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Chapter 3363: Death of a Ruler

In the mountain range, the seven experts all began comprehending the laws after drinking the Comprehension Tea.

Jian Chen did not go out of his way to cover for them, so their presences rushed into the air.

They were enveloped in the power of laws as their energy constantly leaked out, forming powerful pressures that engulfed the entire mountain range.

None of them were Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes that had recently broken through.

Instead, they had remained at their current cultivation for countless years, such that their foundations were extremely firm.

They were only a step away from Chaotic Prime.

This was the breakthrough of a major realm after all.

Without Jian Chens assistance, none of them knew whether they had any hopes of reaching Chaotic Prime.

That was because the breakthrough of each major realm was not simply a matter of talent but opportunity and fortune as well.

That was not something that could be made up for with time alone.

Now that they received the assistance of Jian Chens Comprehension Tea, these seven ancient existences that had remained at their current cultivations for countless years immediately saw the hope of reaching Chaotic Prime.

Nearby, the Blood Slaughter Ruler used the Divine Armour of Heavenflight and hid in the space there with his presence completely erased.

He hid so well that even Jian Chen could not detect him with the senses of his soul.

He carefully observed the seven Infinite Primes amidst their breakthroughs from afar.

His face was sunken.

“Theyre actually all submerged in comprehending the laws.

Does Jian Chen really have a way for them to become rulers What exactly did he obtain from the maze” As soon as he considered what Jian Chen could have found in the maze, the Blood Slaughter Ruler became filled with envy.


With my current strength, I cant defeat Heaven Fighting, Jade Heaven, and Jian Chen while they work together, but theyre not capable of killing me either.

However, if seven new rulers appear and Im up against ten people, I… I might be done for good.” As soon as he thought up to there, the Blood Slaughter Ruler became uneasy.

Just the thought of ten rulers was terrifying, let alone the fact that two of them would be experts like Jade Heaven and Jian Chen.

If he were up against ten rulers at the same time, he did not have any hopes at all.

“I definitely cant let the seven of them become rulers n or thatll be the end of me.” The Blood Slaughter Rulers eyes shone with chilling killing intent.

He rapidly made up his mind before making his way behind the seven people amidst their breakthrough using the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, thrusting out with his god artifact sword without any mercy.

“I cant assassinate Jian Chen, so Ill ruin his plan and stop him from nurturing new rulers,” the Blood Slaughter Ruler thought.

His thrust immediately turned into seven attacks, targeting the heads of the seven people at the same time.

In a single instant, seven strands of sword Qi had already reached the back of the seven experts heads.

Faced with the Blood Slaughter Rulers sneak attack, the seven experts engrossed in comprehension completely failed to sense it.

However, right when the Blood Slaughter Rulers sword was about to plunge into their heads, the surroundings suddenly fell silent.

The space that spanned the entire mountain range completely froze.

The wind stopped coursing.

Time seemed to come to an absolute stop too.

Everything in the world stopped growing at that instant.

When the Blood Slaughter Rulers seven strands of sword Qi were only an inch away from the heads of the seven experts, they came to a forceful halt, having been restrained there by the frozen space, unable to advance any further.

The seven attacks were not all that were frozen.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler was restrained as well.

He had already been exposed from space.

He was equipped in the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, frozen in the posture of striking out with his sword as if he had been hit with a stunning curse.

“His Laws of Space can actually trap me.

How is this possible!” The Blood Slaughter Ruler was shocked.

His heart churned.

Jian Chen turned towards the Blood Slaughter Ruler and sighed gently.

“Blood Slaughter, youve struggled for so long.

Its time to put this to an end.” As he said that, Jian Chen arrived before the Blood Slaughter Ruler in a flash.

He extended his hand and pressed down on the Blood Slaughter Rulers head gently.

Immediately, the powerful forces of space surged forth, colliding violently with the Divine Armour of Heavenflight.

Bang! With a thump, the Blood Slaughter Ruler shot off like a broken kite.

He coughed up blood uncontrollably while his eyes were bloodshot.

Even his head that was protected by the Divine Armour of Heavenflight had cracked at that moment.

He let out a miserable cry.

He felt an overwhelming headache as if his entire head was about to explode.

Just a casual strike from Jian Chen had heavily injured his soul through the Divine Armour of Heavenflight.

But in the next moment, a layer of resplendent light rose up around the Blood Slaughter Ruler as the eight ancestral imprints appeared.

They began to heal his wounds.

These ancestral imprints essentially bestowed him with an undying body.

With a flash in space, a slender figure arrived from the distance.

It was the Jade Heaven Ruler.

The Jade Heaven Rulers gaze locked onto the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

She made no attempt to hide her killing intent.

Right when she was about to strike, Jian Chens voice ran out.

“You still cant kill him yet.

Let me do it instead.”

The Jade Heaven Rulers eyes narrowed and turned towards Jian Chen.

She beamed with joy.

“Your soul has already completely recovered”

“Im still a bit off, but killing him is a piece of cake.” Jian Chen appeared before the Blood Slaughter Ruler again as he said that, swinging his hand towards him gently.

Under the attack, the space where the Blood Slaughter Ruler dwelled seemed to be placed under tremendous pressure.

The entire space suddenly squashed together, making him rapidly shrink under the compression.

His body under the Divine Armour of Heavenflight constantly produced the sounds of bone creaking, having been shattered forcefully.

The Blood Slaughter Rulers eyes bulged.

The terrifying pressure from the space around him almost seemed to squeeze his eyes out of their sockets.

At that moment, he was under unimaginably terrifying pressure, like it was trying to turn him into a ball.

“Impossible, this is impossible.

How can you suddenly become so powerful!” The Blood Slaughter Ruler roared out furiously, more shocked than he had ever felt.

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed far too terrifying.

He could completely overwhelm him with the Laws of Space alone.

At this moment, the Blood Slaughter Ruler finally realised that he was actually so weak that he could not even fight back against Jian Chen.

Nearby, the Jade Heaven Ruler narrowed her eyes, having been frightened by the strength that Jian Chen demonstrated too.

“Argh!” Suddenly, the Blood Slaughter Ruler let out a howl.

The energy in his body erupted like a tsunami, forcefully pushing back the compressed space inch by inch.

He immediately used a God Tier Battle Skill.

Immediately, the tremendous might of the world filled the surroundings as the Blood Slaughter Ruler completed his God Tier Battle Skill instantly.

A huge, thick trunk condensed from jade-green light hovered over his head, radiating with tremendous pressure.

It directly hurtled towards Jian Chen with the aura of the laws of the world.

“Be careful, this is the Summoning of the Ancestral Tree.

Its the strongest God Tier Battle Skill passed down through our Wood Spirits World,” the Jade Heaven Ruler warned carefully.

“A futile effort!” Jian Chen was unfazed.

This time, he did not directly disrupt the Blood Slaughter Rulers God Tier Battle Skill with the Ultimate Way of the Sword.

Instead, he pointed towards the sky gently.

His gesture seemed to be able to shake the entire world.

The sky within a million kilometres of him caved in, turning to darkness.

All they could sense was a terrifying spatial storm rampaging overhead.

The Blood Slaughter Rulers God Tier Battle Skills presence grew weaker and weaker under the dark sky.

In merely five seconds, the might of the world behind the God Tier Battle Skill completely dissipated with nothing remaining.

“Y-you can actually stop my God Tier Battle Skill so easily” The Blood Slaughter Ruler was quite frightened by the dissipation of the God Tier Battle Skill.

In two measly centuries, Jian Chens strength had already climbed to a height that he could only look up to.

He was unable to accept that.

Jian Chen said nothing.

He swung his hand and a spatial blade shot out with a flash, landing on the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

Boom! The Blood Slaughter Ruler was launched far away.

Even though he was protected by the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, the tremendous force still heavily wounded him.

However, he soon used this force to turn around and flee into the distance without any hesitation at all.

Thunk! However, as soon as he turned around, another spatial blade landed on him.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler was sent back from thirty thousand metres away, flying towards Jian Chen uncontrollably as he coughed up pieces of his organs.

The attacks from Jian Chens Laws of Space were simply too powerful.

Every attack could heavily injure him.

Even though he had the ancestral imprints healing him, his rate of regeneration could not keep up with his rate of injury.

In the blink of an eye, the Blood Slaughter Ruler stopped before Jian Chen once more.

As he gazed at the levitating Jian Chen, the Blood Slaughter Ruler finally demonstrated fear in his eyes.

“Jian Chen, I will never oppose you again.

Lets all get along well.

Hows that” The Blood Slaughter Ruler endured his refusal to accept this and his sense of shame as he said that reluctantly.

With such a tremendous difference in strength, he had no other choice but to bow down.

Jian Chen stared at the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

His eyes were filled with coldness and mercilessness.

He shook his head gently.


If you dont die, I wont be able to find peace.”

The Blood Slaughter Rulers face twisted viciously.

He ground his teeth.

“Jian Chen, I admit that youre very powerful, so powerful that even Im not your opponent.

However, Im protected by the Divine Armour of Heavenflight and have ancestral imprints to heal me.

No matter how powerful you are, you cant kill me.”

“You would be wrong about that.

Youve underestimated me and overestimated yourself.

Killing you isnt actually difficult!” Jian Chen sneered.

As soon as he said that, he formed seals with his fingers.

As he moved between seals, the space before him suddenly twisted.

An illusionary sword immediately condensed.

The sword was completely condensed from the Laws of Space, containing countless wonders of the world and startling might.

With the appearance of the spatial sword, both the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler narrowed their eyes.

Both of them sensed an intense threat.

They did not have any doubts that this unassuming sword contained enough might to move the world.

However, that was not all.

Shortly following the first swords appearance, a second, third, and fourth sword soon appeared.

They appeared one after another, all extremely powerful, giving off a pressure enough to make the Jade Heaven Ruler and Blood Slaughter Ruler pale.

In the end, a total of eight spatial swords appeared before Jian Chen, locking onto the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler immediately turned pale.

He ignited his soul and vital energies without any hesitation, using a fleeing secret technique.

He turned into a streak of light and shot off into the distance.

At the same time, the swords that Jian Chen had condensed using the Laws of Space shot out too, crossing tens of million kilometres instantly with unbelievable speed and directly catching up with the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rumbles immediately rang out in the distance.

The eight spatial swords struck the Blood Slaughter Ruler one after another.

The terrifying power was enough to violently twist space, severely interfering with the structure of the surroundings.

A bloody rain began to fall in the sky.

Even though the eight spatial swords were unable to destroy the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, the great force behind them all passed into the Blood Slaughter Rulers body, completely turning him to dust.

Blood fell from the sky.

His soul was not spared either, completely obliterated in the spatial storm, ending his life for good.

The attacks he received at that moment were far too violent, well beyond the limits of the ancestral imprints.

As a result, even with his eight ancestral imprints, he was unable to avoid death.

With that, the Blood Slaughter Ruler completely perished, vanishing from the Wood Spirits World.

The Divine Armour of Heavenflight on him entered free fall and struck the ground.

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