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Chapter 102

It’s candy, so of course it’s sweet.

She didn’t mean to say that.

Aria asked again with a bit of concern.

“How about motion sickness Are you feeling better”


Motion sickness does not disappear all of a sudden from eating candy.

The best way to cure motion sickness is to take medicine and sleep soundly.

But she didn’t bring any medicine.

“I think I should sleep…”

Lloyd said with a slight frown.

Aria was puzzled.

Because he usually had that kind of expression when he said embarrassing things about himself.

‘But what is there to be embarrassed of now Was he embarrassed of being sick’

He did the same when he had tears after having had a nightmare before.

Lloyd had a tendency to obsessively dislike the way he looked weak in front of others.


When he hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth.

The ship’s original owner and temporary navigator, who had stably raised the sails and adjusted the rudder, approached.

“Hoho, it seems that everyone is not used to ships.”

He took out two vials and gave it to Lloyd, who claims to be sick, and Vincent who was dying.

“This ship was originally a small passenger ship for tourists.

I stocked up on motion sickness medicine, so if you need it, eat it.”

Vincent rejoiced as if he had met a savior and accepted the medicine.

He drank the medicine at once and sat down on the wooden barrel, sighing in relief.

The needlessly caring navigator handed Lloyd the medicine as well.

Lloyd looked down at the vial silently and then stared at the navigator.

He had a nice smile on his face yet he felt a strange chill and hardened for a moment.

Lloyd’s eyes were so black that the pupils could not be seen, like a sharply forged blade.

It seemed to pierce him rather than stab him.


Aria encouraged him by the side.

Lloyd was so sick that he couldn’t stand it for a moment.

Lloyd obeyed her words and took the medicine.

And drop.

A glass bottle of motion sickness medicine hit the floor and shattered.

“I don’t have power in my hands.”


“I got motion sick…”

Lloyd muffled his lips and slowly closed his mouth.

Vincent made a face as if he was listening to all sorts of strange things.

It sounded absurd, but Aria, who had already been blinded to Lloyd, had a completely different reaction.

“Do you have any more medicine left”

Aria asked earnestly.

The navigator shook his head in a cold sweat as if he had seen a ghost.

“Unfortunately, that medicine was the last medicine for motion sickness.”

“Wasn’t there a lot”

He said there was a lot and now there wasn’t!

The navigator gave an incomprehensible gibberish and quickly backed away.


Aria stared sadly at the motion sickness medicine that soaked the floor of the deck.

Lloyd said he was so sick that he couldn’t put strength in his hands.

This won’t do.

“I can’t help it.

Let’s go into the cabin.”

Aria looked up sadly at Lloyd, then she grabbed his hand and led him to the nearest cabin.

He was brought along as she led.

“Even without medicine, you can fall asleep right away if you listen to my song.

You’ll be able to forget about motion sickness for a while.”

“Not the song.”

But Lloyd refused like a knife.

“…because it’s not soundproofed.

It might leak.”

That’s right.

Aria was deep in thought.

There’s no need to find out that she’s a Siren.

“Do you want me to cook for you”

She heard motion sickness gets worse on an empty stomach.

Then her hand touching Lloyd trembled for a moment.

“No, it’s okay.

I’m full.”

Aria recalled her culinary skills.

Since making the fart cake sheet as her first dish in her life, she has worked tirelessly to cook plausibly.

Unfortunately, however, the results were still stagnant.

“Let’s lie down for now.

Lying down will calm you.”

Aria tried to lay Lloyd on the bed, remembering Vincent’s words, ‘You can’t sleep on hard surfaces’.

The bed looked like only a linen blanket on a wooden plank.

‘Of course, a bed of this size on the sea would be great, although I don’t think Lloyd would be as sensitive as Vincent.’

Still, she couldn’t put a sick person to sleep in a hard place.

Aria climbed onto the bed and after she sat down she pointed over her lap.

“Come on, lie down.”

Lloyd was embarrassed when the situation turned out like this, and he looked away for a moment and didn’t say anything.

His gaze suddenly fell on Aria’s lap.

Although it was all covered by the hem of her skirt, she looked slender at first glance.

It would have been difficult to put something like his own head on top of it.

He didn’t know if maybe she’d get bruises.

“I don’t think so…”

Then Aria grabbed Lloyd’s hand and pulled him tight, making him rest his head on her lap.

Standing defenseless, he collapsed on the bed.

And he looked up at Aria for a moment with a surprised expression.


The expression that comes out when he was caught off guard.

With a small smile, she gently ran her hand over Lloyd’s eyes, which were as round as a rabbit.

His eyes, which had been tightly closed, trembled in convulsions.

“I can sing normally without using my powers.”

Of course, he won’t fall asleep right away.

Aria hummed a lullaby as she tidied up Lloyd’s disheveled hair with an affectionate touch.

A dreamy hum sounded calmly inside the cabin.

Lloyd asked, blinking his eyes with a languid expression.

“Isn’t it heavy”

“It’s as light as a feather.”

He can’t believe that.

Lloyd held his neck stiffly in fear of straining Aria and grinned and closed his eyes.

Although his posture was quite uncomfortable, he was more comfortable than ever.

Just enough to die like this.

The floor continued to shake uncontrollably.

Because of that, he suddenly woke up.

Winter opened his eyes with a groan.

Even when he opened his eyes, he still couldn’t come to his senses.

His vision was blurred and it was difficult to distinguish the surroundings, and he felt a terrible pain in his head.

It was as if someone was banging on his head with a hammer.

‘Here…… Isn’t it on a ship’

He heard the waves crashing in the distance.

The wooden floor creaked loudly whenever the floor shook uncontrollably.

He had no idea why he had suddenly woken up on a ship.


Winter let out an anguished moan as he tried to get up.

His limbs were tied with ropes so tight that blood could not pass through them.


‘I went down to the village where the gutter rat apparently appeared…….’

He was researching the area around the village.

He toured the village from house to house, looking for traces of the gutter rat.

Then suddenly, someone struck him as if they were going to break the back of his head.

He wondered if he was attacked by the gutter rat that read the air.

‘Hmm Wait a minute.’

Winter Angelo.

The eldest son of the Angelo family and the next Duke paused for a moment without continuing his thoughts.

For some reason, it felt like the same thing had happened before.

He woke up with a terrible pain in his head, and he was trying to remember what happened…….

“Ah, it looks like it lost its strength again.”

At that moment, three men approached Winter.

They stink so much that he doesn’t know if they even washed.

Clothes that are close to raggedy, a ghastly impression, and a messy beard and hair.


As soon as he terrifyingly thought so,

The one at the forefront of them pulled out a drug from his arms, and grudgingly grabbed Winter’s chin and poured it into his mouth.


Winter had no intention of swallowing this suspicious drug.

However, the man forced his mouth shut and slapped his throat with the blade of his hand, so he had no choice but to swallow.

“Kuh, kuhk! What the hell did you feed….”

It was then.

Winter’s eyes gradually blurred.

He stared blankly into the air, as if he had become a fool.

“Why is it that the drug loses its effectiveness so quickly Is this cheap”

“Just looking at the bottle design, it’s the best.”

“Then is this guy not normal”

The man clicked his tongue lightly in annoyance.

“Anyway, can’t we just feed him the drug properly and hand him over to the lab with the slaves”

“If the superiors told you to do that, do it.”

“Did you say he was from a runaway slave”

Their employers begged and urged.

This slave is overflowing with natural energy, so once they miss it, it’s impossible to catch him, so they have to careful.

Of course, they didn’t forget the threat that if they let him run away, they’ll pay it back with their life.

The men clicked their tongues.

If you are born as a slave and inherit an abundance of talent, you will still end your life in such a miserable way.

“But isn’t it a bit strange”


“He looks so clean.

His skin is smooth and his hair is uncomfortably slick…”

“Well, it’s a face that makes people amazed.

What does that mean”

The man with the bushy beard said, ‘Did you have that kind of taste’ and stared absurdly at the man who was giggling nonsense.

He said it up to this point, but he had a look as if there were things that he couldn’t understand.

“Looking at his hands, it seems like he has learned a sword, but other than that, there is no sign of hardship.

It seems that he has been cared for from head to toe.”

“What are you trying to say That he was a beloved concubine of a noble lady”

“Isn’t he a nobleman”


At that, the rest of the men were astonished.

Come to think of it…….

At first, they thought he was just a nice-looking guy, but when they took a closer look, it seemed like he had grown up preciously.

“Come to think of it, high-ranking nobles do something like training to develop poison tolerance from a young age…”

Was it because he has acquired some degree of tolerance that he has been trained to do, that the drug doesn’t work well

They stood still for a moment and continued to think, then waved their hands and said, “Ah,”.

“I think he grew up being loved and raised as a slave of a noble family since he was young, huh”

“That’s right.

If he was talented, it’s not completely uncommon.”


He groaned in dislike, but he couldn’t back down because he was afraid after coming this far.

Still, he couldn’t completely shake off his anxiety.

“If he’s a noble… what happens to us”


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