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Chapter 64 Stay With You

When Su Su regained consciousness, it was already dawn outside.

The bed beneath her was soft, so even before she opened her eyes, she knew she’d left the prison.

She opened her eyes and saw that she had indeed returned to Chengqian Hall.

She felt something binding her wrists.

She looked over and found a clear rope around her slender wrists which was connected to the royal bed.

Su Su: “……”


Curved Jade said, “Don’t struggle, it’s weak water.”

So, Su Su calmly lay back.

Tantai Jin had gone somewhere, so she was alone on the bed.

Curved Jade said, “Last night, he carried you back, and stared at you like a psycho with a bad look in his eyes.

In the end, he tied you up using the weak water rope.”

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Fw Fw nswze sdzu pyu, “Jakdt kv shla.”

The palace maid wanted to feed her, but she refused.

Su Su sat up by herself, taking small sips of porridge.

She hadn’t eaten for two days, and the porridge was soft and fragrant.


The palace maid quietly glanced at Su Su.

This person still didn’t have a status, and it was even rumored that His Majesty hated her and would one day use every means to torture her.

But for so long, nothing had happened to this person.

The young girl who was drinking the porridge looked pale.

Her eyes were cold, dissolving some of the softness from her appearance, but still lively.

She’s quite pretty, the palace maid thought to herself.

Her beauty was different from Commandery Princess Zhaohua, and in comparison, she didn’t have the Commandery Princess’s delicate and stunning demeanor.

The temperament of the young girl in front of her was like spring rain, or the few plum trees that had just bloomed outside Huayin Palace these days.

That chill and indifference in her eyes was precisely what made others want to see her smile even more.

It wasn’t until Su Su finished her porridge that the young palace maid realized she had been a little distracted.

She hurriedly took the things in Su Su’s hands and excused herself.

Su Su began to strategize, since Tantai Jin wanted to threaten her by using Old Madam Ye, then going on a hunger strike obviously wouldn’t work.

Since its previous mistake, Curved Jade now decided to not hide anything from Su Su, so it complained to her, “Little Master, when you were unconscious, Tantai Jin kissed you.”

It paused for a while, then shyly added, “For a very long time.”


It was quite er*tic.

Su Su touched her lips and said, “Got it.”

Curved Jade was a little surprised to see that she wasn’t angry.

Su Su had somewhat changed, and this change had started since the day Xiao Lin died.

Before, she would’ve saved Tantai Jin, sympathized with his bad experiences and been afraid that her heart of Dao wasn’t strong enough.

But now, she had her own plans, and her resolve to complete her mission was much firmer.

Curved Jade sighed.

Before, it was afraid that its Little Master would be stubborn and refused to compromise for the mission.

Now that it found out she’d learned to be tactful and compromise after her bad experiences, it inexplicably felt unhappy.

How heavy it was for all living things to weigh on such tender shoulders.

Instead of sulking, Su Su calmly closed her eyes to rest.

The palace attendants were standing at a distance, and she didn’t know if there were any Night Shadow Guards in the dark.

The usual time for Tantai Jin to return had passed and he still hadn’t arrived.

Su Su slept again before she heard someone come in.

The palace maid added a few more palace lamps and the room instantly brightened up.

Su Su had rested for a day.

She was originally a vigorous person, so her strength was almost fully restored.


She sat up and saw a eunuch changing the clothes for the young emperor. 

Tantai Jin’s arms were spread open and the eunuch, who was a head shorter than him, was cautiously removing the complicated outer dragon robe for him.

He had a thin figure.

Perhaps he hadn’t lived well when he was young, so he’d grown taller, but his body still seemed like skin and bones.

Combined with his narrow and gloomy eyes, it instantly ruined his originally bright and beautiful youthful feeling.

This made him look like a hissing snake spitting out its forked tongue.

Meeting Su Su’s eyes, his face immediately darkened and he looked at her like he was looking at an enemy.

If she didn’t trust Curved Jade, she would’ve thought that the remark——

“Tantai Jin kissed you when you were unconscious” was a joke. 

If it wasn’t a joke, then his expression at the moment was a little funny.

The weak water rope wasn’t short, at least within the range of the royal bed, so Su Su could move freely.

Her expression was calm, without fear, and her ink-black hair scattered down to her slender waist.

Su Su sat cross-legged, looking like she wanted to discuss something with him.

The palace attendants retreated to outside the hall and Tantai Jin came over.

His face was cold as he completely ignored her and lay on the outside of the bed with his clothes on.


The royal bed was large, and Su Su was restrained inside.

She moved over and didn’t speak, just lowered her gaze to look at him.

The youth’s long raven-black eyelashes slightly trembled.

The corners of Su Su’s lips curled up.

Sure enough, not long after, he couldn’t bear it anymore and opened his eyes, “Get off1 the bed!”

“My hands are tied, so I can’t roll off the bed.

If you untie me, I’ll get off the bed immediately,” Su Su replied.

“Do you really think that I won’t punish you”

“How could you You always think of punishing me.

But you haven’t, why haven’t you”

Under the glazed lamp, the young girl looked at him in confusion.

His body froze and he coldly turned his neck, his back facing her, “You’re still useful.”

“What am I still useful for” Su Su was extremely puzzled.

“The Ye family is gone, Xia Empire has become your vassal state, and you know that I won’t be as obedient as my second brother.

If you need someone who knows spells, the old Daoist can.

If you suspect that I’ll ruin your plans, you should kill me.”

“And not be like you are now,” Su Su said, “Tantai Jin, you’ve read the second section in the third chapter of ‘Qiyi’, do you still remember what it’s about”

He didn’t move, but his pitch-black pupils were like cold spirit flames2.

It talked about love.

The voice of the young girl behind him was like a passing wind, whispering in his ear, “You like me……”

Abruptly, his fingers tightly gripped the sheets and he sat up in anger, choking her neck in a death grip and pinning her on the bed.

Tantai Jin’s anger soared, “Shut up!”

The young girl was bound by the weak water rope, so she didn’t struggle, and her bright and penetrating eyes quietly looked at him.

His whole body was tense with rage from being seen through.

She raised her hand as if she wanted to slap him.

He didn’t dodge, but unlike what he expected, her hand just gently touched his face.

Goosebumps rose up all over his body, and Tantai Jin felt like the place where she touched seemed to be heating up.

He held her wrist back and coldly said, “Don’t try to do anything, with the weak water rope, you’re just useless trash!”

The young girl under him suddenly laughed, as if she’d discovered something interesting.

“You’re still afraid of me”

He tightly pursed his lips, staying silent.

Su Su roughly understood the situation.

The Soul Extinguishing Tear on her sensed the Devil God’s emotions and was already answering for him.

The young girl softly said, “Tantai Jin, untie this for me, it’s uncomfortable.”

She was acting unusually good, and the youth’s slightly downcast eyes gloomily examined her.

It seemed as if in the next second, her schemes and intrigues3 would all burst forth and she would beat him till he was soaked in blood again. 

“I promise I won’t run and won’t ruin your plans.

I’ll stay with you, what do you think”

“Stay with me” He froze and subconsciously repeated her words in a low voice.

The young girl smiled wide, her innocent looks had faded a lot, and her eyes seemed to be blooming with colorful flowers.

She nodded, “Yes, stay with you, I’m originally your wife.”

“No, no one will stay with me.” He seemed to pull back from his unspeakable emotions, and his dazed expression suddenly became gloomy and ruthless.

He grinned maliciously and said, “Who are you going to help this time now that Pang Yi Zhi has run away, mmm Could it be that you find the Eight Prince pitiful and more suitable to be the emperor than me, so you’re going to help him again, aren’t you!”

“First Xiao Lin, then Pang Yi Zhi.

You’ll never help me, you clearly hate me in your heart.

You d*mn liar!”

Su Su: “……”

Curved Jade said, “……He’s pretty clear-headed.”

Although he couldn’t bear to kill Little Master, looking at the sudden maniacal look in the youth’s black eyes, it knew that its Little Master had tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it4.

Su Su had thought that the feelings of mortals were as flexible as water.

Since a person liked her and she softened her attitude, Tantai Jin should somewhat listen to her, that’s how it was done in storybooks5!

However, right now, Su Su helplessly6 looked at the man who seemed like a psycho in front of her and realized that she was gravely mistaken.

His black eyelashes were trembling, and his thin lips looked pale.

At first, he’d looked at her like she’d killed his father, now he simply regarded her as the one who’d exterminated his nine generations of kin7!

Knowing that he was probably imagining her trying to harm him, Su Su didn’t smile at him anymore and lifted her leg to kick him with a cold face.

He was so focused on expressing his vicious emotions that he didn’t notice her leg.

As she kicked him, Tantai Jin grunted.

But the frightening and furious expression faded from his face, and the thin youth lowered his eyes and calmed down.

He looked at her disdainfully from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m the emperor,” he suddenly said.

Su Su didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Tantai Jin said, “I can have anything I want.

Ye Xi Wu, you’re nothing but an object.”

Oh, so it had taken him this long to react to and refute Su Su’s previous words that he liked her.

Su Su coldly looked at him and thought, f**k you and your object!

When the young girl stopped smiling, that estranged sense of coldness and holiness returned.

He looked at her without blinking, and his Adam’s apple moved.

Su Su had a bad premonition.

The youth suddenly leaned down, his lips fell on the nape of her neck, and his voice was ambiguous but he pretended to sound cold as he firmly repeated, “I can have whatever I want!”

She didn’t know if this sentence was meant to try to brainwash her or convince himself.

Su Su didn’t expect the conversation to fall apart like this.

She fiercely yanked his hair, “Go away! Scram!”

His hands rubbed her body and his breathing slightly quickened.

Su Su actually pulled out a few strands of his hair.

The thickness of his hair was impressive, he only grunted unconcerned, and went to kiss her on the lips.

She turned her head away, dodging here and there.

Compared to fighting, this was more exhausting.

“You imbecile, why touch me if you don’t like me! If you’re in heat, hug this quilt and kiss it, it’s also an object!”

Tantai Jin’s scalp was in extreme pain from her tugging.

“You’re like a madwoman,” he angrily said.

Su Su coldly retorted8, “A madman still has the nerve to call other people crazy!”

However, although he was weak, he was a man after all, and since she was bound by the weak water, Su Su couldn’t run off the royal bed.

“Don’t move, or I’ll kill your grandmother!”

“Pooh! You’re so shameless, why don’t you just go to h*ll!”

Su Su felt something hard pressing against her.

His face was wounded from her scratching, but he still refused to give up.

Right then, someone outside the hall reported with trepidation, “Your Majesty, Commandery Princess Zhaohua isn’t feeling well and has vomited blood.”

The man’s movements suddenly stopped.

His eyes were filled with l*st and he was still breathing heavily.

But the palace maid’s words were like a basin of cold water which suddenly calmed him down.

He glanced at the young girl pressed under him, who coldly glared at him.

He got up from her without a word, got dressed and went out.

He walked out of the door, and the chilly night wind blowing on his face finally sobered him up a little bit.

Nian Baiyu looked at the wounds on Tantai Jin’s face in surprise, “Your Majesty”

Tantai Jin coldly glanced at him.

Nian Baiyu lowered his head, not daring to speak anymore.

Tantai Jin returned to his appearance of indifference, asking the palace maid who came over to inform him as he walked, “What happened to Commandery Princess Zhaohua Have you called the imperial physician”

The young palace maid’s eyes reddened, “Your Majesty, please save Her Highness.

The imperial physician has diagnosed her and said that she is excessively worried and her depression has become a sickness.

If she continues like this, he’s afraid she won’t live longer than three years.”

Tantai Jin frowned, “How did this happen”

The young palace maid trembled in fear.


“It has been a long time.

Words have been circulating all over the palace, talking about Commandery Princess Zhaohua’s past, and also…… that Your Majesty doesn’t like her as you haven’t given Her Highness a status until now.

You asked for her…… in order to humiliate the dead King Xuan.”


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