed.

She stopped and looked behind her …….

who was chasing after them.

They hadn’t even made it all the way down the mountain, but Vincent was far behind and gasping.

“Get on my back.”

“Are you… gasp, crazy”

“If you don’t want to be left here alone, I don’t care.”


In the end, Vincent had no choice but to be carried by Cloud like a burden.

It was only for a moment that his face blushed in shame.

He quickly adapted to the situation and took a comfortable seat behind the knight’s wide back.

Originally, the side that used the head and the side that used the body were separate.

“The security is poor.”

It wasn’t actually poor…….

Aria thought as she looked down at the guards who fell helplessly in Lloyd’s hand, who had not drawn a sword.

‘By the way, the Emperor’s most elite knights were also blown into the wall at once.’

Even if there was the gutter rat in it.

He certainly wasn’t human.

Lloyd held Aria in his arms and took care of the guards at once.

He said after kicking one of the stunned on the floor to wake him up.

“Where is the lord’s room”

“No, I can’t tell you that!”

He looked up at Lloyd, who had his hood pressed tightly, in a voice trembling with fear.

“Isn’t it better to speak before you can no longer speak because you have no mouth.”


Aria raised her hand and tapped Lloyd’s shoulder, who was threatening cruelly.

Pat, pat.

As if to calm down.


Aria pointed her finger somewhere without speaking.

“I can hear Ted’s scream from under the iron bars on the wall over there.”

“Is that a dungeon Then there’s no need to meet the Lord.”

“How, how do you know that!”

Lloyd silently struck the guard behind the neck with his scabbard, stunning him and then moved again.

“Please, take me out! Knight, please! My family is waiting for me to come!”

And as they got closer, she could hear Ted’s voice more clearly.

Aria came down from Lloyd’s arms and looked into the iron bars.

It was a dungeon, so she had to bow her head to see inside.


“Who, who… gasp, are you the king”

Aria lifted her hood slightly to reveal her face, and he recognized her at once.

Even in this situation, he was still playing a skit.

Should she be glad he didn’t call her Grand Princess

“Lloyd, can you take this off”

Aria said, pointing to the iron bars tightly embedded in the hole.

Hearing her request, which makes it intentional that she was going alone, Lloyd immediately revealed his uneasy feelings.

“Rabbit, I hope you’re not…”

He didn’t want to believe it.


“I’m the only one who can get in and out of this hole.”

“You just need to break through the front door.”

“It takes too long to break straight through the front door of the dungeon.

When you broke into the castle, you should come in through the small door that procures the castle.”

It was common sense.

Besides, if they break through the front door, no matter how secretive they are, they can’t help but be exposed immediately.

“It’s not like I’m risking my life to jump at this level.

And I won’t get hurt.”

Once Aria began to insist in this direction, she would never break her will.

Lloyd sighed and said, lightly twisting all the iron bars and pulling them out.

“If it’s dangerous, send me a message right away.”


She nodded, shoved her body into the hole and jumped off.


Ted, who had been skeptical of the conversation from above, fell right under Aria’s feet.

Aria paused for a moment as she stepped on his back, stiffened, then panicked, and she hurried down, and said.

“I’m here to save you.”

Ted rubbed his back with the footprints, groaned, and then burst into tears.

“King! I believed in you!”

What is there to believe between them…….

Aria said, leaving the absurdity behind for a moment.

“I’m going to save you from this prison from now on.

There’s no time to delay, so listen to me.

Make a fuss so that the jailer comes running.”

“That’s… um By the way, you can speak from the beginning”

“Let’s move on from the little things now.”

Your family is in danger now. At Aria’s added words, Ted, who was as if he had some screws loosened, seriously hardened his face.

And with a more serious face than ever, he took a deep breath.


Then he rolled on the floor and started screaming deafeningly.

The guard, who had been playing cards, walked over to him, ignoring his cries.

“This madman is starting again…”

And he was startled to see Aria inside the prison cell.

“What, what! Who are you No, how did you get in there!”

He slowly took a step back.

He was ready to run right away and summon his comrades.

Aria opened her mouth before that.

“Love is a rebellious bird.”

Opera {Carmen}.

“Habanera” is sung by Carmen, a passionate and free-spirited gypsy woman.

“That none can tame,

And it is quite in vain that one calls it,

If it suits it to refuse;”

It was a song of sensual seduction.

When this song was sung, everyone fell at Aria’s feet and kissed her feet.

“If you don’t love me, I love you,”

However, when she sang in a clear and transparent tone suitable for a choir, it became a completely different song from the song in her memory.

It wasn’t a provocation to seduce and capture.

A wounded bird, frightened with its broken leg, sang a mournful song in search of shelter from the rain for a while.

Please open the door, please.

I am so tired and exhausted.

Of course, I don’t intend to be tamed, and if my legs get better, I may fly away soon.

“The bird you hoped to catch

Beat its wings and flew away,”

But I’d be happy if you let me go.

“All around you, swift, swift,

It comes, goes, then it returns;”

The guard’s eyes slowly began to unravel.

He saw the vision of a blue bird blooming with the power of the singing.

He stretched out his hand towards his bird, and slowly brought it to his side.

Then he reached for his key and fumbled.

“You think to hold it fast, it dodges you;

You think to dodge it, it holds you!”

The jailer picked the key and put it in the cell door and opened it.

The sound of the door opening echoed through the dungeon as if accompanied by Aria’s singing.

It was not long afterwards that they could get a plausible ship.

Lloyd just poured the jewels into the hands of the shipowner, who threatened to never sell the ship.

“I’ll drive!”

Besides, there was also a decent navigator.

“Then my family is on the slave trader’s boat to the Kingdom of Bruto”

Ted was still confused about what was going on.

However, blinded by worries for his family, he obeyed and followed them without panic.

“Slave trader, no matter what happened…”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Vincent answered instead.

And he reassured him that they would not touch the slaves, at least until the ship reached port.

Of course, before that, Aria’s purpose was to retake them.

“Do you know why pirates are so hard to catch”

Aria leaned on the deck and said.

“What happens on the sea is buried under the sea.”

Shall we go loot the slave traders then


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