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Luck and Misfortune

In the early morning of the next day, Shen Qingjia and Co packed up their equipment and supplies and set off on the road.

In fact, for things like food and fresh water she had a ton of it in her space.

The main thing that needs to be prepared is combat supplies, such as guns and grenades to deal with high-level ability user zombies and anti-power weapons such shoulder-launched missiles [1] as well as low-level one-time energy replenishment crystal cores.

With the Level 4 badge and the mission amnesty order given by Ji Qianhuang this time, they got a lot of that from the logistics department.

The small girl with ruthless eyebrows stood at the entrance of the villa with a large knife over her shoulder, her eyes piercing like needles on Shen Qingjia, “If you dare to get on my way, I will not hesitate to chop you into pieces bit by bit, punk!”

“Before that, be careful whether your head is still on your neck or not, psycho!” Shen Qingjia sneered as she took the lead and walked out.

Even though they had a common goal, these two people still looked at each other as if they were incompatible with each other, and Shen Qingjia had no doubt that if the mission was over, this psycho would slash her head with a big knife the next moment!

Two days ago, a secret realm was discovered in Yuanjiang City, a neighbouring province, and it was said that many people had died and the Yuanjiang base in Yuanjiang City had been destroyed as a result.

That means that that secret realm is now ownerless, and almost all the bases in the surrounding neighbouring provinces have sent their respective personnel to Yuanjiang City.

The straight line distance between City C and Yuanjiang City is about three thousand kilometres.

Before the end of the world, Yuanjiang City was a famous tourist city, and many people in City C often travelled there by car, and a faster car could reach it in two days, but now that it is the end of the world, this distance, which was not too long, has now become incomparably far.

Countless zombies, various mutated creatures that keep evolving, ruined road sections, actual areas that differ greatly from the maps before the end of the world …… and the murderous Xia Yu who exudes a strong aura of deep well ice on the side, countless difficulties and dangers make this mission arduous.

In order to save time, Shen Qingjia deliberately applied for a cross-country jeep from the base this time and drove when the road conditions were good and there were fewer zombie lots.

Towards the end of the evening, thicker shadows swarmed ahead, and the sounds of howls of misery rose and fell.

Shen Qingjia frowned as she got out of the car with Xia Yu, her fingers touching the surface of the car and storing the jeep in her space ring.

The road section here was badly damaged and the zombies were rampant ahead, even with full power, it was impossible for this jeep to break out of the swarming zombie tide.

Although these zombies are generally around the first or second level, even ants can bite the elephant, so it is better to get out of the car and take the initiative.

At her current level, she was strong enough to deal with the malicious prying eyes of others.

When Xia You saw the jeep suddenly disappear into the air, she reacted after a while, and said, pouting, “You bastard!”

Shen Qingjia’s face was gloomy; the Sirius Bow appeared in her hand as she walked towards the zombies with an awe-inspiring murderous aura.

Countless zombies that caught the scent of fresh human beings howled from the air and rushed towards Shen Qingjia.

The bloody stench spread and a dozen metres away, the eyes of the densely packed zombies were scarlet with a thirst for flesh and blood.

Shen Qingjia’s face was calm as she drew her bow and gathered arrows, holding the bow in her left hand and holding the arrow in her right, her icy gaze parallel to the centre of the bow, as the bowstring was stretched to its limit, the flaming arrow swooped and shot at the head of the level 4 leader zombie with the aura that can shattering all things.


There was a sound like a watermelon shattering, and the red and white stuff [2] with the stench of decay splashed out in all directions.

The level 4 zombie leader immediately fell to the ground, but the hungry and irrational zombies continued to charge at the humans in front of them without hesitation.

Shen Qingjia leapt up several metres with a gentle push from her feet and jumped away from the spot.

The zombies are countless and the attacks are endless, but she always avoids them a second before they bite her, and she can only be seen in the crowd of zombies, appearing and disappearing with incredible speed.

The pale, soft-featured girl’s arrows were unstoppable, and each zombie fell in response.

The night is getting darker, the moon is rising in the west, and the wind is blowing.

The young girl’s black hair was flying, her clothes were fluttering, flames were rising, explosions were going off, such a magnificent mood, the Sirius bow was drawn like a full moon!

Xia Yu felt that her eyes must have been wrong, otherwise she would not have felt the silent despair in the eyes of the young girl, who should have been so dashing, and the great sadness that swept around her like a wave at a time.

She heard the maiden’s voice, not a retort, not an angry curse, a voice that was almost inaudible over the endless roar of the walkers.

“This kind of luck, I’d rather die than get it if I could ……”

It wasn’t until the next day when the night faded and the sky gradually became white that the zombies reluctantly retreated, leaving a trail of broken bones and flesh.

Last night, Shen Qingjia vented his anger and used almost half of his strength to slash and kill.

When Xia You, who had been idle, saw this, she asked to be a driver, but of course, Shen Qingjia knew that this madman was not motivated by any pity for her.

Now that both people had a common goal, some cooperation and mutual assistance was necessary on the premise that the other person would not drag their feet.

 “As much as it’s tempting to be hypocritical and say thank you ……” Shen Qingjia glanced down at the fierce fifteen year old loli, “I’d like to ask though if you recognize all these parts on the car”

Xia Yu stared at Shen Qingjia with contempt, “Do you think I’m a scrappy like you I’ve been dominating the underground racing circuit in C City since I was thirteen!”

Shen Qingjia didn’t care about her cone-like stare and ‘cut to the point’, “Then it must be that all the other contestants were killed by you.”

Xia Yui’s gloomy little face was bare as she pulled out the large knife at her waist………

The journey was marked by zombie sieges, mutant animal raids, and even a sneak attack by a mutant plant buried underground, and it took a lot of effort to get four-fifths of the way there after five days.

If the battle wasn’t too tough, the two men followed the unwritten rule that only one of them would fight, while the other one would be the driver.

After another battle, Shen Qingjia pinched her sore arm, closed her eyes, felt a slight bump on the jeep, and rested her head on the back seat cushion.

Although Xia You, a human-shaped killing machine, has a wild personality, her driving skills are unexpectedly good… But at the age of thirteen, he dominated the underground racing circuit in XXX City, and was called the King of Cars… This kind of overpowered MC really makes people complain…

Although her eyes are closed and her consciousness is in a semi-conscious state, Shen Qingjia’s mental power extends to 50 metres around her.

This mental power is a 360 ° all-round no dead angle and anything around her will be fed back to her mind.

Even if there is a little unusual disturbance, the defence mechanism in her body will make her awake in a moment.

Tiredness and drowsiness swept her body, and she was half asleep.

When she regained consciousness, it is already another day and the car was still moving smoothly and rapidly.

Shen Qingjia opened her eyes to see the sky, twisted her sore neck, and took out a stack of paper materials on the car to start studying.

“West River Base, Black Dragon Gang …… The Brotherhood …… Little Knife Alliance …… what the hell!” Shen Qingjia speechlessly looked at a bunch of brain-dead names on the information; do these people intend to dominate the post-apocalyptic world as well [3]

“It seems that the secret realm in Yuanjiang City is very significant this time, and all the bases, big and small, have been attracted to it.” Xia Yu, who was driving in front of her, suddenly spoke out.

Shen Qingjia rubbed his brow, “More people means clutter, clutter is easy to produce things, more things can muddy the waters …… anyway, our main purpose this time is not to seize the treasure, both of us are level 4, even if we can’t win the fight surely we can still escape”

Both people’s purpose, without a doubt, is to get the information they want to know the most.

The desire to live, the meaning of perseverance, the reason for the madness …… everything and nothing, is not for the so-called treasure capture.

Xia You is petite and tender, stepping on the brakes and shifting gears but with ease, she was silent for a moment, her voice was somewhat ethereal, “Have you ever thought, if – I mean if, if Ji Qianhuang she cheated this time …… what if there is no news.”

“Ji Qianhuang is a wise person, to cross swords with two peaks level 4 will do more harm than good, she will not do something as stupid as killing a chicken to get an egg, to cross swords with two fourth rank peaks will do more harm than good.” Shen Qingjia dismissed her words quickly, as if she was convincing Xia You, and as if she was convincing herself.

“Unfortunately if that is the case…” Shen Qingjia looked out the window with a vague smile on her face, “I didn’t know what I would do at that time.”

The author has something to say:

I was just reminded by my friends that the words count on the list this week is still 100 words short (this is really a sad number (┯_┯)…) In order not to enter the small black room, this author can only post tomorrow’s manuscript even though the author has the exam tomorrow.

I am as good as dead!!! The author who updated in the middle of night is dying here!!! I am not even sure many people will see it!!!

So the next time, the author will be a quiet beauty in a small dark room (┯_┯)……

Please comfort this author…

Translator’s notes :

[1] When I Google for the correct word for this, I was blown away [pun intended] by the amount of names for this so I choose the one from wiki, link below.


[2] Fun fact; brain matter is white so this is actually right.

About the blood one though, here, copy paste from internet so you don’t have to search for it

If the decedent is well into decomposition then the blood does turn colour.

It is a blackish green, and smells almost as bad as the deceased.

Most of the blood has coagulated and what we are able to draw off is called “decomp fluid”.

If the blood is inside the body, and has not been exposed to air, then it looks like a liver.

The same colour and consistency.

This happens if someone has had an internal bleed. 

[3] Yes that is the name.

That is why the author said it is a brain-dead name lol.

Sorry for the unstable upload schedule.

Rest assured as long as I still read this I will still translate this.

Lately I am just not feeling unwell so yeah, sorry again.

Anyway, this is this week’s upload.


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