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Chapter 3330: Threatening Blood Slaughter

Magic Emperor city was one of the four imperial cities under the Scarlet Blood Domain’s control.

It also happened to be the imperial city closest to Sword Emperor city out of the four cities.

The person in control of the Scarlet Blood Domain, the Blood Slaughter Ruler, currently sat in a glorious divine hall inside Magic Emperor city.

His eyes were shut.

He seemed like he was cultivating.

“Blood Slaughter Ruler!”

At this moment, a deafening voice rang out, echoing through the entire city.

The terrifying sound waves formed visible ripples, cracking many of the structures in the city.

Even the divine hall where the Blood Slaughter Ruler cultivated shook slightly under the sound waves.

The space above Magic Emperor city trembled and twisted.

Terrifying Laws of Space wreaked havoc there, disturbing the stability of the space and producing spatial cracks everywhere.

Immediately, Magic Emperor city was enveloped in a spatial storm as if it could be swallowed at any moment.

The Wood Spirits gathered in Magic Emperor city were all startled.

They looked up at the sky, like the world was ending!

In the divine hall, the Blood Slaughter Ruler suddenly snapped open his eyes.

He was solemn as he sighed inside.

“So he’s come after all!”

In the next moment, the Blood Slaughter Ruler vanished.

When he appeared again, he was already outside Magic Emperor city, facing Jian Chen from a hundred metres away.

Jian Chen hovered in the air in a seated position, staring emotionlessly at the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

“Blood Slaughter Ruler, the Peace region is now under my control.”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler stared deeply at Jian Chen.

He felt extremely surprised, as right now, the feeling that Jian Chen gave him was completely different from the two previous times.

Whether it was on the demonic island out at sea or outside Sword Emperor city, the feeling that Jian Chen gave off had always been very approachable and friendly.

He did not seem haughty at all.

But at this moment, he could clearly sense an aura of coldness and viciousness about Jian Chen.

As a matter of fact, the way he spoke and acted was even slightly overbearing.

That’s right, overbearing.

He was so overbearing that he did not even take the Blood Slaughter Ruler seriously.

In short, Jian Chen seemed like a different person altogether compared to before.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler frowned and said sternly, “Jian Chen, are you aware of the history of the Peace region”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler continued, “In the past, the Wood Spirits World only had three domains, which was my Scarlet Blood Domain, Jade Heaven’s Jade Centre Domain, and Heaven Fighting’s Grand Heaven Domain.

There was no such thing as the Peace region.”

“During that time, our borders were connected, so countless skirmishes unfolded.

It even showed signs of devolving into all-out war.

Afterwards, in order to avoid large-scale conflicts between the three domains, we all gave up a part of our territory, which ended up as the Peace region.”

“As a result, the Peace region is actually territory that belongs to all three domains.

Heaven Fighting and Jade Heaven have given the Peace region to you, but that only means they’re giving up their former territories.”

“I will not be giving you the part that originally belonged to my Scarlet Blood Domain.”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s presence rose and the pressure of a Second Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime radiated out.

His gaze immediately turned into a glare as he said firmly, “Now, I am taking back the territory that belongs to my Scarlet Blood Domain.

Don’t tell me you want to get in my way, Jian Chen”

Jian Chen’s expression did not change at all.

He said coldly, “I don’t care about the history of the Peace region.

I only know that the nine imperial cities were in control of the Peace region in the past.

Now, I want all of the territory that belongs to the nine imperial cities.”

“Don’t force me to do this, Jian Chen!” Anger rose up in the Blood Slaughter Ruler as he ground his teeth.

He made no effort to hide the killing intent in his eyes.

Jian Chen sneered.

“Everyone knows that I’m the lord of the Peace region now.

Everyone knows that the Peace region has nine imperial cities.

If I’m only in control of five imperial cities as the lord of the Peace region, what will others think of me Blood Slaughter, I’m not forcing you to do anything.

You’re the one who’s forcing me.”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s expression was ugly, staring straight at Jian Chen.

At that moment, he really was tempted to execute Jian Chen on the spot.

With his eight ancestral imprints, he was extremely confident in being able to kill Jian Chen.

However, Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi left him wary, unafraid to actually move against him.

“Earlier, the Peace region meant nothing to me, but now, I’ve changed my mind.

I want the Peace region.

You have to give up the four imperial cities that your Scarlet Blood Domain has occupied.” Jian Chen was unrelenting.

At this moment, the Sword Emperor, ancestor Li, Xia Jianming, and Bai Yurou had only just arrived several thousand kilometres away.

They did not get too close, instead choosing to watch from afar.

There were many other Primordial realm experts from the Scarlet Blood Domain watching from Magic Emperor city.

As a matter of fact, the Heaven Fighting Ruler and Jade Heaven Ruler who had been constantly paying attention to the Peace region rushed over as quickly as they could too.

The two of them watched the situation closely from out of view, just in case Jian Chen was slain by the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

To them, Jian Chen was crucial for holding back the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

Once Jian Chen perished, then the war in the Peace region would definitely begin again.

“And if I refuse” the Blood Slaughter Ruler said seriously.

“Then I’ll be forced to fight.

However, once that really happens, I’ll want far more than just the Peace region.” Jian Chen’s eyes shone coldly.

With that, the surroundings fell silent as if time had stopped.

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Whether it was the experts of the Scarlet Blood Domain in Magic Emperor city or the Primordial realm experts on Jian Chen’s side in the distance, all of them sat at the edge of their seats.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s gaze became extremely cold.

They were sharp like swords, staring straight at Jian Chen as if he had only just known him.

Jian Chen’s current behaviour bore absolutely no similarity to when he met him on the demonic island.

After a moment of silence, the Blood Slaughter Ruler said slowly, “Jian Chen, don’t overestimate your trump card and don’t underestimate me.

Once you really use that trump card on me, you’ll lose your deterrent force.

Do you think Jade Heaven and Heaven Fighting will spare you”

“In other words, even if I perish, do you really think you’ll be able to obtain the Scarlet Blood Domain No, because by then, the Scarlet Blood Domain won’t end up in your hands, but Jade Heaven and Heaven Fighting’s.”

The many Primordial realm experts from the Scarlet Blood Domain were all stern in Magic Emperor city.

They obviously heard every word of the conversation between the Scarlet Blood Ruler and Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had already issued so many threats, yet the Blood Slaughter Ruler did not directly fight with him, instead choosing to patiently explain the advantages and disadvantages involved to him despite his normal behaviour.

As such, they immediately realised that the Blood Slaughter Ruler was extremely fearful of this lord of the Peace region that had suddenly appeared.

He feared him even more than the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler was bold enough to directly clash with the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler, but he refused to fight with the lord of the Peace region.

That left them all extremely shocked.

“I don’t care about what will happen in the future.

I’m only asking you now whether you’re giving up the four imperial cities or not.” Jian Chen was unfazed.

His expression gradually turned cold before he directly issued an ultimatum, “Blood Slaughter Ruler, I’ll give you half a minute to consider.

After that, I’ll be taking action directly if your Scarlet Blood Domain still doesn’t return the four imperial cities.”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler said nothing.

Instead, he squinted at Jian Chen.

Even he was uncertain whether Jian Chen would actually use his final trump card against him.

Very soon, twenty-five seconds had already elapsed.

“You still have five seconds!” Jian Chen warned.

His gaze changed, filled with coldness.

He was already ready to kill.

If the Blood Slaughter Ruler refused to back down, he would not mind using the Profound Sword Qi to directly kill him.

It had already been over two months since he returned from the demonic island, so the Profound Sword Qi he had used up there had recovered a long time ago.

As a result, he currently possessed two strands of Profound Sword Qi, not one!


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